“Tough Justice 4” from Next Global Crisis

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Mr.Bleh avatar
22 days ago

Everytime one of her videos comes out, The Mary Tyler Moore theme song runs through my head ( 😉 )
Don’t mean to skew the thread, but I’m really just wanting to ask about the possibility of another Sonica video sometime soon?
Does NGC have anything booked with her for the near future?

Zero avatar
24 days ago

Darkwrath’s excellent review below pretty much sums up this release. I’d just add that the ending where Erica wins is also absolutely blazing. She finishes her opponent brutally. And the justice she dispenses is either right-on, harsh, or chilling depending on your point of view.
Kudos also to the actor playing Shiva Derecha, the villain attempting to turn the tables on the justice system with Charles Manson style aplomb. Quality.

Darkwrath016 avatar
24 days ago

Nice appearance the Deceptress has given here. Good fight scenes. Good reactions. Many wonderful moments of classic peril that are capped off by numerous knockouts marks this a good entry in this week’s NGC video.   This video is a Villain’s Network episode and even though it centers around VTV industries, this is more in the ilk of Wheel of Enemies than the previous VTV a couple weeks back. More serious and less comical with a battle for supremacy actually transpiring in this one. And what a fight it was. It’s a fight where the Deceptress is laid low over… Read more »

Elevete avatar
24 days ago

Best outfits, best pantyhoses, best boots, best models and acting, best camera movement and style, the best studio. The only thing I would ask for is that sometime a boot be taken away and the heroine tries to fight without it, and gets it back later.

Zero avatar
25 days ago

NGC are so good at this and their fight chorography is à la Jackie Chan! I do prefer it when the heroine wins convincingly, but I have a hunch, as Gary Lineker might say, that this won’t happen in this particular match, even though, judging by how fit she looks in the preview, she has to be firm favourite on paper. Prove me wrong Erica!

Sugarcoater avatar
25 days ago

That smile of hers is so beautiful. What an amazingly gorgeous woman

25 days ago
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TimCaine avatar
26 days ago

Well, it’s Erica Lynn so I’m going to buy it. I hope its really REALLY REEEAAAALLLY one-sided. and … er … um … not one sided to Erica’s favor.