The Superhero Project Mid-Summer Sale

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The girl in white outfit is cute and has great legs!

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Frankly I’m astonished this outfit is still in business. The girls are lovely but these are the worst, most amateurish videos I’ve seen in at least 15 years. There’s free stuff available on Youtube that is orders of magnitude better that this dreck. The sound is always a mess, the dialog is terrible, the “action” is just awful, there are too many stupid gas masks and the like, covering up the only worthwhile aspect of these terrible videos. I wouldn’t waste my time watching these if they were free. Charging normal industry rates for them is unconscionable.

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Hello HM fans, I have worked with many websites my stories lines to bring them to videos and never I had any problems with them, here there are some website owners that know about me and they are happy to work with me same like me with them, they always did work my stories lines excellent, have good and lovelies actresses, good actors, great cameramen, etc. I also sponsorship them with clothes, costumes, accessories, and filming places. But I never gave a bad comment about any of them until now. I had ordered a custom video in April 2019 (Dragonfly… Read more »

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Hello Ava, did you forget me already…!