“The Baddest Woman On The Planet” from NGC

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  1. Rob Hinx says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I’ve been a fan of Sister Fate since ‘Broken Wings’; I liked the calm , matter-of-factness to her beat downs (even if she was putting them on beloved Bluebird!).I also love the way she speaks; like the captain of the most evil-public-school-lacrosse team ever. With that in mind it was good to see her without her sangfroid when she lost her strength. It’s interesting that she didn’t work out that if Erica could remove her strength then maybe Dr. Progress had removed Erica’s powers in the same way.
    I really enjoyed Erica’s performance too; I liked the way her cry of agony became a tortured growl when Sister Fate had her in the back breaker and was also going to town on her ribs. It was good to see Erica in same leg hold that broke Bluebird in Broken Wings 2 (although Erica was lucky (?) enough not to experience it with all of Sister Fate’s strength behind it!).
    The alternative ending has some really brutally too it (even minus her strength Sister Fate is pure evil). And I really enjoyed Sister Fate’s spoilt-child temper tantrum at the end of the canon ending!
    It’ll be fascinating to see where this story line goes.

  2. Darkwrath016 says:

    Two things:

    One: NGC has been killing it recently with these photosets. Two weeks ago we had some awesome photos of Malacia Cat. Last week’s photoset with Lady Victory had some great pictures. Now this week’s photoset with Erica had some stunning pictures as well. Those photos of Erica being dragged around by her shirt collar looking absolutely helpless were to die for. And then the drone, pinching Erica’s checks as the heroine looks helpless into the camera. Wow. And then a knocked out Erica being carried away. More please.

    Two: I’m really loving this 7th Dimension story angle here. The intrigues of this organization have me so curious. I honestly wouldn’t mind if NGC focused solely on the 7th Dimension story line from now on, continue building the suspense and intrigue but provide answers in drips and drabs to keep us interested. This episode, much like all episodes featuring the 7th Dimension, raised so many questions but actually answered one (sounds to me like a certain NGC heroine is a slave these days). That interaction in the beginning between Dr Progressive and Sister Fate was worthy of being on TV. Such great acting between those two. Such great dialogue. Such subtle nuances, hidden agendas and tension. I’m hoping it’s not the last we see of Dr Progress as in the span of two episodes as he’s become my favorite villain, mainly on account of how awesome the actor who plays him is. He really nails that mad scientist vibe that Dr Progress has going for him. (Yes, I watch NGC cannon episodes for the story probably more than I do for the peril aspects.)

    And by the way, the Deceptress is hot.

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      I second Darkwrath016’s comments about the recent photosets NGC has been producing. I wasn’t much into their photosets in the past, but I’ve loved many of the ones from recent months. Mainly, I think the difference is that the newer ones showcase different looks (sometimes different costumes, like Malicia Cat, sometimes perspectives and moves that aren’t in an accompanying video) and a few of them convey action and/or peril. Bravo!

      Also, as I expected, this video was a big hit with me because it advanced the ongoing NGC story. I think the “7th Dimension” story and the neo-Darkheart menace are not unconnected. Sister Fate seemed to be seeking Erica out for her power (and scanned her with a device similar to what the neo-Darkhearts used to scan Deja Vu and the Equalizer) and was frustrated to find she had none. Seems like heroines with powers are highly prized by someone… could it be the Darkhearts (or their sponsors) who are harvesting them to steal/duplicate their abilities?

      So, Fate made reference to “my slave” who told her that Erica did have powers. This slave was identified as “she”, so who is it?

      Assuming it’s someone we know, someone who has inside knowledge of Erica’s powers, it seems obvious at first. Wonderstrike was taken by Alaric, who has apparently returned to the neo-Darkhearts, and it’s possible WS found her way from Alaric into Sister Fate’s possession, since they seem to be connected. As far as we know, she’s the only Elite Force heroine who’s currently being held by anyone. Deja Vu got trounced by some Darkhearts awhile ago, but they left her behind. Candy Race departed that fight midway. Several heroines are reportedly gone for good (Athena, Celestia, Bluebird), and though we haven’t seen Virtue, Red Glory, Spectrum, or Starshot in the ongoing story since the end of Season 4, they’re supposedly still around and at liberty. Comet Girl is back and was recently beaten by Malicia Divine, but again, Malicia left CG defeated as a message for Miss Freedom (who, like Comet Girl, is also back after disappearing for awhile.)

      So, the easy answer is Wonderstrike, but I doubt it. I suspect she’s still an Alaric/Darkheart prisoner, although I could be wrong, of course. But, if it’s not WS, who could it be? Increasingly wild speculation follows.

      One possibility is… Harbinger. She was allegedly “vaporized” by Myanna, but so was Comet Girl, and she’s back now. Also, Harbinger fought Deceptress in Season 4, enslaving her for awhile, so she knows what she can do.

      Another possibility is Comet Girl. Sure, she’s reappeared, but who’s to say that’s the “real” Comet Girl? Maybe the real one is languishing in Sister Fate’s possession, while some fake has returned to Elite Force to take beatings from Malicia Divine in her place. Long shot, I think, but I wanted to put it out there.

      Someone else to consider: Bluebird. Sure, she was allegedly killed by Alaric, but one thing about Bluebird is, she always gets a second wind. Also, Sister Fate has a role in plenty of different continuities, and maybe they’re all separate, but I get the feeling that the 7th Dimension is the crossroads for several continuities in the NGC multiverse, so Sister Fate may be be holding Bluebird from the “Broken Wings” story, getting information about Elite Force heroines. OK, this one’s pretty far-fetched as well.

      Another fun possibility: Miss Freedom! Yeah, she’s back and leading Elite Force, but she spent a year captive to the Masked Man, who has some ties to 7th Dimension traders through Darius 7. She may have escaped the Masked Man, but she could still have been so mentally broken by the experience that she’s a secret supplicant to a powerful figure like Sister Fate (who seems like a big deal in the 7D.) I mean, the Deceptress got into this mess with Dr. Progress and Sister Fate on Miss F’s orders, without backup, and Miss F definitely knows about Erica’s powers. What if Miss Freedom is Sister Fate’s thrall and sent her to Dr. Progress as a set-up, then tipped Sister Fate to their whereabouts?

      Finally, my favorite idea: it’s Shadowstar. In addition to the main continuity, Championship, Broken Wings, and Kandy Crisis, Sister Fate can also appear in the Fail-Safe Sisters dimension, and she picked up Shadowstar from Unity City after she was dragged back at the end of the FSS storyline. Heck, it’s my crazy story; she’s got Dynamite Doll as well. Why would Shadowstar know anything about the Deceptress’s powers, you may ask? Uh, I don’t know… stop ruining my “Shadowstar & Dynamite Doll – Slaves of the 7th Dimension” fanfic.

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        Oh shit! I completely missed that part about Sister Fate scanning the Deceptress with a device that looks like the same type of what the Neo Darkhearts did. Thanks for pointing that out DrMabuse!

        Now I was going with Bluebird being the slave given the events of Broken Wings and her encounter with SisterFate. I was also going to go write an epistle as to how that makes little sense given the timelines and all but then thought better (also kinda busy). Also, the whole Neo Darkhearts in cohorts with 7th Dimension. I laughed that off initially but once again I have to rethink this. After Wonderstrike’s destruction at the hands of Alaric, Alaric disappeared in almost the exact fashion as how Sister Fate disappeared when taking Erica. That’s certainly not an ability Alaric had before. Maybe it is Wonderstrike that is the slave as you point out Dr. Also from a story telling perspective, it’ll make somewhat sense to connect these disparate subplots that are floating around. NeoDarkhearts and 7th Dimension working together takes care of two subplots. Now there’s just the Malacia subplot floating around.

        By the way, Harbinger never controlled Erica. That was Myanna who did all the controlling

        • Dr Mabuse says:

          Ah, you’re right, it was Myanna who controlled Erica (and Harbinger!) Don’t know how I mixed that up. Well, Erica did fight Harbinger, so she’d still have a basis for knowing her powers.

          As I hope is clear from my comment, I have no idea what’s really going on. I just like spinning out ideas.

          • Wrecker says:

            A lot of very fine points from both of you here, leading to a lot of possibilities to consider. Personally, I’m hoping that the “prisoner” in question is Wonderstrike. Perhaps the 7th Dimension have pledged themselves to the new Alaric. It would explain his sudden and unexpected return, as well as his newfound teleportation abilities. I have a few theories on Alaric in general. I think he may actually be a demigod of some kind. It would explain how he never seems to truly die as well as why he gets stronger as he gains followers. Perhaps the reason they are collecting heroines with powers is because he’s working on a way to gain power from prisoners as well through some type of relic or device, which he’s hopefully about to test on Wonderstrike. That’d be a pretty awesome, and dark, episode.

      • Rob Hinx says:

        I think you might be right about Bluebird; her bio on the NGC site now has’2020′ and ‘Broken Wings’ as part of her continuity (instead of being an alternate time line) and Bluebird was last seen being lead away in chains by Sister Fate so it does seem possible.

  3. Gil says:

    Hmmm…I rarely comment on the quality of the comments, but I want to at least be one to give props to a few subtle touches that I thought made this short film work…”That’s right; I’ve become a Heroine dealer..” From Dr. Progress…awesome! The advantage of having a steady cast of actors who have had experience in honing their craft in heroine movies just shows everywhere here…Did anyone else think that Sister Fate gave a much more confident and assured accounting as the heavy? “Ouch , that hurt!” was just a great touch…before, I think she was perhaps playing the character as a little too detached. Stripping her of her powers as well, was a very good plot twist. And some of Deceptress’ (why have I never much cared for that moniker?) reactions as she threw punches to see them more or less bounce off the bigger opponent…priceless facial expressions! Lacking the extra help of her clone, I liked Deceptress’ grit and determination in the cannon ending to never give up . Often, I think the heroines in these things never demonstrate any real reason to see them as ‘heroic’…but that was not the case here. Very well done!
    If I had one negative it would be that we never really learn Dr Progess’ motive for handing the depowered and chained up heroine to SIster Fate. If he could simply take Sister Fate’s powers as well…as he clearly could…why go through all the trouble of capturing and auctioning the Deceptress?
    Anyway, that may open another plotline later on, For now…a very satisfying conclusion to the two parter in my humble..

  4. F L says:

    I liked this even though the first part one was better on the action side maybe. Erica´s legs are looking good here, almost makes me forget about the catsuit!
    i only have 2 small complaints to make about this video: the first that the 2 minute recap at the beggining in a 11 minute video takes a considerable amount of time although i know it´s there for people who didn´t buy the firt one to catch up or entice them and the second that the Part1 of the photoset didn´t include any tied up or catsuit shots, the latter which were the reason i bought it, next time try to clarify that if the photo set contains multiple parts!
    Keep it up!

  5. Dr Mabuse says:

    I’m glad to see folks taking notice of one of NGC’s underrated strengths–the photography of their productions. Even if a video doesn’t have obvious must-buy components (and this one does) each one has some shots in it that are just beautiful.

    I’m looking forward to the continuation of Erica’s adventure, particularly since it seems to pick up exactly where we left off. But, in addition to the promise of a Deceptress chained and in dire peril, I’m really anxious just to see what the heck happens next. What the **** is “the 7th Dimension” and who are its denizens? So far, we’ve seen Sister Fate in Kandy Crisis, the Championship, the “Broken Wings” saga, and now the NGC continuity. Moreover, SF’s opponent in her Championship appearance was none other than… the Deceptress. It’s all very intriguing.

  6. Chris says:

    I like the look of this one.
    I think of all the NGC girls, Erica is probably one of the best at selling a beating.
    Some of those pictures are great, the expressions & grimaces on her face.
    I just hope there’s plenty of choke holds, bear hugs & back-breakers.

    • Fabio says:

      Damn, really? She might be one of the sexiest but in regards to selling peril I hate to say she might be the worst. And I really do hate to say that. Ive been following NGC since their first release and have picked up almost everything they’ve dropped, I love these guys. So I feel its ok for me to critique. I first watched this trailer without audio and it got my heart racing, it looks so good. I could not wait til Friday. Then i got home and watched it again with audio this time and I calmed down lol. Im not in a hurry for Friday anymore. Her moans just dont “capture” the damage she’s absorbing. It doesnt sound natural to me, especially for the belly punches. She never sounds like the wind is being knocked out of her. She also doesnt react to low blows very well if at all. BUT, all that being said, I still buy every single one of her releases. She is absolutely gorgeous. So God damn sexy, arguably the sexiest out of the roster. Im excited to see her AOH taking a few belly punches anyways. NGC doesnt do AOH scenes very often, so crappy reactions or not, I am excited.

      • Chris says:

        Yes “really” that’s what I think; you dont, good for you.
        Don’t buy it then.
        I did.

      • Ultra says:

        Every time I see this. Someone shares their negative criticisms on a recent work here and they get bombarded with downvotes. And it’s not like he doesn’t like Deceptress, he buys each vid! And this isn’t some snarky, throwaway, troll comment either, so why the downvotes? WIth that being said, I think I’ll share my review on this release here as well.

        Erica’s acting skills do leave much to be desired. I remember distinctly a lowblow in NGC Championships Deceptress Destroyed (at like 14 minutes something, just checked). She recieves a good lowblow kick, but she just go’s Ah! and jumps forward like she’s reacting to an explosion in an acton movie, badly. Contrast to the low blow she recieved in this video, it’s a Monumental change. As well as a lot of her reactions as well, there’s a lot of improvement here. Dunno if it’s the director giving her better direction (for lack of a better word) or it’s the actress taking it upon herself to improve her acting OR if it’s just the chemistry between the two actresses that improve the overall acting quality, who knows.

        In support of the post above, I’d like to offer more examples of Deceptress’s bad acting:

        NGC Progresives (8:13): Belly kick to Deceptress while she’s on her hands and knees. I mean, come on, what is that lol. Didn’t look like she hurt, looks more like a blast of air knocked her upward.

        NGC Season 4 Episode 7 (5:39): Deceptress in a bodylock with legs. Looks more like she’s reacting to the restrictiveness of it, rather than the pain from getting her ribs crushed. She’s pretty much silent. 🙁

        RYE-UK, Avenger vs Galxis (14:08): Not Deceptress, but same actress. Trapped against the cage and recieves multiple body blows, while “dramatic and slightly sad music start playing, which feels indicative of a superheroine loosing.” (One of my favorite situations that FEW herione movies have properly delivered. The dramatic music gives the correct mood for the downfall of a heroine and makes everything seem more important. But this moment is kinda ruined because her reaction noises, short “aah’s”, do not indicate her realizations that she is losing or the accumulated damage and resulting intense pain of further damage at the 14 minute mark.

        Given that, I am still a big fan of Deceptress. Not all actors start off good in acting, obviously, but this vid could be her best performance yet and it does seem like she has increased her repertoire of reaction sounds. In the opening she recieves slaps to the face well. Slaps to the face should have a very different reaction to a punch of the face. Seems obvious, but from what I’ve seen, it isn’t always so obvious to the actor. Deceptress gets bodylocked with legs in this vid and her reaction has improved from the silence I mentioned above. She reacts as if the wind has been sucked from her lunks and she’s gasping for air. Not what I wanted, but ok, it’s improvement. She speaks through her gasps that she has no powers, which I liked. And before Sister Fate releases her bodyscissor, Deceptress looks like she was at the end of her consciousness. Only for a short moment, too short. I would have liked at least a few more seconds to that scene so that she could ‘almost’ pass out. (Like when a heroine is grabbing at the limbs that are squeezing her with both her hands, but then she passes out and her hands drop away lifelessly to her sides. I know we all wait for that moment every time.) Deceptress throws a power-draining flashbang and it’s her turn to do her moves. I see improvement in Deceptress’s choreogrphy here. She mounts Sister Fate and proudly punches her in the face several times. Punches and SIster Fate’s head swinging reaction to said punches are very good. What’s NOT good is the way Sister Fate escapes the situation. She grabs Deceptress. And moves her off. Come on, now.

        Sister Fates applies a prowrestling Crossface hold (had to look this up) to Deceptress. Reaction is okay…for a shoulder and neck crank, maybe she shouldn’t be reacting it like she is lacking for air. I’d like to see more cool wrestling holds like this!

        The next major sequence I really enjoyed was a throat chop by Sister Fate to Deceptress. I don’t think I’ve seen this before in any NGC movie. And Deceptress reacted well to it! It seemed like she actually got hit by accident. Scene cuts after we see here very real reaction and she turns her back and slowly walks away. I f-ing love this type of reaction! Love it! It shows just how helpless a heroine becomes when hit in a weak spot. Like in Fail Safe Sister 3 when Lady Victory gets scratched in the eyes and belly punched and choked. She escapes after an backward elbow strike and slowly walks away from the stunned villainess because that’s the only thing she can do! Good stuff.

        While her back is turned, Sister Fate grabs Deceptress and bends her back over her knee(?). Kinda like a failed dragon sleeper hold. But she starts pushing her knuckles into Deceptress’s ribs and she reacts very well showing the agony she is being put through. She then gets put back to standing and recieves a right haymaker from Sister Fate. Looks like she gets knocked out, and that wasn’t the worst ‘fall to the ground unconscious’ sequence I’ve seen. There’s only so much one can do safely on a marble floor. The award of the best knock out reaction of all time goes to Bluebird though, during NGC Championships Lady Victory vs Bluebird, if you wanna know. Back to Deceptress. Her knocked out pose on the ground was somewhat unique. The “Da Vinci Virtuvian Man” or what I call “star position” knocked out pose is great and all, but is quite overused in heroine movies. Not that I mind, it’s always great when a heroine is wearing a leotard! Deceptress’s pose is a kind of sleeping on her face position. The slight movements of her feet show off her lovely boots and puts some realism into it. I like slow movements when a heroine is knocked out, spasms and twitching are good too, but can be quite cheesy if over acted (lookin at you Japanese heroine movies).

        My next favorite sequence is when Sister Fate, as shown in the pictures above, holds both of Deceptress’s legs and kicks her in the crotch. Before that Sister Fate pulls her up so she is sitting on her butt and then she slaps Deceptress in the face again, making her dizzy. Deceptress’s reaction shows that she is indeed dizzy and can’t react to Sister Fate holding both of her legs and delivering a devesating low blow to her undefended crotch. And a great reaction comes from Deceptress, clutching it in pain. While she is still clutching in pain, Sister Fate takes the oppurtunity to lock in a figure-four(ish) leg lock. Deceptress reacts and shows she is really helpless to the pain, clutching her knee helplessly. The most important takeaway from this sequence is the connection between the actions. The slap that openes her up to the low blow, which opens her up to the figure-four. It’s a lot of work, but this is what the actors need to know during the choreography. A belly punch should have real meaning, means that the heroine needs to clutch her belly after receiving the belly blows. Because it hurts and still hurts after the punches. It isn’t just seeing the punch and reacting to it, there needs to be evidence of the aftereffects of the damage. A+ this sequence, really.

        Throughout the vid, both actresses show that their powers are gone and they are getting progressively more exhausted as the fight continues. I found this very convincing and very good.

        And lastly, the upsidedown knock out pose. Like I mentioned above, the small movements during the pose are great. Deceptress is on an elevated knees and hands position and takes a boot to the face, which knocks her onto her back. (My one criticism is the moment right before the boot to her face lands, she winces in a way that breaks character for me somehow and took me out of the moment. This was right after stomps to her belly, so she should be so weaked that he reactions are sluggish.) Her right leg is still planted on the floor, but slides outward to the pose we see the picture above. We all love the boots and we all love the sounds they make, let’s keep it real. The sound of her boot heel sliding were terrific.

        I dunno if it’s just me, but it feels like the ‘intensity’ of the actresses were much better towards the end of the vid, rather than the beginning. Is it because they haven’t quite “warmed up” yet? Maybe the director wasn’t warmed up either. This is a short vid, so I dunno how much time you guys had to get the footage.

        I think we would all love to see each actress improve in their acting every video and that cannot happen if there is no “negative” critiques here. There is always room for improvement every heroine movie, and that improvement will not happen unless we voice our feelings, not with the “12/10 omg I would buy 2 copies it’s perfect.”

        • F L says:

          As constructive and interesting your criticism could be, try keeping it shorter next time or going straight to the point, if you write multiple paragraphs it looks more like an angry rant or an essay nobody really has the time or will to read, specially since in this genre people is looking for different things and certain reactions might fit someone´s tastes while others not and that´s fine.
          For example i love to see heroines struggle to get free of a hold, but some people enjoy the limp heroine or sleepy and choroform thing

        • chris says:

          Nobody’s jumping on anybody, and I’m pretty sure the thumb up / down won’t deter anybody from passing comment.

          You kind of took a swipe at some people commentating yourself there at the end of that essay. Alright then, the first rule is to keep it short & succinct.

  7. Nail says:

    That second to last picture where Deceptress is unconscious with her hair hanging downward. I’m happy. 😀

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      That is a great picture indeed. Gotta love a good knockout pose and that’s about as good (and original) as they come.

  8. Bert says:

    That final image in the trailer, of Erica on hands and knees looking up from the platform? Wow. After all this time you guys still have an amazing eye for great shots. My wallet hates you, but I’m gonna being picking up this release for sure.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Interesting. For some reason, on Safari web browser, that trailer doesn’t appear. Strange.

  9. Athena Custom says:

    If anyone is interested in trying to get Athena back, a group is growing to commission a group custom but we need more people! This could be the only way we get to see her again – please email athenacustomngc@gmail.com if interested.

    PS hell yes to a shackled deceptress.