“The Bad Lawyer” from Knights of Gotham

[Adults only] Check out this quick look at The Bad Lawyer, the new video from Knights of Gotham starring Kobe Lee and Diana Knight.

Knights of Gotham - The Bad Lawyer

Batgirl is busy mixing a potion in her headquarters when Wonder Woman arrives. She questions batgirl about the concoction and we learn that Batgirl is tired of losing to a shifty lawyer and is making it so that she looses all her cases.

Wonder Woman is worried about Batgirls actions. Heroes don’t behave in that manner, but she cannot stop her. Batgirl subdues the lawyer by chloroforming her and then hypnotizes her to be aroused when she hears certain phrases in the courtroom. She she smiles knowing that any Judge would throw out a lawyer who gets aroused and masturbates at they sound of “order in the court”The next day the Lawyer (played by Kobe Lee) is presenting her case when suddenly she starts to get aroused.

The Judge is not pleased and orders Kobe into chambers to rebuke her. Batgirl is pleased that her plans seems to have worked.

Meanwhile in chambers the Lawyer cannot control herself and throws herself at the Judge. The judge tries to show some restraint but with a lawyer as hot as Kobe its hard to resist.The judge then succumbs and allows Kobe to kiss and fondle her, removing her robe and using a vibrator on her.Afterwards the judge, still in orgasmic afterglow, promises that Kobe will never lose a case as long as she is sitting on the bench.

Batgirl realizes that her plan has backfired and finds the Lawyer to change her post-hypnotic instructions. After chloroforming the lawyer she sets her up to receive new instructions But instead of making a kobe a bad lawyer she makes her into A BAD LAWYER!

Kobe is now a villain with a deep knowledge of the law!

Kobe subdues Batgirl by using the same Chloroform rag Batgirl used on her and has her way sexually with her, climaxing on top of Batgirls helpless sleeping body as she grinds away on the latex. She then feeds poison into batgirls mouth and leaves.

Wonder Woman shows up too late to stop the lawyer, but in time to feed Batgirl the anti-poinoning powder she has in her utility belt.Batgirl has learned a valuable lesson today, and Wonder Woman just leads her away to recover.

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Looks like a lot more work with in this one.

Looking good.

leviathan (Eves Husband)

Any questions on this movie? its pretty straight forward. We were experimenting with Greenscreening when this was filmed. We just got around to shooting the other segments to finish this movie.

Viewers will be able to tell the difference between the first set of keying and the current set because we have actually gotten much better and have purchased several plugins that help get a better key.

This is the number one problem with this movie is that you can tell which green screen scenes came first, but thankfully there aren’t many scenes so I feel its excusable.