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Episode 8 from Next Global Crisis (Review)

Teaser - Episode 8 from Next Global CrisisWow. Just, wow. Episode 8 of the Next Global Crisis series has just been released, and the producers have raised the bar. I recently wrote that Next Global Crisis is firmly entrenched as the number two heroine website out there behind Zen Pictures. I’m not so sure now. Quite honestly, I think Zen Pictures may now be chasing Next Global Crisis.

Episode 8 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 8 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 8 from Next Global Crisis

If you recall Episode 7, John Roman/Rain perpetrated an ingenious ruse that shook the very foundations of Elite Force and ruined the reputation of Ms. Freedom. Episode 8 chronicles Ms. Freedom’s attempts to find both Powerstar and Suki Deluxe while also restoring Elite Force’s good name.

Episode 8 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 8 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 8 from Next Global Crisis

Responding to a distress call that she is well aware may be a trap, Ms. Freedom comes face-to-face with Sebastian Lunar. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem for Ms. Freedom. If you remember Episode 10 of the Training Room series, she easily trounced Sebastian. However, her power level is at an all time low as she is still feeling the after effects of Rain’s attack in Episode 7. On the other hand, Sebastian is more powerful than ever thanks to swallowing a pill that vastly increases his strength level.

Episode 8 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 8 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 8 from Next Global Crisis

As usual, it would be a disservice to spoil any of the story for you. Just know that the fight between Ms. Freedom and Sebastian is a back and forth, hard-hitting showdown, with several moments peril fans are going to love. Bearhugs, stomach punches, a test of strength, Ms. Freedom being lifted off the ground by her hair, a long strangulation scene and more. There were also some well played psychological elements to the fight. This is something that you just don’t see anywhere else. Pure genius on behalf of the producers.

Episode 8 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 8 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 8 from Next Global Crisis

I think it’s important to give Harriet Moran, the actress who plays Ms. Freedom, her due. Playing the “Supergirl” character in the NGC universe has to be a difficult job. She has to play the character as the epitome of what every heroine strives to be. That can’t be easy as an actress. She has really grown into the role, and I don’t think she has ever looked more beautiful than she does in this episode.

Episode 8 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 8 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 8 from Next Global Crisis

I couldn’t have been more disappointed when this episode ended, and I mean that as a compliment. I just wanted it to keep going and going. The episode has a cliffhanger ending with a twist I’m guessing some of you saw coming, but that doesn’t make the story telling any less epic. Bravo to everyone at Next Global Crisis.

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  1. The action-packed teaser for Training Room 17 is now available:


  2. LOL! Does it? Do you not want to know when 9 is coming out? That will be sooner than 11.

  3. Chris says:

    This begs the question, when will episode 11 be coming out?

  4. Naveed says:

    I really liked this episode a lot. The fight sequences were top notch, and i think the actress who plays miss freedom really knows how to sell the moves. I specially liked the bear hug part from behind. she looked really helpless and played that part really well. I hope we can see bear hugs like this in the future training room videos or episodes.

  5. Well I’m delighted that you enjoyed it. In answer to the accent question, this should provide an answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrFgzBpMez8

  6. Bert says:

    “On a side note, interesting accent that Miss Freedom has. Is she a UK actor doing an American accent? If so it’s almost perfect :)”

    Hmmm, I thought it was Canadian!

  7. decendingskulls says:

    Hi, I also purchased this video. I am quite literally stunned with how good it is.

    NGC seems to be perfecting the fight sequence in our genre. That is clearly their focus, and it is paying off well. I haven’t seen many of the other videos made by NGC mostly because the training room concept doesn’t really appeal to me, but from what I can tell, this is their best video yet. There’s not much in the way of overtly sexual fetish here unless you could bear hugs and strangulation, and this seems to be the case with all of NGC’s videos.

    That being said everything is done with 110% gusto. The acting is top-notch, the fight-choreography is solid and believable, and kick ass, and fits the comic book style scene perfectly. Everything about the production quality is supremely professional but most importantly there is visceral and kinetic energy to every single scene.

    With regards to the post-production, the way they did brief spurts of slow-motion at moments of critical impact without loss of audio or visual quality is something I’ve never seen before in this genre. That must be some very expensive equipment they’re working with.

    The writing / storyboarding of the video is also excellent. Everything happens for a reason / leads to the next thing / doesn’t repeat what’s already been done before it / and moves the fight’s story along. I’m very excited to see the next installment.

    On a side note, interesting accent that Miss Freedom has. Is she a UK actor doing an American accent? If so it’s almost perfect 🙂

  8. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    Its a shame they can’t put a good superhero show on. When they do try them they ruined. You guys have done a great job here. The action is great and the betrayal at the end was fabulous. Love Miss Freedom and look forward to the next installment. The fight scenes are great.

    Thanks again for a great episode.

  9. Think this is the best one yet! Great stuff guys!


  10. Swampy170 says:

    No problem, again – thanks for the great work 😉

    Particularly liked the betrayal aspect of this one – can’t wait for the next episode!

  11. @swampy – Thanks for the offer, we have shot outside of London before but the money we saved was often eaten up by the extra travel people needed to do, and more importantly we had less time. Our shoot days are typically 12 hours and unfortunately at this stage we need every second of that as well as finishing at a time that lets people get home. Thanks though, I may still come calling.

    @Chris – Very pleased you enjoyed it and felt we had improved a little.

    @Markko & deathcake – I think we’re all on the same page. My feeling about FX is that if we can’t make it look realistic we simply won’t do it. A bad effect can take the viewer out of what they are watching and I think will only serve to remind people that we are low budget. We have used them in a small way in TR10 – Miss Freedoms Challenge, don’t know if you got that one. Those were small uses and were fine as far as I was concerned. It is an area we could improve on but the expense of doing it properly rules it out for the time being.

  12. deathcake says:

    I like the gritty realism of the NGC stuff. Special effect, in my opinion of course, would take away from that.

  13. Chris says:

    “Chris August 2, 2011 at 11:59 pm
    Haha you had me worried NGC! You’ve got the best fights and best actresses in the genre so I don’t see what you can do to improve it too much. Looking forward to this episode!”

    This was my previous post. Wow I was mistaken. You guys were already excellent and you DID somehow manage to improve on what was already great. By far the best storytelling, action, and acting in this genre. Thank you NGC for your wonderful quality and I hope you keep this up!

  14. Markko says:

    Just out of curiosity, there are no special effects (as always) right ?
    Not that it’s a big problem, I honestly prefer no FX than crappy ones (I don’t write names, better…), but it would add some quality marks (if possible, as it’s already uber-top level !)

  15. swampy170 says:

    Loved the latest episode, great action and narration!

    Location prices are a massive problem. Me and my mates ran a site while we were back in school (nothing like NGC – more like jackass), filming was always a problem – due to finding places we could film for basicly no budget. We found it best to just ask local farmers. Some of their barns made great locations, though it took us ages to clean up all the wood :/

    I’m based in Essex, about 25 miles outside London – I could scout some locations, if you want. A few farmers I worked with back in the day might rent out their barn no questions asked, bound to be cheaper than London. Chuck me an email if you think it could be of use, swampy170@gmail.com

  16. A great review and some really pleasing responses. I am very happy that people liked this episode so much. On a personal note this episode was really the first time I felt we made exactly the kind of thing I had wanted to make all along. I’ve been happy with everything we’ve put out (or it wouldn’t get put out) but this was the first time it really clicked.

    I’ve noted some comments about locations and training room getting stale. I think these two things are closely linked. The TR’s taking place in the same room all of the time made it seem samey even though a lot of the scenarios were quite different. I can tell you that locations are by far my biggest headache with NGC. Filming in London is helpful in some ways (lots of actors, skilled crew etc) but it is massively expensive, particularly locations. I will do everything in my budget to ensure that they are varied, but basically we are having a big fight so it needs to be somewhere the floor won’t be ruined by girls boots and where we won’t break expensive things, hence non-descript rooms. I’d like to do more outside but light levels change drastically in England apart from June/July. If an 8 minute film takes us 6 hours to shoot then apart from the height of summer the Sun will have moved drastically. Outside in winter is pretty cold considering what the girls wear. Anyway, I will do all I can to keep them as varied as possible but filming location costs I’m getting right now are such that we may as well book a suite at The Ritz and do it there, and I’m not joking.

  17. Perilforpussycats says:

    I have to say that this is my all time favourite episode, coming from a production perspective this is a triumph. While other production companies are good and show talent, this newest release really blows them all away. Ms Freedom looks just outstanding, the actress nails the role this time. (even though I thought she was very good in other episodes). I thought the training room episodes were getting a little bit stale and if I am honest I was not going to purchase the next one but then NGC drops this and wow, I reckon it will raise the bar for a little while why others take note.

    The peril, the emotion, the fear, great fighting that you can tell is really well thought out and some very decent acting make this one of the most impressive, convincing and groundbreaking peril/superheroine episodes ever. 10/10.

  18. Steve says:

    looks like elite force is on the ropes and Evil rules! It would be good to see characters die and new ones enter the fray. But the ending was a bit random, I always thought Nina would turn instead. Look forward to season2, with perhaps Golden Hornet returning and more Athena.

  19. Bert says:

    This is how to make a superheroine video! After teasing us with Miss Freedom for what seemed like forever, finally we get a knock-down, drag-out battle between the most powerful (but weakened) heroine at NGC and a big, menacing (and up-powered) foe. Amazingly, NGC found ways to improve on their already genre leading quality, with really sharp camera work (some very cool angles), subtle but effective slo-mo and outstanding choreography. On top of that the performances by the two leads were sensational, with Miss Freedom selling the fight scenes, which are quite long and very back and forth, beautifully.

    This is easily one of the very best heroine movies ever made. The fighting action is superior to any male-female fight I’ve ever seen in a major motion picture. I think the folks at NGC have raised the standard in our little genre again. I can hardly wait for their next offering, and I think the success of this type of high quality video encourages other producers to follow suit, and we all gain from that! Thanks NGC – you guys rock!

  20. scwank says:

    Instant classic. This is my favorite so far, perhaps in the whole genre. From the production values, to the acting, you guys have set a high bar here. It was also a nice touch to start things outside for a brief moment. If I had any complaint at all from previous videos, it was that there was a sense of sameness with their settings (i.e. each one done entirely in a room somewhere, albeit a different room each time), so even that little touch of the outdoor shot lent a bit of perspective. People are going to talk about this one for a long time. Really looking forward to Episode 9 to see what Red Mist has planned, and what is going to happen to Miss Freedom.

  21. darklord says:

    incredible from a production standpoint, felt like i was watching a big budget movie. top notch quality.

    episode was good, but felt short? great ending and set up though, definitely looking fwd to episode 9.

  22. TM says:

    Perfect. Surpassed my high hopes. This is NGC’s best to date.. and that’s saying something.

  23. deathcake says:

    Yep. Totally awesome stuff. The bearhugs were the finest I’ve ever seen in a movie. Top top stuff, and the best that’s out there! Steve Noir actually a close second for me 🙂

    Actually, NGC’s productions are one of the few I actually watch all the way through and don’t just skip to the good stuff.

  24. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    Earlier received a link and purchased Episode 8 and it was excellent. Makes a great season finale. Thanks again. Your movies are wonderful. Love the fight scenes. Looking forward to more soon.

  25. Bert says:

    Man could that kid ever belt out that tune! And by the way NGC – best teaser ever!!

  26. Scwank says:

    @Next Global Crisis

    I’ll admit it, I laughed. You’re still killing me, but I laughed.

  27. Scwank says:

    Ahhh, you’re killing us. Any chance the emails are going out tonight to folks who bought episode 7?

  28. I just thought I would mention we’ve uploaded a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video on YouTube:

    These aren’t for everyone I know. It doesn’t spoil the plot or anything but if behind the scenes things spoil the ‘magic’ for you then I’d avoid it. For anyone who doesn’t mind please enjoy.

  29. Chris says:

    Haha you had me worried NGC! You’ve got the best fights and best actresses in the genre so I don’t see what you can do to improve it too much. Looking forward to this episode!

  30. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    Thanks Next Global Crisis for the clarification. Its good that its not ending. I love your stories and your characters.

  31. Mike says:

    Good to know its not ending; I love this stuff, especially when you sneak in fetishy elements like chloroform. Cant wait to see what you are coming up with!

  32. I feel I should clarify that we aren’t ending the series altogether but we are coming close to the end of the first season. It is fulfilling the story-line that I wrote two years ago (with a couple of unforeseen tweaks) so you will see any loose ends tied up.

    Then we will re-launch the website with season two. Things will look and feel a bit different and will gradually continue to change, there will be different types of video, new and old characters, new costumes and new story-lines. There will be opportunities to discuss what is going on and there will be even more chances to get discounts and free material never before seen. I’m a firm believer that if you do not try to improve then you deserve to die. You will know when the change has happened, it will be obvious.

  33. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    Swampy170- I love your idea. It sounds great and yes Superheroes have been seemingly killed only to be brought back.

    When they brought back Superman, that was a great shock. I had thought they were ending his chapter for good.

  34. swampy170 says:

    @darklord @Lord Ferrigon – That’s the beauty of the super-heros/heroines. You can have them defeated and even ‘killed’ – and bring them back by saying they had a latent power that brought them back to life.

    Look at the number of time Superman has been ‘killed’, only to pop back up due to some twist in the storyline.

    I would love to see a storyline along the lines of Miss Freedom being defeated by a heroine who has changed sides, the villains then taking over the training room – thinking they have won and there’s nobody left to oppose them.

    Then it turns out the heroine who changed sides is actually playing a double agent, and the heroines (now at an auxillary base) – are actually as strong as ever, giving them the chance to take down the bad guys (and girls) once and for all.

    Needs some fleshing out – but I’d love to see it.

  35. Steve says:

    I think they means end of series 1

  36. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    As a cliffhanger I would agree Darklord but the hero has to win so Miss Freedom’s defeat can’t be permanent. Besides, I am hoping to see that Doctor from Episode 5 again.

  37. darklord says:

    miss freedom is great, but has to lose here… that would be so compelling to see her fall 🙂

  38. deathcake says:

    I don’t think anyone said anything about the end of NGC. I think he just meant the end of the series/season. Hopefully!

  39. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    I would also hate to see NCG end. I am just getting into it and its wonderful. I especially love Miss Freedom.

  40. Mike says:

    Whoa what? You guys are ending NGC? Say it aint so!

  41. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    Oh OK thanks for the reply.

  42. Not quite the end but very nearly.

  43. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    Episode 8 is not the end of this series is it? I hope not. Love this and I would love to see that Doctor that Miss Freedom encountered in Episode 5.

  44. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    Thanks Next Global Crisis, I did download it and watched the movie.I watched the first Miss Freedom before purchasing this one. And she is good. Thanks for the help in watching your movies.

  45. deathcake says:

    I LOVE the bearhug scene. One of the best i’ve seen. She really looks like she put alot into it. The arching of the back, and the upskirt type shot. DAM!

  46. John says:

    Big fan of Miss Freedom and it does look like she takes some punishment. It would be great to see her ultimately recaptured and once again end up defeated and in the clutches of the enemy

  47. steve says:

    Im not usually the biggest Ms Freedom fan but since episode 7 and this teaser I think im converted. Maybe its the costume, Ive neved liked the supergirl look myself.

  48. @Lloyd

    The videos are all MPEG-4 format which is well known. If you are having trouble viewing our videos or any in fact I would always recommend VLC Player, it plays everything I’ve ever needed it to. You can get it here: https://www.videolan.org/

  49. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    I love the fighting sequence. Its good. I like it when the Superheroine puts up a good fight.

  50. RJ123 says:

    Cannot wait to buy this, love Miss Freedom, she is gorgeous!!! The way she was defeated at the end of ep7 was awesome, loving the fact she will be in more peril!!!!

  51. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    I love Ms Freedom movies. She is very attractive. Unfortunately I can’t wait these movies for some reason. I can download but they don’t play. Anyway she does look great.

  52. Darnick says:

    Wow. Just wow. Can’t wait for this one. I’ll be in line, credit card in hand. She’s always been my favorite.

  53. Larry says:

    She DOES look amazing. She’s one of my favorites. She plays weak and helpless better than anyone else IMO. Would love to see her stripped to her bra and panties.

  54. TM says:

    Looks totally awesome!

  55. Should be a week for Episode 7 owners and certified Miss Freedom fans, a bit longer than that for others.

    Keep an eye on the YouTube channel for build up and some extra stuff: https://www.youtube.com/user/NextGlobalCrisiscom

    I know a fair few people have subscribed but we always welcome more!

  56. darklord says:

    can’t wait for this one, episode 7 had a great set up – any ETA on release date

  57. Well we didn’t ask for anything different but it’s true she really did look great and totally brought her ‘A’ game. I can’t wait to show people this episode, it turned out better than we’d hoped.

    Remember you can get this at discount price before anyone else if you own Episode 7.

  58. Rye says:

    All I can say is wooooooot!
    Been hoping this was going to happen for a while now. Did she change her hair or makeup around at all? She always looked great but she has never looked better!