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Zen Pictures / Akiba Heroine - Site Review

Zen Pictures / Akiba Heroine – Site Review

HM here…  Zen Pictures has just updated its web site with a brand new design, which is doubly convenient because Sidekick has written an in-depth site review in which he examines everything from the...

Adventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen Pictures

Adventure of Amazoness (Last Part) from Zen Pictures

Zen Pictures’ Adventure of Amazoness (Last Part) is unique in its casting of some of the sexiest starlets in the company’s history, and in its costumes, which are among the skimpiest I’ve seen in...

Zen Pictures' "Smart 109" with Sayoko Oohashi

Zen Pictures’ “Smart 109″ with Sayoko Ohashi

What a disappointment.  Zen Pictures / Akiba Heroine’s Smart 109 features the stunning Sayoko Ohashi wearing one of the sexiest costumes in the history of the heroine peril genre (possibly inspired by the old...