“The Long Interrogation of Ultragirl 2” from Cali Logan

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  1. Markus T. says:

    I will buy it if it features open leg shots with real spreading labia and real fingering (not simulated). Does anybody know if it does feature those shots? I ask, because it’s listed under “explicit”. Thank you.

    • johnyman says:

      Well, I also hope that Cali is moving her levels forward and featuring actual fingering or, at least, spread labia. Any clue?

  2. Wrecker says:

    I get not wanting to put all the action from a video in the preview, but it would be nice if they’d include just a little something to give an idea as to how an actress responds to peril. A lot of times if they’d shown some any type of reaction I personally would probably have bought the video instead of remaining on the fence about it until it fades from view. Not trying to call out this director exclusively, as there are quite a few who give excessively limited previews or none at all.

  3. Kaizar says:

    I wonder if Cali will ever get implants.

    • Bert says:

      Yes, why doesn’t this beautiful woman with spectacular breasts mutilate herself to satisfy your twisted desire for massive artificial knockers?

  4. Markus says:

    Hey there! Great, but… why is it posted under “explicit content”? What kind of “explicit” stuff does it features? Any fingering or open spread pussy shot, at least? Does anybody know?

  5. MAV says:

    There are few that can pull off an interrogation scene like Cali!


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