“Takeover” from The Ultimate Superheroines

Tiffany Chase and Kiersten Hall star in Takeover from The Ultimate Superheroines.


Saturn and Foxwing meet for an epic superheroine battle! Meanwhile, the devious Dr. Cobra has his own plans for our beloved superheroines. The future of good vs evil hangs in the balance!

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  1. By The Way! Did everyone see this? It looks like Tiffany is working with the people from Cross The Line again. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted but I don’t think she’ll have time for my company any more. Good thing I have Kiersten Hall!


    • Jacques says:

      She said that she would be interested in working with other producers, which probably means you as well. She plans to continue her role as Thorn, as an example.

      • Oh, great news! Finn and I worked together on his Heroine Arena series. I loaned him the costume for Foxwing a few months ago for the first episode of Foxwing and Super Girl, although I called Tiffany’s Super Girl character “Saturn” in this episode she did with me. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Christoph says:

    Tiffany is my absolute favorite, so this are great news. But I guess it will be hard to collect if you don’t give a small glimpse on what this custome would look like? Leotard or catsuit style? I would prefer last for sure

    • Good point! She emailed me a sketch she did. I tried to brighten it up using software but my skills are better with photoshop. I only have Gimp right now. But I will try to get that up so people can see what she had in mind.

  3. Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for the awesome reception to the latest release from The Ultimate Superheroines!! Kiersten Hall is gorgeous ad we are blessed to have her on board with us. But, Tiffany Chase was also in the video and we could not have done it without her! She worked double time, helping Kiersten really get the action parts down. Tiffany is a real class act and it would be great if she got a little love on this thread.

    I am working on an Indiegogo campaign on Tiffany’s behalf. She really wants to try playing a bad guy. Would you be willing to check it out, comment on it, share it with your friends and donate a dollar? Any or all of these would be a great honor and reward for Tiffany. She is excited to try a new character, she always wants to keep things fresh for her audience.

    I will be uploading a design she drew and in her own words she wants it to be “skin tight”.

    Check it out as soon as you can, thanks a bunch!

  4. Raiderman says:

    At least once a year a new actress peaks my interest and this year it has to be Kiersten Hall as Foxwing. She has that unique look and I have to say I’ve bought all 3 videos with her in it just because of her. Is there more than 3? I will say I like her as a blonde more then a red head and she does need to work on the proper way to throw a punch but it will take time if she’s new to doing staged combat. Hope we get to see her again soon.

    • Hello Raiderman. Thank you for the compliment. Kiersten is amazing, she loves the character of Foxwing and tells me she is in it for the long haul. We have another episode in the works which was slated to star Kiersten and Lindsay Lamb. I will keep you updated once Lindsay has confirmed her return to the SHIP genre.

  5. Greg Spat says:

    who wins?

  6. Zumio says:

    Does Tiffany get KOd too?

  7. Albert Caeiro says:

    Which superpowers do we have in this movie?