The Doll Squad “Lieutenant Lora and her female special forces team” from Lady2fight

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2 years ago

After 4 long years of waiting, The Doll Squad is back, thanks to Lora and her team…!♥♥  When I wrote the Doll Squad stories, I never thought about a Russian version, and YEAH! I loved this version with the typic “ushanka hat”, wasn’t easy to find them, and to make it honest, Lora and Sonya look like two lovely dollies dressing like this…♥♥♥ The Doll Squad is 100% female domination’s stories, differents adventures: “Prison Riot”, “Boys Are For Kicking Them Up”, “Seeking and Destroying” “Their Services Are Required”, “Operation Bikini”, etc, I also changed the main theme and now it… Read more »