“The Bluebird Show” from Next Global Crisis

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  1. TBob says:

    Love me some Bluebird. Anythings with her is an automatic buy.

  2. Rob Hinx says:

    Blimey, this is bit good! (how’s that for an in depth review?)

    The V.T.V and H.T.V stories happen in their own bubble, away from the main NGC continuity (as I understand it anyway).
    There must be a multi verse of different continuities out there with different versions of NGC characters with endless possibilities. For now, we’ve got Bluebird in her very own show.

    The video starts off with Bluebird waiting for her cue, the music starts and Bluebird introduces the show and starts taking questions from the viewers (did I pick up a meta reference where “Claire says she looks just like me?”)
    The most telling question is when Bluebird is asked about her greatest defeats and she claims that she’s never ‘really’ been defeated (ok….)

    It’s here that her first guest ‘Al’ is introduced and ‘Al’ turns out to be none other than Alaric!

    Alaric chides Bluebird for lying to the viewers and taunts her that she must have forgotten their last encounter where she had an hour to defeat him.
    (Alaric is talking about their battle in Season 3, special release 5 “Hour of Defeat” where Bluebird thought she was taking part in charity wrestling match but instead came up against him).

    Alaric challenges Bluebird to a similar fight, only this time she has to pin him for a three count and he needs to pin her for 10.

    Bluebird accepts the challenge and the fight begins. Not to give too much away but at first it seems like the usual one sided affair where Bluebird’s speed and agility are no match for Alaric’s huge strength.
    However it’s not quite as one sided as you might think and Bluebird succeeds in pinning her enemy, yah for Bluebird!

    However the public (who might be V.T.V stooges, who knows?) are unconvinced and Bluebird is coaxed into another fight. This time, if she looses, she’ll drink a potion that Alaric has developed, just for her.

    This is where the action really kicks off and what follows is a furious, brutal exchange. Again I won’t into details but I think it’s enough to say Bluebird has a second and then a third wind that do her no good at all!

    It doesn’t go well for the blue beauty and the ramifications of the potion mean that poor Bluebird is in for some, shall we say, *interesting* times ahead!

    This video has everything you’d expect from NGC; good production, great performances and it’s based around a really cool idea.

    Alaric and Bluebird are both on top form here. There’s a real chemistry between them and it’s clear that both performers are totally in the zone and relishing the battle. In fact I don’t remember seeing Bluebird so ‘on’ she really does throw everything she’s got at Alaric and as you’d expect from this super-talented actress she sells everything wonderfully.
    Bluebird thrashes around beautifully while she’s caught in Alaric’s bear hug and the expression on her face when she realises that she’s about to be dropped into a back breaker is perfect.

    My only criticism is, at the beginning of the video, the music is a bit too loud and it almost drowns Bluebird’s voice out (a pity as she does have a beautiful voice).

    Talking of music, it’s interesting that there is no backing music during the fights. I didn’t notice this until the second viewing which shows how intense the action is as I’m a big fan of the music that NGC uses in their fight scenes.

    I’ve already watched this twice and it’s definitely going on the ‘must watch again list’

  3. Pepe says:

    In the Angel video, one of the villian is the same actress that Starshot?

  4. Gerr says:

    And what if we collect all the material not shown with the Angel and mount a video from it? I think it will be a success. After all, Anastasia is very popular.

  5. Deckard says:

    Well, well! If it’s not her archenemy and nemesis himself!

  6. Krishnam Jhunjhunwala says:

    The point where he lifts her, is that a backbreaker scene???

  7. The Voice says:

    I <3 VTV

  8. Darkwrath016 says:

    Repeat after me my heroines: STAY OFF THE HEROINE NETWORK! It’s a trap. The producers do NOT have your best interest at heart. They’re only concern is to humiliate you which, I’ll be honest, I take great pleasure in watching….. And seeing Bluebird get crushed by her rival is always a treat……. And yes all you heroines in general are sexy in defeat…… But still. Stay away. If someone asks you to appear on the show, just walk away.

    But seriously though, the Heroine Network is just such a great addition to the NGC multiverse. As I’ve said before, not everything needs to be dark, heavy and full of peril (though this one isn’t lacking the latter). I hope this is a successful series so that we can have future episodes.

  9. dkm says:

    I really love the concept of this. A superheroine getting her ass kicked during her own talk show. Nice touch.

  10. kained says:

    Bluebird is one of the best. Is The Bluebird Show going to be a regular thing?