“Tomb Hunter Defeated” from Heroine Movies

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  1. Alexis says:

    The chloro scenes are so-far the best, I love the groaning sound before total unconscious. However, the beat-to-KO scenes are quite stiff. Maybe the faint part after punches takes too long, making the performance too stiff, I guess? Anyway, the video is great and I love it.

  2. Bimmer says:

    Wonderful movie! Gorgeous actress!

  3. Alexis says:

    Only 28 minutes? Seems much shorter than previous ones. Looking forward to reviews of this one.

  4. Abbstar says:

    Any slow motion action scenes here?? Especially punches to belly! Also, close shots? Good add on scenes of heroine vomiting after a gut punch though! First time I’ve seen that, other than Zen/Giga films of course!

  5. ThatGuy says:

    How long is the whipping scene?

  6. Django says:

    Anything with a whipping scene, gets at least a look from me. As a fan of HM’s whipping scenes, it’s good to see one included after such a long running absence of them.

  7. Joey says:

    Not a fan of whipping here, but im hoping to see more of Alexis in 2 vs 1 destruction just like the last one (more ragdolling) and also Alexis in WW costumer will be amazing!

  8. Gary says:

    Alexis looks super hot. Thanks for the bound whipping scene.

    Regarding whipping scenes, if there’s an encore, definitely would be awesome if she was in the classic L C Wonder Woman costume as it transpired, with a bit of electro torment and corporal punishment with a cane or slender rod intermixed in the proceedings.

    I know you don’t do blatant sex peril, but insinuated is hot too. Something such as the following, with Alexis as classic WW, would be extremely arousing.

    Wearing a medical type clear oxygen mask, Alexis gently writhes and murmurously moans as she lays splayed atop a table, adrift in her actions, as she’s kept semi-conscious with a bodacious blend of sleeping and aphrodisiac gas.

    She attempts to rise as she’s approached but the weight of her own body keeps her horizontal. Her condition, a certainty to coalesce, eventually brings a smile, and words from her onlooker. “You don’t get to go anywhere.”

    Greedily he slowly strips her as she ineffectively attempts to halt him. Each touch elicits euphoric moans as they rouse the internal pleasure seething within her. Wantonly, he melds the removal of each item of clothing with caresses. Her face, hair, stomach, legs and feet.

    Helpless, now in just her bra and panties he binds her to the table. Invitingly widely spread she’s tethered, and subsequently touched as he looms above her. Upon salaciously skimming the surface of all that is her, he lasciviously slides his finger across the top of her panties, while whispering. “Sweetness, my cohorts will be here soon, choo-choo……..”

  9. GRE says:

    And I wish this character (AND actress) gets herself into some strangulation peril, the only thing missing

  10. Dam60 says:

    I like the actress but it’s a shame that is always MF actions. It would be nice to see Lara Croft dominated by a villainess sometimes…

    • Jacques says:

      Totally agree. The Lara Croft concept is awesome. A female villainess should be stunning and appropriately dressed, perhaps faux leather leggings and a black top. No heels.

    • kevin says:

      I’ll also agree, with a villainess and some sleepy kissing/light groping this film would be so much hotter!!! In my opinion, anyways 🙂

  11. Mr.Bleh says:

    Rin-X, lookin’ good as usual…AND, she got to say the immortal line from Raiders! (that must’ve been a treat!), however, I’m not a fan of the whip, so I’ll probably bow out from purchasing this one. Looks like an otherwise fab-O production from Heroine Movies. Congrats guys.