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Secret Heroine Films’ “The Huntress: Birds of Prey”

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  1. sugarcoater says:

    I would echo Confused’s comments about the Penguin not getting his turn to enjoy his prize. Seems as though more could (and should) have been done with that. It didn’t have to be something overly sexual (though I wouldn’t mind that), but something more than a brief grope seemed needed to match the villain’s character.

    As for other details for any future videos with this character, I would definitely keep the core costume as is, but make the gloves skin-tight and the cape less visible in the front around her neck (maybe tuck it in to the top portion of the one-piece). The loose gloves were a bit distracting–something more sleek and skin-tight would be more fitting in my opinion.

    Overall, I enjoyed the video but felt a bit disappointed when it ended seemingly too soon.

  2. HorseWithNoName says:

    I like this producer a lot and I am looking forward to each new release from Mr. Hero!

    To those who liked this movie, check out Marvel Girl with Mercedes, if you haven’t done so already. A very good movie with a heroine in a nicely-cut costume.

    Unfortunately, I will sit this new one out. I have become somewhat picky, which has not much to do with the quality (highly subjective anyway) of a film, but more with certain fetish elements I am looking for. Hopefully next time 🙂

  3. Harden says:

    I have a lot of things I could say about Secret Heroine Films in regards to how much I appreciate their variety but I won’t go into that as much. This film was a lot of fun to watch. I loved the psychological aspect of the film and how the villains strived to break the heroine down mentally instead of just physically, something that’s all too common in the genre right now. The heroine is hot as hell and so is the costume. The villains are interesting and compelling, and there is something that might be considered as a spoiler about one of their previous relationships to the heroine that I thought to be very clever. The actress still has some work to do with her acting but she’s gotten a lot better since her last outing as Marvel Girl so she’s heading in the right direction rather fast! I give this 3.5/4 stars for it’s ambition and storyline. Well done!

  4. Blx says:

    I read the comments of ‘Confused’ above me and he made some good points which I didn’t think about before. There are some ‘loose ends’ or inconsistencies at the end and those could/should’ve done better. The black screen was also a bit weird, although I didn’t realize it at first.

    I’m taking my grade down to an 8 minus, but still want to express how much I liked this movie.

  5. blx says:

    This movie does not get enough attention. It really is a great, great, piece of work. Showing exactly why this producer does things differently and better than others.

    First of all, great story. I won’t spoil anything but Great characters and the introduction of the Scarecrow fitted the heroine’s background (Gotham) and he’s great as a villain. The choice to focus on the villains point of view instead of a usual heroine or bird pov was really cool. Not a brainless villain doing what he’s told, but actually thinking for once was nice. When it came to the peril, there’s a thing which was really, really well written. The ones who’ve watched it probably know what it is, but it really is so well thought through, which is the standard for this producer.

    I love that this studio always does something new. They use new characters, they use new costumes, they use new settings and their stories are by far the best ones written out there. I’m repeating myself but the Scarecrow thing was, in my opinion, one of the coolest things done in this genre for a long time.

    The less good parts were the fighting. The camerawork and the editing did everything they could to make it as intense as possible, so well done. But I still felt this girl doesn’t really pack a punch. The villains could’ve made their lines a bit less monotonous at times. The girl did quite okay, but she isn’t up to CJ’s standards in my opinion. But what a body. Jesus Christ.

    Maybe I’m biased but I’m always looking forward to a new film from Secret Heroine Films. I thought this movie was great and not just because it was different and original, but because also very well produced and thought out.

    I would rate this movie an 8,5/10. There are a couple of small things that didn’t work out great, but other than that, this movie is great. This studio deserves to be more talked about and I will continue to support them, because in my opinion, they’re the best studio out there.

    P.S. I know you haven’t done sequels, but I would really like one though. 🙂

  6. Confused says:

    @Mr Hero,
    appreciate the explanation and response. I understood where you were going with it, and have no problem that they intended on keeping her (who wouldnt!!??) LOL. But there was a buildup at the beginning on how hot the civilian penguin thought his neighbour was. Then he captures her as Huntress, and except for a few grabs, he leaves all the “fun” to Scarecrow? As I watched it, I thought it was perfect until the penguin walks in at the end, and doesnt take his turn. I anticipated another 5 min at least of the Penguin enjoying his captive. Missed opportunity in my opinion. Add to that no credits, no future releases, and the movie just didnt feel done to me.

    I will emphasize again that I dont regret my purchase. Mercedes is quickly becoming my favorite, and I thought the villains did a really good job too. I just thought the movie didnt end very well, from a writing standpoint with a missed opportunity, and from a producer/director standpoint, with just a black screen.

    Thanks for asking my opinion. I will buy more of your stuff, just expressing a slight miss in my opinion on the ending.

  7. Lumpy says:

    Just bought this one and I really liked it. You have two key characters that I love.
    The Huntress and the Scarecrow. The Huntress is probably my favorite character from the comics and I hardly ever see any peril movies with her. The Scarecrow is another. The psychological drama he brings to the table is something I wish more producers in this genre would tap into.
    The trick her plays on the Huntress with her boyfriend is reminiscent of the Joker in the Dark Knight.
    I like that you established her prowess as a crime fighter before she is captured.
    To many of these movies have the superheroine getting her arse kicked way too easily.
    Which makes their character not very believable. The Huntress is extremely formidable and I like that it takes the villains some work and craftiness to get the better
    of her. They out think her instead of out fighting her. In the comics, especially the older ones with Helena Kyle, that is how most of her opponents would capture her.
    She always has a swagger and cockiness that would sometimes do her in.
    Totally enjoyed this one, liked the costume and the actress…hope to see more of the Huntress…and the Scarecrow for that matter.

  8. Mr. Hero says:

    Im really glad you liked the film. I feel like I need character development in my movies. Something that I feel is missing from missing these genre films. I strive to make bigger and better ones as I go forward

    @19sugarcoater & 21confused
    Im glad you guys liked most of the film but had sorry to hear that you had issues with the ending. The 28 mark is where its supposed to end. I know its open ended but that how I feel it would naturally be. The villains have the heroine and they are going to keep her for a very long time. I didnt want a death ending. Why would they kill her? Shes a huge prize for them. Thats where I was going with it. I never was intending on a part 2. Maybe a follow up story where a heroine tries to break her free but gets in peril along the way. But we will see. I hope that helps explain the ending some more. What would you guys have liked to see with the ending?

  9. confused says:

    I have to echo sugarcoater on the ending. Unless my file is somehow incomplete, and at the same mark as sugarcoater, this ending was superbly disappointing.

    Actress looks: 10/10
    Costume 10/10
    Actress acting: 9.5/10 she really sells the beatdowns

    But for $30, we should be able to expect a complete movie. There clearly has to be a part 2, and yet I have read directors comments somewhere (superheroineforum) that he would hire Mercedes again if this one sells well. Gone are the days that these vids cost $10 and as long as there is heroine peril we are happy. For $30, I expect more personally.

    Having said all that, if Mercedes is in it, I will probably buy it. She has surpassed even Miss CJ in my book.

  10. Mario says:

    Mr Hero,

    This was a great film…well thought out, good acting, awesome heroine and sexy as hell costume. I WATCHED the whole video and did not Fast Forward through one scene like I sometimes do with other vids.

    I am all about character development with build up and this film delivers. Loved the fact you showed us her love interest also….well done!!

    Please keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. sugarcoater says:

    Just bought this one and I really appreciated the psychological aspect of it. Would have really liked to see more of the peril at the end–and perhaps a bit more exploration of the heroine’s fears–but overall very nice.
    If I may confirm though, the movie does end at the 28:17 mark, right? Every so often I have trouble downloading the full video from SHG and it takes a few downloads before I get the entire video.
    Awesome job, and I’m definitely interested in a continuation from where things left off.

  12. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Mr. Hero: Thanks for the extensive info. Much appreciated. I understand where you are coming from regarding the secret identitiy thing.

    To be honest: I am not in the mood for this one right now as I have become very picky with which movies I am getting. Maybe later 🙂

  13. Mr. Hero says:

    Sorry about the delay. Very busy weekend.

    @Kar & @Mjk
    Im glad you enjoyed the film. If the video does well enough Ill use Mercedes again. She is a pleasure to work with.

    The penguin is a low level thug who watches his neighbor and has a huge thing for her. The Huntress foils a robbery that the penguin is involved in and for a split second the Penguin recognizes the Huntress. The huntress doesn’t recognize him because her ego ignores “seeing” the thugs as anything but punching bags. The Penguin uses this information to set up a huge trap(Kidnaps her boyfriend) for her and the rest is history. The “secret identity” aspect is part of the overall plot rather then just a simple unmasking. I find the idea of secretly finding out a heroines identity and using that against her to be really hot. It may not be for everyone but I wanted to try something new. This film is not as hardcore as Marvel. Focusing on the mental/physical pain peril with sexual thrown in. Here are the elements:
    -Fondling and groping
    -Verbal and Physical Humiliation
    -Hallucinating and tricking the heroine
    -Low Blows
    -Face punching
    -Belly punching
    -All around Beat down!
    -Chloro/device KO
    -Power stripping and weakening from chemical gas

    I hope that all helps!

  14. HorseWithNoName says:

    The Penguin, as her neighbor, recognizes her as his neighbor in her costume and with her mask on?

    Mr. Hero, say it ain’t so. This would be like having a movie in which a character says: “Look at that reporter dude with them glasses on. He is… Superman!”

    As much as I like to suport certain movies, this would most certainly be a no-go for me. I and others (e.g. sugercoater) have posted a number of comments of how we would like to see an un-masking (!) scene to play out in a peril movie. If I understand the comment from mjk correctly, this movie does – unfortunately – not deliver on this.

    How does it go down in the movie, Mr. Hero?

  15. mjk says:

    Mr. Hero:
    Congratulations on a terrific film. Please pass my congratulations on to Mercedes as well. She did a tremensous job as Huntress. The only “negative” point, and it really isn’t that much of a negative, is that it seems too unbelievable that the Penguin could recognize his neighbor in her Huntress costume and mask but she could not recognize him. (Come to think of it, that could easily be explained by the fact that he was likely paying much more attention to her than she was to him, if you know what I mean) The ending seems to set up for a part two, is there one in the foreseeable future? I would love to see more of Mercedes in (and hopefully, out of) the Huntress costume. Keep up the great work.

  16. KAR says:

    Another good-looking girl in a new super heroine video — Mercedes as the Huntress. She has fantastic lips and a good look in her eyes, there are no visible tattoos — which I GREATLY appreciate — and she carries herself with that necessary super heroine something-ness, a mixture of confidence with just a touch of cockiness. She maintains plenty of fighting spirit throughout most of the video, even as she begins to weaken. Finally, the outrageous sexiness of her costume cannot be overstated. A very good outfit, somewhat like the Huntress USED to wear in the comic books when I bought them, before someone stupidly came up with the idea of putting her in a body suit (the same sort of warped thinking that results in Wonder Woman wearing long pants, which just cannot be; in fact, make the shorts skimpier).

  17. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Mr. Hero: can you please provide us with some more info about the movie. There is really not much on SHG-Media. You know, people have certain interests. Is the rating on par with Marvel Girl? Do we get an unmasking, etc.?

    Would greatly appreciate more info. I am really interested in getting this, but I would like to know more about what to expect. Thanks!

  18. Mr. Hero says:

    Hey guys. The Huntress video is out and available on shg-media. Hope you enjoy

  19. LordSnot says:

    Mercedes. She is a great find. Please use her more often!!

  20. HorseWithNoName says:

    I endorse sugercoater’s idea as well. Why is it, I wonder, we don’t see the heroine being unmasked in front of a camera one of the villains is holding (and taken or at least forced to degrate herself in front of this camera) when basically everybody has a cell phone with a camera in his / her pocket. There is so much story gold to mine from this. Chris Styles did it in The LexxxFiles very nicely, (but no unmasking) and we haven’t seen something like this since. And as I have stated above, there is so much you can do with this, just by having the villains state that the video is on the internet and all the media / social media activity that goes with this. Producers, get hip with the times 🙂

    And as a little endorsement: check out JK Waylon’s Catgirl series available for e-book readers from all regular online book dealers. Some of the stuff is very good and a lot along the ideas sugercoater is suggesting. I wouldn’t mind seeing a heroine dressed like his Catgirl “brought to the screen” 🙂

  21. sugarcoater says:

    To add to what is being discussed in this part of the thread, I would love to see more of such story lines. As an example, I’ll use Redwing’s character since it’s new and has no clearly defined past.

    1. Start with Redwing’s start (not origin, as that might just take up valuable film time and could quickly be summarized by a voice-over during the action). Have her, as suggested above, defeat low-level villains. The success goes to her head. She even calls in to a news agency to have herself photographed after yet another successful crime-fighting outing.

    2. Redwing’s actions have gained the attention of a Kingpin-type character, who decides it’s time to put Redwing in her place. He sends out some medium level villains, which could be the first serious action. Redwing initially loses but comes out victorious (despite a decent beat-down and perhaps some minor humiliation during the fight).

    3. Just as she begins to leave the scene of the fight with a somewhat cocky air about her, the real force arrives. In this sequence, Redwing is seriously defeated. The last shot of her is one of her tied up, gagged and being tossed into the back of a van.

    4. Redwing, still in her costume, now goes through a series of humiliating sequences. This would be akin to the Lexx Files, Part 2 and Redwing 2 (the one with the pimp). Redwing is taken by various guys as the Kingpin films it all. After a variety of escapades, Redwing is then unmasked and then taken by the Kingpin himself. This is all done with her costume still on, just pulled away to allow each guy to have his way with her as he will.

    5. The final part of the last scene is of the Kingpin showing Redwing the video. She is standing beside him watching herself being taken by the various guys. There might even be a part where the Kingpin pauses the video as it shows Redwing climaxing and seeming to enjoy it. He taunts her a bit, then tells her that the video will remain offline and hidden so long as she abide by his demands. Redwing is to continue crime fighting, but she must never apprehend any of the Kingpin’s men. She is to serve to eliminate the crime competition, thus giving the Kingpin the monopoly of crime in the city. She must also continue to wear that same super heroine outfit while she does this and continue to let the media take photos of her as before so that nothing seems to have changed. The Kingpin admits that he will enjoy thinking of Redwing fighting crime in the same outfit in which he had his way with her. Lastly, Redwing must be on call at times in case something that requires a more personal touch is needed.
    The final scene of the video would be of Redwing panting and shouting the Kingpin’s name as the two of them are going at it in his bedroom…with Redwing still in costume.

  22. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Mr. Hero: yeah, I know. Honestly, I did not get that video since it was not what I was looking for. So I can’t say much about it. But I am happy that I could provide some ideas for “a new approach” for an arena setting 🙂 Thanks!

    I think at the end of the day, the success of a peril movie has a lot to do with casting the “right” actress, and an interesting, well made costume. However, to stand out, I would go in a new direction with this. As I have said before, there are tons of stuff to draw from. Just look at fashion magazines or the poster for Forbidden Planet (one of the coolest movie posters ever) and you already get a lot of ideas 🙂

    And if you do cast a redhead in one of your next movies (maybe for that little arena scenario 🙂 look at a character like Rose & Thorn from back when, but with a mask. I am usually for black outfits, but dark green leather has not been used a lot and it fits nicely with a readhead.

  23. Mr. Hero says:

    Very cool stuff man! Gives me some ideas for my next video. I did some arena style story on one of my first films “Cosmic Girl” The film didnt turn out as good as I wanted (But hey it was my second film) so Ive been wanting to tackle another arena based story. Thanks for the feedback!

  24. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Mr. Hero: while firing off some ideas, purely for the love of seeing something new done in this genre, here is another one:

    Act 1: introduce a competent heroine in her sexy heroine outfit with a mask, fighting and winning against some lowly henchmen. There could be some mention in the press or on TV of her ongoing successful fights against crime, but no scene with her in her civilian identity. Or a reporter character taking some pictures of the once again successful heroine which she poses for like a model. That could surely be fun 🙂

    Act 2: heroine gets trapped by a criminal mastermind and his crew. Defeat, costume destruction, unmasking in front of a camera. Sexual peril, maybe some torture, with the criminal mastermind letting the world know, that he has captured this heroine.

    Act 3: we have a setting that is an arena. This could be just a bare warehouse. We see the torn costume and mask and boots of the heroine on display in a glass case like a throphy. We have a sleazy guy with a microphone like a ring announcer and a guy with a video camera with the signal broadcast live. The criminal mastermind is seated in a huge chair. We have the now exposed heroine wearing not her heroine outfit, but some gladiator style outfit with gladiator sandal boots with high heels (very sexy and fashionable, just google them). The whole set-up is a little bit like in the 1980s movie “The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak” (available on YouTube) and the arena style episodes on the old Star Trek show. Now our heroine in her sexy leather gladiator outfit and high heel gladiator sandal boots must fight some of the villains she had defeated before and even some lowly, weak criminals, while everything is broadcast live and commented on by the sleazy announcer. We even get to see some shots from the video camera one of the man is holding. She of courses loses and we get some more “public” defeat with sexual peril situations. You could go totally crazy with something like that with no extra cost, just by having the announcer tell “the viewers at home” that there is betting going on on social media, people offering money on the internet to have their way with the heroine later or asking if her costume is for sale. Something like that could play out wonderfully.

    For the heroine I would cast either a redhead (I have a suggestion) or a blonde 🙂 But please not another heroine character who “acts” and sounds in voice-over like she never had sex before 🙂

    Now something like this would rock. I know it always comes done to a budget situation. But, judging from some of the other comments on this forum, a lot of fans seem to get a little tired of always the same type of heroines in always the same kind of scenarios (no offense to any producer of course, I enjoy a lot of these movies).

    There are so many interesting things one can do in this genre of peril films, and yet a lot of the movies feel very similar in structure and the way the play out, and even the type of superheroine characters that show up in them are very similar.

    There was a strong response to the first Redwing movie, because it felt fresh, and I like were TBFE is taking the series (hopefully it is a series), but I would love to see something totally new, at least new for this genre. And could well imagine that such a movie would garner the kind of response that would justifiy a perhaps higher budget.

    And in general I would go with a longer running time e.g. 40 minutes which could sell for higher price. If there are some nice production values and the two outfits the heroine would wear are very well put together and with an extended running time, I trust a higher price tag would work.

    Also, there is always the option to crowd-finance such a projct. Just some thoughts.

  25. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Mr. Hero: Thanks for the timeline and the feedback.

    I posted a few ideas on the other thread. Here is another one I always found one of the most powerful concepts in comics when it comes to superheroes: instead of showing the heroine in her civilian identity and a “regular” outfit in the first act, like we very often see in heroine vids these days, why not show her with her mask off in an knee-length overcoat, with her costume underneath. Again, this is a very 1960s idea, from the early issues of Roy Thomas’ and John Buscema’s Avengers run. These images of superfolks in their costumes with their overcoats over them are simply fantastic. I can already see a heroine walking into a dark alley dressed like that and then spring into action on her surprised / or unsurprised attackers.

  26. Mr. Hero says:


    Thanks for the love! I always appreciate what you have to say.

    Im planning on releasing this Thursday or Friday of next week

  27. Stagger Lee says:

    Looks like a must buy for me!

  28. Mauricio says:

    I can only say WOW!!! Can’t wait to put my hands on this one. It looks great…

  29. HorseWithNoName says:

    Ah, nevermind. Posted my appreciation on the “Marvel” thread. Did not see this one already has its on thread. Again: looks promising (in a “dirty” grindhouse style) and yes, it is the same actress from their most recent movie 🙂