“Tough Justice II” from Next Global Crisis

Ahh the egos of superheroines… Always letting it get in the way of their real jobs. Our sister channel ‘The Heroine Network’ (a subsidiary of VTV Enterprises) has enticed the mighty Spectrum and Infinity Girl to take over hosting duty for their series ‘Tough Justice’. These super babes get to host the show and take down an already imprisoned villain, what could go wrong?

Well, if said villain is given a mind control gadget by the producers to make these weak minded female fools fight each other, then it’s not so straightforward. And if said villain has a power to absorb the energy of the heroines, exhausting them and making them ripe for his evil designs, then things could get even worse.

Spectrum and Infinity Girl are going to find out that justice really is tough, particularly if you think that you are the one’s to dish it out. These lovely heroines are going to be embarrassed and put on display for all of our viewers to delight in, we at VTV hope you enjoy this one…


Member Gift – Miracle Maiden

To go with this ‘Tough Justice II’ release we’ve included over 2 and a half minutes of out-takes from Miracle Maiden v Amazon Smasher from 2016. There’s transformations, KO’s collapses and bearhugs in this one that you’ve never seen before. The gift lasts for 48 hours after the members email has been sent out.

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31 Responses

  1. yop says:

    @NGC Have you ever thought about having a discount deal for the comics you have? I mean, I’d kind of want to see them, but they’re like $6 each which is just too much imo. Like 5-10 bucks for all 5 or something? Just an idea

  2. Beast says:

    I am in love with infinity girl. Nice video!, it seems that everyone have a blast doing it! I would love to see a full and long infinity girl episode only someday

  3. Max says:

    Ok this will sound like mean or something but here’s my thought. I’m saying this as some long time fan of NGC. So if did came as mean then I’m sorry but I need to get it out of my system.

    Despite the actress playing Spectrum is very beautiful and eye catching, why do I have this feeling that she can’t act like she can beating someone or receive a beating? Now I’m not talking about this video because I never bought it, but from everything she’s been, if you compared her to previous actresses, she is not that impressive acting wise (the fighting side in particular). So when next time a video featuring her pops up in my email, I end up asking “why should I spend some money on her video”? It’s like NGC just uploads videos with no regards to intense fighting scenes like before and just upload anything relying on audiences just buying stuff because they can’t not too. Please tell me that it is not the case.

    I can totally understand this video, “Tough Justice II” comedic playful tone, and she can goof out or not be so serious in action scenes according to what I’ve read in the comments below. But due to her acting in previous video not being too serious itself, makes “Tough Justice II” all the same tone. And therefore not worth it.

    If any of you enjoyed this video then good for you, but for me it’s kind of hard to want to purchase it.

    Good luck with everything else NGC.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      I actually think this is a fair comment Max. As a person for whom Spectrum is their favorite actress of all time by a WIDE margin, I get where you’re coming from with your criticism. When it comes to her attacking, there are times when I do find her attacks lacking a bit. It doesn’t happen a lot but it creeps up every now and then. An example would be that some of her punches look like a weird cross between a hook punch, an elbow and a slap. When you compare her to some of the better fighters such as Starshot, Comet Girl, Deja and even Candy Race (maybe Hotshot?) she does fall short sometimes. In her defense though, moving about in 6 inch platform shoes would be a challenge for anyone and all the more reason for her footwear to be adjusted to something more reasonable and maneuverable.

      Now about selling peril. Again I understand your criticism. As Dr Mabuse stated below, some of her reactions tend to be over the top at times and I agree with that statement. The hair pulling moment and the bearhug come to mind specifically in this video and her championship match with Erica had a couple of those as well. And as a ‘seller of peril’ I would honestly place her 5th or 6th on the list of NGC heroines I like watching specifically for selling of peril. I will state this though. If I had to guess, I would say this is probably her 2nd or 3rd actual shoot with NGC even though we’ve seen her in like 8 videos already. I’m basing this on the fact that we haven’t seen Infinity Girl in forever. Infinity Girl stared in the first Villain’s Network, released way back in June of 2017 which featured the same villain by the way. And this video and the previous Villain’s Network all occur on the same set so I’d wager both were shot sometime early 2017. The point is no one’s going to get this stuff right on the first or second try (unless you’re Virtue, Lady Victory and maybe Deja to which you homered on your first at bat).

      That said, I thought she was great in her Spectrum v Cyborg video and I don’t say that because that just happened to be a custom of mine. I thought the reaction to the backbreaker she suffered in her lose ending was the best reaction ever making that one of the best backbreakers ever. I thought the hair pulling scene after she transformed into her green power was the best ever too and I thought everything bracketing those two moments were really good. The only thing I found questionable was when she was choked by her own cape but to be fair to her, there’s only one maybe two other actresses in my mind that sells choking good.

      Another thing: People just have different taste really. I’m not telling you you’re wrong by any means in your criticism. You don’t like Spectrum? That’s fine. Dissenting opinions are good honestly and help prevent group think. The beauty about NGC is the share amount of talent they have on their roster so I’m sure there’s a couple other heroines that you’ve enjoyed watching. As for myself, the Spectrum actress is my favorite not because of her ‘selling’ ability or her ability to make fights look realistic, which I think she puts up more than a good grade on either metric anyway. She’s my favorite because she’s an amazing actress who can convey an amazing range of emotions. She brings to life the character Spectrum in such a remarkable and distinct and powerful way that no other actress in my mind has done for their characters with the only possible exception being Lady Victory. Yeah I know that sounds cheesy, particularly in this genre but I appreciate good acting when I see. It helps me get behind the heroine and the action and she’s a great actress in that regard. She makes me route for Spectrum.

      • Dr Mabuse says:

        Spectrum isn’t my favorite, but I’m definitely a fan. That said, I don’t really “disagree” with anything Max says about her, exactly. She’s not the most realistic combatant and definitely not (IMO) the best actress when it comes to taking punishment. I do think she’s a good actress though, in the sense that Darkwrath016 describes, which is that I “get” who Spectrum is from her. As with my other favorites in NGC, the actress helps the heroine be a “character” as well as a fighter or a girl in peril. I’m a fan of Spectrum because I really feel like she has a personality that comes through in how she is performed. That, and because she’s super hot.

        But seriously, tastes differ, and people will have different favorites depending on what aspects of a heroine’s performance one values most. If my favorite aspect of superheroine videos was seeing expert combat moves, I probably wouldn’t think much of Spectrum. Anyway, I hope no one would downvote a comment just because it expresses an opinion you don’t agree with.

  4. Dr Mabuse says:

    As I expected there’s a lot to love in this video. First, a given–Infinity Girl and Spectrum are undeniably beautiful. Not only are they fetching, but they’re both very good actresses, and play well off one another. Putting these two together is a can’t-miss strategy. Second, they’re a lot of fun! For a portion of the running time, they are either playing hostess to the camera or having a good time beating up a bad guy together. I like a little girl power now and then, and it’s particularly enjoyable when the girls seem like they’re enjoying it. Their glee is infectious. I would’ve liked to see a win ending for them as well, but que sera. Third, the lighthearted tone is welcome.

    I particularly liked a humorous moment when the heroines take an opportunity (mid-fight!) to primp and stretch while the cameras are (allegedly) off. It reminded me of the self-mocking tone of (season 1) “She Spies”, a classic of heroine peril TV.

    The peril: As the previews show, the initial perilous situation pits the heroines against one another. Specifically, Spectrum is “turned” and set loose on IG. It’s the right choice, as Spectrum does a great “mean girl” act, and she seems just as devoted to IG’s destruction as she is to crushing her villainous opponents. There’s a priceless instant when she has IG in a bearhug and turns to give Maelstrom (her new accomplice) a wicked smirk of satisfaction.

    The peril 2: After Spectrum regains her wits and the girls get a chance to rough up the bad guy, they are progressively enfeebled by Maelstrom’s ability to drain their energy, allowing him to beat them into submission. I enjoyed this a lot, mostly because the heroines do an excellent job of acting out their growing fatigue, so while they are losing the fight (Spectrum’s acting while receiving punishment is a little over the top, as usual, but it works!) they’re also visibly getting weaker. It’s like two defeats in one.

    I’ll highlight another moment that I loved, although it was a subtle one. Maelstrom has knocked down an exhausted Infinity Girl, she’s sitting with both arms behind her, propping herself up, one leg extended before her, the other (closer to the camera, which is at floor-level) bent with knee up, Maelstrom standing over her. To me, this recalled countless “damsel in distress” pictures from decades past with the villain/monster advancing on the defenseless maiden. I couldn’t help wishing she had retreated a bit more before he seized her, just to prolong the moment. Nevertheless, this is an example of how a seemingly insignificant directorial decision can produce a shot or movement that delivers on a core appeal of this genre.

    As the video neared its end, I hoped we might see a conclusion with our heroines tied up, perhaps back-to-back (as has happened a few times before in NGC videos) or separately. NGC doesn’t do a lot of bondage, if you want to call loosely restraining struggling heroines with ropes or chains “bondage”, but I’d love to see more of it. What has Snare been up to recently…?

    Another very enjoyable video.

    • Ceej says:

      @Dr Mbuse, I agree with everything you have here (especially the Snare part!). This might have been the funnest/funniest video I’ve ever seen on this site. While several NGC videos have a funny moment or two (with the humor running the spectrum of light and dark) this was just a blast to watch from start to finish!

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Also agreeing with just about everything you said here Dr Mabuse

      Pro tip: Give some warning when you’re about to describe bondage like you just did. When I read that and I pictured Spectrum and Infinity Girl in chains, much like what Virtue and co suffered in the episode ‘The Rescue”, shivers pulsed through me.

      • Dr Mabuse says:

        Yes, that ending from “The Rescue” is what I had in mind. That, plus the “Labyrinth” ending with Wonderstrike and Red Glory, or the ending of “The Code 2” with Shadowstar and Dynamite Doll. Those two are among my favorite moments in the entire NGC catalog.

        The way I re-imagine it (you might want to get a jacket, Darkwrath016), IG and Spectrum are knocked out, then awaken to find they’re bound back to back. Spectrum struggles furiously, vowing revenge for this humiliation, while Infinity Girl trembles at the thought of what all her fans will think of her now. Maelstrom prepares a cloth for each with the amnesia-inducing agent Malicia Divine used on Virtue and Starshot (another favorite ending of mine) and promises the two heroines that they’ll get a chance at a repeat performance. HAHAHAHAHA!

        Or something like that.

        • Dr Mabuse says:

          While I’m recounting my favorite NGC bondage moments, I’ll mention another featuring the immortal Shadowstar. She’s facing The Sleeper (what’s he up to?) and succumbs to his soporific gas. While she’s still groggy, he binds her ankles and wrists (behind her) and takes a video of her pleading for rescue once she recovers, which the Sleeper plans to use to lure her sisters into his trap. Shadowstar is soooooo good as the distressed damsel subdued by the dangerous villain. Turns out, she was buying time to free herself from his lousy tie-up job, after which she starts kicking his ass. What an awesome scene.

        • Darkwrath016 says:

          Ahh yes. The Labyrinth ending was a good one as well. That chloroform scene with Wonderstrike was the best ever too.

  5. Darkwrath016 says:

    This release is final proof that when it comes to Spectrum I cannot maintain any semblance of objectivity at all. In my opinion she is just the most fabulous heroine and actress ever to grace the screens. She is too lovely a woman. Too beautiful. Too charming when she wants to be and too magnificent of an actress. Okay so maybe this wasn’t her ‘best’ run at selling peril (at least in comparison I think to her cyborg video) but who cares! She’s awesome. She’s a great actress who delivers her lines well and acts great. All right alright enough about Spectrum. What about the film? Well I liked it. It’s both goofy (in a good way) and has enough peril in it to satisfy people out there, especially for you Infinity Girl fans out there as she suffered a beat down in the beginning. The girls suffer quite a few moves as well, particularly in the final 3 or so minutes where ankles are wrenched, bear hugs applied, hair pulled, heads slammed and heroines defeated. And, we are graced with two knock out poses. The first one is with the heroines lying on the shoulders of the villain after being defeated which was awesome. The second one occurring directly after the first where the villain tosses the defeated girls onto the floor, Spectrum lying slightly on her side, slightly on her stomach. Infinity Girl laid out flat on her back.

    The real appeal of this though was the change of pace. Not everything needs to be super impactful, fight heavy and devastating to our heroines. Not everything needs to be dark and full of peril. And while I was hoping for more girl power given the current string of defeats my favorite heroines have suffered just this year alone, and while I was hoping the heroines would win in end, I was still quite pleased with this episode.
    But that could just be because I saw Spectrum again.
    But still a good release in my book.
    But still Spectrum.

  6. Mid2018 says:

    omg these pantyhosed legs are soooooo beautiful

  7. Pigma1 says:

    Refreshing to see something new. Hope video comes out just as playful. Love the goofy cheesy intro I find it very sexy. genre could use a little more of a light hearted feel. Not every movie needs to be overly serious not that’s there is anything wrong with that. But it fun to see the old campy superheroine combat from time to time. Instant buy for me!

  8. Dr G says:

    Tough Justice II + Miracle Maiden gift video ?!?

    More !!! More !!!

  9. Yop says:

    Sweet god almighty

  10. Dr Mabuse says:

    So, my challenge, from now until this is released, is to contain my expectations about how across-the-board awesome this is going to be.

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      I’m curious… the first “Tough Justice” episode had two versions, Erica’s account in which she kicks Crank’s ass, and a longer version, that included the segments when Erica was in the thrall of his mysterious power. Will this one be similar?

      • Next Global Crisis says:

        Nah this is a bit different. It’s the same general idea with the villain already incarcerated. If he defeats the heroines his sentence gets halved. If they win they decide what happens to him.

        • Dr Mabuse says:

          Cool, thanks for the reply. I suspect C13 is right below, that this video might have perfected the TJ concept.

          As an aside, the member’s gift this week looks like a must-have! That video was my favorite of the Action Cosplay series.

          • C13 says:

            I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m biased because I’m really excited for what appears to be a mind controlled Spectrum. 😉

            But nonetheless, I think this style of video captures NGC’s point of difference. It’s creative and fun filmmaking that isn’t designed to pander to any particular audience. Very excited to watch this on Friday!

          • Dr Mabuse says:

            I didn’t mean to suggest that a particular NGC video should serve as a “template” that future videos should merely copy. I’d never expect them to do something like that, anyway. But yes, having a gorgeous duo like Spectrum and Infinity Girl (and mind control!) elevates any game.

            There are a lot of things to love about this, going by the previews. It looks like we’ll get to see two heroines facing peril, but also having fun and playing around, something we don’t see much in this genre. One of my favorite things about Andrew and company is that their videos hit so many different moods–light and amusing, bold and action-packed, dark and disturbing, tense and creepy, etc. If they were the same thing over and over, I’d get bored and stop buying.

  11. C13 says:

    Sweet Jesus, there are so many great things about this. The first Tough Justice was so much fun and it looks like NGC may have perfected the concept on this one.

  12. Thevoice says:

    Love the cheesy intro. Would of been awesome if the villain was in the starring cast too, maybe doing a goofy smile while knocking their heads or something followed by waving xD

    Looks like it’ll be a fun watch

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