“The Collector” from The Battle for Earth

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  1. TBFE says:

    Heads up – The copy has been replaced with a brighter one. For folks that had already downloaded the original, feel free to re-download!



    • Energy of Asia says:

      Where can i find the updated version? There is only 1 version of the video in my account, and hard to say if its the old one or the new one. Thanks!

  2. Benutzername says:

    Always the same models! Where are the other 1’s ? specially “Gigi Allens” “August Ames” “Madison Sky” ???

  3. The Battle For Earth says:

    Just a heads up… I’m thinking it’s a bit too dark as well. Monitor issues! Long uninteresting story. I’ll upload a brighter version tomorrow at some point and update the forum when I have. Those that have already purchased can feel free to download that updated version at that point.

  4. Sam says:

    To dark and they r wearing dark clothing Man U have to have good eyes for this one!!! Wish there was peril I like when this vids have peril plus fighting not in the dark!!!!! Nevertheless keep up the good work !!!! more amber and Pamela !!!!

    • rangerian says:

      and too much predictable camera shaking with every blow. Not supposed to be aware of the camera work, (although the shaking is probably added in post editing). Kills it for me. So frustrating when everything else is perfect.

  5. Jwong says:

    Hope there is a Sonique video soon!

  6. Kylie says:

    Good job TBFE.
    But i always waiting for marvelous 2

  7. shfyd says:

    Another Amber video….a no brainer for me, a sure purchase.

    Starts off with an extended chloroforming. Grey struggles for a long time, but she finally passes it is with a very soft erotic whimper. The Collector then straps her to his device and wakes her. Grey is defiant at first taunting him to do whatever he wants and he does. He shocks her and sends her to his dream realm.

    There they fight. She is winning at first but he defeats her in the end and they revert back to reality. They trash talk each other and he shocks her again. This goes on for three rounds until she is finally mentally defeated and begs him to let her go, but…….

    OK, not saying any more, go buy the video 🙂

    Amber is as beautiful as ever and in really great shape. Although she wears a body suit it’s a great fit and she looks awesome. As ever she fights well, spits defiance and does peril even better. There is a part where Collector knocks her out and molests her…..that was worth the whole price of the video for me.

    It was a little too dark, would have preferred more light.

    Also I was disappointed that there was no unmasking. Love to see Amber’s uncovered face…..but all in all another worthwhile purchase.

    Thank you TBFE for another excellent production