“Things Fall Apart” from Knights of Gotham

"Things Fall Apart" from Knights of GothamHere’s a new release from Knights of Gotham starring Evangeline von Winter and Diana Knight—Things Fall Apart. From the site description: “Another fine day in Gotham City and while most regular citizens are on their way to work Batgirl is on her way to meet WonderWoman…

(Continued) …in hopes of catching ‘The Mastermind’. When he gets the drop on both of them and binds them to a building about to explode we expect them to get out in plenty of time….but when the building starts to explode floor by floor and Batgirl has still not untied her ropes we are forced to wonder if the two will get out in time. Sparks fly, beams and dust fall, smoke starts to fill the room…Will they get out in time?”
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