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“Things Fall Apart” from Knights of Gotham

"Things Fall Apart" from Knights of GothamHere’s a new release from Knights of Gotham starring Evangeline von Winter and Diana Knight—Things Fall Apart. From the site description: “Another fine day in Gotham City and while most regular citizens are on their way to work Batgirl is on her way to meet WonderWoman…

(Continued) …in hopes of catching ‘The Mastermind’. When he gets the drop on both of them and binds them to a building about to explode we expect them to get out in plenty of time….but when the building starts to explode floor by floor and Batgirl has still not untied her ropes we are forced to wonder if the two will get out in time. Sparks fly, beams and dust fall, smoke starts to fill the room…Will they get out in time?”
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  1. Kiri Ryona says:

    I’m a big fan of the Wonder Woman peril genre, but what makes it or breaks it for me is how far of a deviation from the costume there is, and if there are changes are they ones I prefer.

    That being said, this one looks pretty close to the classic Wonder Woman costume going through the silver era, the best part being the large, full briefs and the costume appears to be rubberized or pleather or something similar.

  2. Bluebird says:

    Another great production with Diana, Eva. I still can’t wait to see the two of you as Catwoman and Batgirl, if that project is still undrway. Keep up the great work.

  3. Leviathan says:

    Hello this is Levi, Evangeline’s Husband.
    I want to take a tick to thank everyone for the great outpouring of support for this project. Currently its number 7 and rising and we couldn’t be happier.
    I also would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their outpouring of support and suggestions. Since I am the one who actually sits and does the fx I read your messages very carefully and will often times send replies asking for more information on topics. For the most part you guys have been great.
    We understand that there will always be people who don’t like our work or don’t like us as people and will nitpick but to all the people who actually took the time to message us with detailed messages about how we can make our work better I want to thank you all. This movie was shorter than usual but nonetheless you guys have helped take it to number 7 in the all-time numbers.
    We will take all your suggestions and apply them as well as we can and we want to thank you all again for taking the time to help us make a better product for you.

    As Evangeline said earlier. To those which did not like this project and found it lacking. I would greatly appreciate a message or email with further input. you can email me at: sleepybondage@gmail.com I would greatly appreciate your email. We would be happy to listen to your constructive criticisms as to what you feel we are lacking. If you feel we could have done better with the fx please advise us as to what we did wrong and how you feel we can change it to make it better. If you feel there were plotholes or if you would have done something different please contact me and let me know. Ultimately this isn’t an ego project for me. I am here to supply a product. If the product can be made better I am open to hearing what your thoughts are.

    A quick note addressing a slam someone made earlier in hopes of discrediting us. When you say we suck because our clips4sale stores never show up on top ranking…. We have our own merchant account. We have our own portal and we have our own servers. We use C4S as extra sales and extra exposure. the fact that we make a few sales there doesn’t mean that we aren’t meeting demand. Look at our internal shopping cart. This movie has reached number 7 in our all time sales.
    I understand that there will be those who wish us Ill and wish to slam us and discredit us but the truth is easily seen.

    That is all I have to say on the subject.
    Again thank you all for all the support.

  4. @dkm You are most welcome. I’m happy that you approve.
    Please feel free to email me at:
    Evw@evangelinevonwinter.com and keep me in the loop with your ideas and suggestions. As I have said multiple times these movies can only improve if feedback, ideas, suggestions, and constructive critisisms are made available. We would be very happy if you joined us in our small family and grew with us.

    Thank you again.


  5. dkm says:

    @Evangeline: THANK YOU for embracing the multiple ending idea that so many producers in the genre are now adopting. I know the heroine’s “dying” in the end isn’t for everybody, but I only have so much money and tend to only buy the films where that happens. So having both endings make that decision to purchase way easier for me and others.

  6. @Jake I’m sorry you don’t like the work. We did try our best and I will be the first to say we Are not the best. I will say that there are those far better with more experience and all of them too had their start points. I will also be the first to say we have a long way to go and are trying and learning daily.

    It is your right to buy or not buy as you see fit.
    We hope to one day be worthy of your support.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment even if it was not in support of the attempt.

    @Dkm The story is left open as we will be filming a continuation of the movie in which they manage to escape only to be recaptured and put in peril again. For that version we are planning 2 endings one with demise and one with escape
    Thank you for your kind comment. Diana is indeed one of the greats and we are very blessed to have her work with us. We know we are not worthy of her talents but she gives us something to strive for.

    For everyone else who has purchased this so far We want to thank you for your continued support and your kind words. To those who took the time to message us with ideas on how to improve future movies…. Well you’re the ones who make these movies worthwhile. Thank you for taking the time to help us make our movies improve.

    Thank you all
    Evangeline von Winter

  7. Aldous says:

    I’m a fan of this studio – Diane is my favourite Wonder Woman (especially when she keeps her boots on, but that’s just me!) and I’ll be grabbing this soon as I can.

  8. dkm says:

    Do they escape? I’d love to buy the version where they don’t.

    PS: Diana as Wonder Woman is amazing. More with her in peril please!

  9. LOL.
    @sugarcoater You cant please everyone all the time and for people who don’t like me Anyone posting a positive comment might be seen as fake, but I cant help that.
    (insert smiley face emoticon here to show I am being playful)

    As for the clip. Yes its 12 minutes long and consist of:
    Introduction / setup.
    2 chloroform scenes.
    Peril Setup
    Another 2 chloroform scenes
    A debooting of both heros
    A pan of both heros.
    The building begins to explode
    Batgirl wakes and struggles to escape
    Wonderwoman wakes up and helps
    They both escape the bondage as the building starts to fall down around them.

    I sometimes like to make smaller clips instead of 25-35 minutes movies. This was just one of those that is meant to give a small taste.

    @Derek I don’t know exactly which villain you speak of. I could and probably will go back to research it if only to see a picture of who you are referring to. Should be an interesting day for research today. The zipper was put there for 2 reasons.

    1) A girl has to get molested on camera somehow. Many of you guys don’t like to see the costume come off so when there is a sexual assault/humiliation scene this is the best way to achieve it and keep the “costume on” folks happy

    2) It takes me 45 minutes to get into that and 5 minutes to get out. Once its off It is almost impossible (not to mention gross) to get back on. The zipper is there so I can pee during long shoot days and convention visits.

    Thank you for taking the time to write and comment everyone. I Appreciate it

  10. Derek says:

    Great looking, or should that be terrifying looking villain? Reminds me of the silent movies. Remember Chaplin’s early movies, the villain in them looked like this character. Sadly I cannot remember the original actor’s name…
    I love the Batgirl and Wonder Woman costumes as well, particularly BG’s easy access zip. Does that girl want to be raped, or what? Fit a padlock girl!

  11. sugarcoater says:

    LOL, seems like the previous post was written by someone working for that website.

    Seems like a nice change of pace, though at the same time the video seems to be just one scene: two superheroine struggling to get loose on a bed while some special effects are used. The two costumes seem to be high quality, especially the Wonder Woman one. A collection of stills to show the full extent of the video would be nice; with only this trailer by which to judge the video it’s not yet a buy for me.

  12. Anthony Mark says:

    I love the work of Evangeline von Winter!
    She has a timeless beauty! Plus she works so hard and invests so much of her passion into these movies! She always gives the audience a wide range of satisfying super sexy content!
    I love the way the films are edited! They have wonderful scripts.
    The costumes are authentic and spot on!
    Even down to the smallest detail, Eve always uses new large white hankerchiefs for all the chloloform scenes too!
    I highly recommend her work!