The Battle For Earth – Short 3 – Project Cilia

7 Responses

  1. LordSnot says:

    That is a nice outfit. She is gorgeous. Will she be in a video soon with the majority of her in costume?

  2. Hey All,

    Ximi, Chris – Glad you liked it! We’ll see if the editor can’t pop out a bit more of a trailer. Lumpy – There’s about a 60/40 split of her in street clothes and then in costume. 60 street clothes 40 in costume.

    Take care all,


  3. Lumpy says:

    I agree, the trailer seems to show more street clothes action and peril then costume scenes.
    It that reflects the video then I’m not interested. I don’t really get the point
    of superheroine videos that have very few costume scenes.
    It defeats the whole purpose.

  4. mr.F says:

    Yep, the trailer and the edition are both awful.

  5. Chris says:

    Just bought it. This was pretty damn good. Good action. Heroine looked strong. And there was good peril. Hollie videos are almost must buys.

  6. Sym says:

    Yeah, I thought the same when I saw it. I can understand a producer not wanting to give too much away in terms of the plot/outcome of a video. But that trailer doesn’t show enough of the actual action to make any kind of judgment about whether it’s worth buying or not (in terms of content, moreso than quality).

  7. ximi says:

    Movie may be a good one, but I’ve got to say that’s one of the most annoying trailers I have ever seen, absolutely serves the movie no good.