“The Locked Basement” – Finally – Actually Coming Soon :)

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  1. Kaizar says:

    Short actresses VS. Tall actresses. Like 4 foot 11 inches and shorter VS. 5 foot 10 inches and taller. Muscular actresses VS. Skinny actresses. Even have it it where the skinny woman is somehow overpowering the muscular woman. Seeing as 8K HD TVs and computers are being release next year, its best not to play the HD arm race and just settle for a 1080p HD 3D camera…..especially since all future TVs & computers will be Glasses-Free 3D starting with all 8K HD TVs. Also get voluptuous actresses too, for example Daphne Rosen & Kim Kardashian (I’m not saying to actually get Kim Kardashian, I’m just trying to give examples of voluptuous woman).

  2. GP says:

    Just checking if there’s any more news? Thanks!

  3. deathrider says:

    Love the shot here. Very impressive. Get the website up

  4. Jay says:

    Any more updates for us eager supporters, Megan? 🙂

    • Megan_Guzman says:

      Finally just getting moved into the new place – far better place for shooting than where I was now =)

      I have a few models doing some custom requests…still just working with a camcorder & iPhone. So doing it as a combination of “Blair Witch” style – with each girl getting her own “small story” that fits into the “big storyline”…. and then the fight scenes being their own videos.

      Custom requests are funding this so far — so between custom requests I can do with a camcorder & iPhone, I’m plugging away. Using the $$ to buy an actual professional camera, which will really help. Friends (aka free characters) is helping too 🙂

      Was going to release some photos & videos of models available for customs….tied up, gagged, and awaiting custom requests ofcourse. Any interest in that idea? PM me =)

      Should have some stuff out SOON. VERY SOON. =)

  5. aaron_shaswan says:

    Any updates on the release date?

  6. Stormgear says:

    Bondage in involving a woman in a “cat burglar” outfit ( black ribbed turtleneck and black gloves.) best of luck

  7. MAV says:

    Looking forward to seeing what you put out Megan! Nudity is not a must for me but as I mentioned in one of your earlier posts, hope the costumes are as skimpy as possible though 😉 I remember HM’s first movie(s) involved a sports bra and tight/short shorts as an example

  8. Gog says:

    In response to the first post in this thread, if there’s no nudity (but that’s not the only criteria), I don’t even bother.

    My favorite’s Coco. Pretty much get most of her stuff. But if the above’s missing, then it all pretty much ends up looking the same.

    And w/Gregory on his thoughts. Love a good strangling to turn the tide. Or as torture to a captured and tied Agent/Superheroine. Bagging as well.

    The title picture has me really intrigued, as totally into the actress being tied up at the end. Tide turns, captured, stripped and tied, tortured/humiliated equals the perfect recipe for my personal tastes.

    Be looking forward to see what you end up with. 🙂

  9. Deathrider says:

    Very good shot so far. I wonder what sort of tone this is. Hope it’ll be diff to all the other stuff we see and more of a serious tone and move away from the nudity, rape stuff.

    • deathrider says:

      I was also wondering what is the storyline about? Is it about a heroine with special powers? A normal girl power chick?

  10. HeroineFall says:

    I have a script I wrote and originally sent to Rye some months ago, but it appears he is too busy. However, I think it would be right up your ally. Let me know if you would like to read it and perhaps a custom (or addition to your story) could be arrange. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on this one. 🙂

  11. Marc G says:

    Megan Guzman, if that’s you on the photo.. damn, you’re hot. 🙂

  12. whitman says:

    I am following you guys closely, can’t wait!

    Also: this is a vote for low blows! Love to see them used in the middle of a fight to turn the tide, as opposed to the big finisher.

  13. Gregory says:

    Looks amazing really looking forward to it, would love to see a side episode of nothing but choking and strangling peril between Female fighters