“The Ambush” from Damien Wagner

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This was a short but very sweet video for anyone who enjoys more bondage in their superheroines videos. The bondage is pretty solid. Love the fact that Starlight actually gets gagged. The actresses are very believable in their fight, and the end chloroform scene is just perfectly executed with the right length and not too drawn out. There’s not much of a story, though. it’s very straightforward with just the right amount of setup to have Starlight captured and move on to the main attraction (the bondage peril and the tussle).

    Only a few things I wish were a little different:
    -Longer runtime. 12 minutes is way too short.
    -Longer time spent struggling before she freed her legs (or at least re-tie Starlight’s legs in the end).
    -Tone down the excessive camera bloom and camera shakes.

    But otherwise, amazing video! MORE of Starlight bound and gagged, please!

  2. Peter says:

    Picture #8 with Starlight totally subdued face down is HOTT!!!

  3. blouseshirts says:

    not gonna lie this is first time ive taken notice to a damien wagner film, thats a great looking actress + costume, just wish it were mixed combat

    • Jacques says:

      Check out the trailer for Acherontia 1. Male vs female. It should be on the HM site for vidéos sales.

      • Jacques says:

        There may be at least one more,, Jade Hunt 2, I think. I am hoping do a F vs M custom with the Jasna Zoric character later this year.

  4. Jacques says:

    Actually, the film was released to the Patreon supporters a few days ago. Terrific combat sequences with an exceptional chloroform scene. Time and time again, Damien’s actresses are awesome in their roles. All of them are equally adept in selling peril as well playing the villain. BTW, the custom producers receive their copy as soon as Damien edits the film ( His Patreon posts shows his editing techniques.), even if the video is released to the public months later.

  5. PhantasmaRosso says:

    Worth saying – the clip is, for now, for patrons only. They usually release them to us “unwashed masses” a few days later 🙂
    I’ll be looking forward to this – looks intriguing; I have appreciated previous videos from the company.