“The Parolee 4 – Director’s Cut” from TheRyeFilms

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  1. randy jackson says:

    Amazing tight chest both arms pinned bear hug more of these yes!

  2. morgonen says:

    Does she lift them off the ground or just choking them?

  3. JoeyJon says:

    Wow. I sue couldn’t kmake it all the way to the end!! That’s a good thing…

  4. Elevete says:

    The biggest error in this video: No debooting

  5. Valour says:

    McKenzie is beautiful… what’s her full name? Anyone knows?

    • Bert says:

      Perhaps you haven’t heard that various actresses have left the HIP genre after being creeped by fans who knew their real names. I think it’s safe to assume that if the actress doesn’t list her full name in the credits, she doesn’t want it known. Respecting that choice benefits all of us.

      • Imagineer says:

        Amen. Genre fans should recognize and respect a secret identity. 🙂

        And no, “but I want to search the web for her other works and buy them to support her” is not a valid excuse. If you can’t find them in the usual haunts using the same stage name, you might ask the community if they know of *related* work under the same stage name that you’ve missed, but that’s as far as anyone ought to go in a public forum.

      • -LuciaFilms- says:

        Well said Bert, and thank you! There is zero reason to know an actresses real name unless they want to share it. Even their booking agents use their stage names. I have personally known a few actresses that have bounced for that exact reason and it is always super unfortunate.

        • Ssslith says:

          TBH, they DID ask for “full” name, not “real” name, guys. Probably just so they could look for other works by her. One assumes any woman in the genre is likely using a stage name.

          Asking to know their full stage name (which may just be “Mckenzie”, like Coco) seems reasonable…

  6. mrxstacy says:

    so loving this film to the max! been watching in small doses . i really love this actress. so shapely. wanna bite that ass! the dialogue is so hot and i am glad everyone got some good lines. story was hot. i reallly appreciate the harassment dished out to her in the 1st half. would like to see more of that in future films. manhandling the heroine under the influence of dope and getting handsy. i preferred that half over the beatdown. also greatly appreciate the technical improvement on framerate. i like smooth well-lit video.

    • mrxstacy says:

      also her facial expressions and protestations were especially when penetrated were out of this world!

      • Sh-Mike says:

        Love to see the civilian heroine peril. This Alpha Girl outfit also fits perfectly. She really delivers a great Action.
        Where this actress had been???!!!

  7. Raymond says:

    love her id really love to see her fight Catwoman

  8. Imagineer says:

    The dialog and performances are SO much fun.

    But I can’t agree with others who say this looks great. The color’s out of whack and sickly.

    • Decendingskulls says:

      The greenish color cast reminds me of flourescent lighting. That could have been a creative decision. But the people on here talking about image quality are most likely reacting to framerate not color.

      • Imagineer says:

        It’s an odd choice — it shifts from green to blue (more/less cyan?) from shot to shot. And looking back over prior flicks, The Avenger leaned toward blue, though it seemed more consistent shot to shot (and to me blue is less distracting than green). Fractured Steel looks balanced. My guess is that keeping the brightly-colored spandex looking right and consistent can push everything else around, and the new studio and equipment hasn’t yet been dialed in. But I don’t know anything about color grading except that it’s hard, and TheRye and TBFE are usually great at it.

        I’m old enough to remember videotape smear, so to me high frame rate has some negative association, but I know kids today don’t have that baggage and can appreciate the smoothness. I still prefer the flickering-myth quality of 24p — and maybe I always will.

        And clearly if no one else even mentioned color balance it’s not much of an impediment to enjoying all the other good work in this flick. No one should be deterred from picking it up.

        I hope whoever commissioned this piece gives us another one with these two villains. And I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Mckenzie.

  9. dkm says:

    First time seeing this. She’s beautiful. I will buy this as soon as I can.

  10. digitalbleh says:

    Good film, as other people have noticed the quality does seem to be improved. The story of this one is quite good, if there was one change i would of done the unmasking a bit earlier. Still a enjoyable film.

  11. Lee Carl says:

    I was already excited for this one, as I am when any new actress hits the genre. Especially when they work with Rye. But wow, I really like this new girl! Her stills look great, but in motion, and with her attitude, I’m really digging her in this movie, and am REALLY hoping we see more of her.

  12. Shzam says:

    Wow this was actually great!

    First thing was the new camera (or whatever changed to improve the video quality). Immediately noticeable increase in clarity and frame rate. Some of the slo mo scenes (especially the first ones) look amazingly smooth and detailed with this and hope to see more in the future as you can actually see the jiggles during the groping. What was strange however was that this didnt seem to be used throughout and some later slo mo scenes seemed terrible in comparison.

    Next the Actress. Rye complimented her when he teased her a while back and i think shes great. As a heroine she has the confidence, body, face and line delivery to be really believable. She is able to seriously deliver lines, an actual goo actress with some range. And of course shes beautiful to boot.

    Finally the combat/sexual scenes. There is constant struggle (a plus for me), inner dialogue (another plus), and above average choreography (though not stand out). Sexual scenes where good with lots of great facial expressions and body shots. Only minus here was the lack of the prior super smooth slo mo so these scenes seemed almost jarringly bad (technically) in comparison which could have turned this into a 10/10 for me.

    Overall definitely a 9/10 no regrets purchase from me and hope to see this camera quality, kinks (struggle and cockiness of heroines) provided and actress again.

  13. Jeff says:

    I usually dont buy a film with male villains except maybe one or two in the past, as I enjoy F v F films a bit more but I am thinking about getting this one. I agree RYE work is always top notch, and I really love the new actress. She looks so beautiful in both her white blouse/black pants outfit and super outfit and looks like an interesting story. Thank you!

  14. Bojangles says:

    This is wrong Rye, people have been checking this site everyday in January waiting for Barehanded to come out. If something happened or you changed your mind about its release date, then it only would have taken a simple update in the comments section. Anyone who thinks that would have been too much to ask is undervaluing themselves as a customer & a consumer.

    • Sin City says:

      The only thing wrong is you using the thread for “The Parolee 4” to whine about Barehanded not being released when you wanted it to be. Barehanded will probably released when it’s ready. I guess it would’ve been better for Rye to have never posted anything about Barehanded to begin with… that way you wouldn’t even know it’s a project and you wouldn’t be able to complain about the release timing. That’s exactly why most releases these days aren’t advertised beforehand! As for providing an update in the comment section, yeah right… back when producers used to do that people would still post a bunch of angry rants about projected release dates.

      I purchased The Parolee 4 and it’s awesome. The actress as well as the villains did a great job.

    • Powergirlfanboy says:

      @ Bojangles
      How about instead of whining and biting the hand that feeds your pleasures, you show some gratitude and a little patience! God almighty!

      • don says:

        im seeing this phrase “biting the hand that feeds” way too much around here. you guys are talking like you freaking NEED this type of content, which is a serious red flag for psychopathic tendencies and more likely than not an indicator that you would act on these urges in the real life. go see a therapist

  15. decendingskulls says:

    I could tell from the jump that Mckenzie was going to be really fun to watch. Bought instantly and was not disappointed. Rye, you are the man. To whoever commissioned this, it has like everything I would want in a superheroine video, so thanks!

  16. mantower says:

    I came on to see if there were any reviews of this, it looks very promising but you’re never sure when it’s a new actress. Instead I find more complaining about a lack of a release of a different video. Come on guys, we’re in a small market with very few producers who actually do a real good job, rye being one of them. Yes there have been delays in some releases, but it’s not like the producers are doing it on purpose to piss us off. Maybe we should try and be a bit more supportive and enjoy the videos which are released, that are (at least from The) top quality across the board?

    • decendingskulls says:

      Hey mantower. I know, actually I was thinking the same thing. However I purchased and just watched the film myself. I’m a bit tired for an actual review, but… I thought it was excellent all around. All of the sudden Mckenzie is my favorite superheroine actor. I loved the smarmy girl next door thing she has going on, and the actors had interesting chemistry. Not sure how much of that was the writing and how much was the actors. Man, I know this doesn’t count for much in terms of a review, but I LOVE that costume so much. Anyway, subjectively, it had many things I want, so naturally I liked it.Also it’s extremely well produced as is the standard for Rye. In some ways I feel the standard is raised here. You can see how he improves on and adds to things. Aside from that, there is a slight bottle episode feel to this video, possibly because it all takes place on a single set. This is a common vibe with customs. No complaints from me; just an observation. But I’m not gonna lie, I bought it for Mckenzie and was not disappointed 🙂

  17. RenNstimpy says:

    Horray shyte is this shot on a newer camera?

    The shots look chrystal clear as hell

    New actresses, great excite! Lol

  18. mid2018 says:

    wow alpha girl is wearing tights again! what an instant turn-on!

    Is her chastity the source of her power in this one?

  19. Darkwrath016 says:

    See, this is how Rye gets himself into trouble sometimes.

    There’s promotional material that states Barehanded is coming out January 2019. That month comes and goes which to me no big deal. To others; major big deal but whatever. Producers have lives. They do other things for sure. Every one of us has missed countless deadlines. I argue for giving the guy a break.

    Now February is here and we have a film from Rye that is NOT Barehanded but something else. Which again, that’s fine. Producers can do as they please. But now I have egg on my face and I look like a complete idiot. So now I know better.

    Anyway, I might pick this up if only because the two male characters appear to be giving one helluva performance with their acting. I appreciate good acting when I see it. I’m talking about line delivery, body language, body action, the works. It is a wholesomely underrated aspect in the genre that goes a long way to selling the entire film.

    • Jimbob says:

      I wish Rye could tell us why Barehanded hasn’t released yet… It being delayed over and over tells me something is going ok behind the scenes

      On the other hand, this does look pretty good

    • sugarcoater says:

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think you look like an idiot for defending a producer. We can’t know what’s going on, what business decisions are being made, etc. (which is what you mentioned already).
      The producers bring to life our fantasies and we are eagerly awaiting more and it’s not always easy being patient. But suggesting fans be polite and patient is never an idiot thing to do. And when Rye has stopped responding to fans, what else can be suggested?

    • RenNStimpy says:

      That’s why producers dont post trailers for ‘upcoming’ films anymore because people can’t seem to just relax and wait for the movie. It’s only 1 bloody movie, it’ll be out when it’s out. No need for backhanded compliments like “I’m only buying this because” Haha

      • Sin City says:

        Exactly! We don’t get to see anymore posts for upcoming movies because so many people ruined it with their constant complaining. Now they complain about “Why isn’t the producer communicating with us?!? I swear there’s too many people here that take this stuff too seriously… they should just sit back and enjoy the films when they’re released.

        Worst part is the biggest complainers aren’t even the people that ordered the custom. Didn’t order the custom but have the nerve to complain about when a film is released and the film content. WTF?!

  20. randy jackson says:

    oh yes what a sexy tight chest to chest bear hug with both arms pinned more of these please


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