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“Training Room 10” from Next Global Crisis

"Training Room 10" from Next Global CrisisEpisode 10 from Next Global Crisis features three separate matches, each involving the returning character Miss Freedom facing off against one of three opponents.  The first is a fairly weak henchman character, the second is the returning villain Sebastian Luner, and the third is a new female heroine, “Blitz,” whom I expect to be quite popular with NGC fans.

"Training Room 10" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 10" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 10" from Next Global CrisisMiss Freedom makes her appearance, and I can’t help but remember that a while back, her debut in an early NGC episode created quite a bit of controversy.  I thought that while her original costume may have been a bit ill-fitting, the actress herself made for a fun character, and I think she did a good job in a role.  She seems to have won most fans over since then, and I like her spunky attitude in this video.  In the first match, she faces off against a chain-wielding, faceless thug.  He doesn’t do very well against her superior powers.

"Training Room 10" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 10" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 10" from Next Global Crisis

The second opponent is the evil Sebastian Luner, described by the NGC robotic training voice as the “resident villain.”  Luner looks slightly less deranged this time around for some reason (maybe it’s just my imagination, or maybe I’ve become accustomed to the guy’s face).  He may as well be a faceless thug because he essentially poses no threat whatsoever to Miss Freedom and takes a real beating.

"Training Room 10" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 10" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 10" from Next Global Crisis

Finally, a new character is introduces: Blitz, an attractive young girl who wears a form fitting red body suit (never a bad idea) and tells Miss Freedom how much she admires her before the fight begins.  This is essentially the climax of the video, so I don’t want to give away anything that happens from this point on, but I enjoyed the appearance of Blitz and hope to see more of her in future videos.

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  1. Well I am pleased that people enjoyed the appearance of ‘Blitz’. She is a very capable actress and we hope to use her more.

    The villains have some wins coming up don’t worry about that. It’s nice not to know though I think. Regarding bruises and blood, well I’m not against these things generally, we just didn’t really think to do it, particularly the blood part because of the potential mess it makes, the time it takes, and that there are as many people who don’t like it but hey we will do it again I’m sure, and I will definitely consider chucking in some more bruises next time. Thank you for your support.

  2. Jobber Lover says:

    4 words for you:

    Angel is so far in a way my favorite I can’t wait to see her in just about anything.
    I’m still not a big Ms Freedom fan. But I’m not as sour on her as I once was.

    Blitz is great. I’d love to see Blitz beat Angel to a bloody pulp. Which reminds me, why no blood? In episode 2 Angel gets bruised a few times. I thought that was great. Why not more of that? And some blood, these people are getting hit by haymakers from people with super strength and nobody ever bleeds?

    I will say this. I do love your stuff and I believe I’ve purchased everything you’ve put out.

  3. SpandexFiend says:

    I’ve liked the two Angel Training Room videos I’ve bought, but I think a few more low blows and (read any at all) plus maybe a little more peril/traps/tied up stuff for the heroines could be good for it as well. Angel is certainly my favorite, but then I’m biased towards spandex…and silver…so yeah. Anyway keep up the good work!

  4. AI says:

    @Next Global Crisis
    Just purchased this episode. It was okay, but my main reason for purchasing the episode was Blitz and she did not disappoint. Extremely attractive model, good acting and great outfit! Plus her powers have great potential for a future full episode (which she deserves ASAP!).


  5. TM says:

    Loved it! I want more Miss Freedom!

    My only complaint would be that the climactic battle that the episode builds up to is only a minute long. That is a bit on the short side..

  6. Well I wouldn’t want to give away the ending. If you like heroines losing badly then there are other videos in the set that you will enjoy and others coming up.

    I understand about wanting the videos to be as long and action-packed as possible. It is what we try and do all the time. Often you will look at the script and imagine it will be very long but when we get to film it the actors have got such a good handle on the moves that they can get through them quicker than we imagined. We try to keep the price down if it is one of the shorter ones. My advice is to try and get the discount link which lasts for 24 hours. A good way to ensure that you are on this list is to subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/NextGlobalCrisiscom

    That will show the link 24 hours before general release.

  7. rangerian says:

    More story? What about more action?

    People standing around flapping their gums is dead time.

  8. Newman says:

    Would also like to see longer videos and the heroines losing more. Is miss freedom defeated in this video?

  9. Captainbob says:

    Some people like more story, but I would like to see even more fighting jammed into these training room videos. Less talking, more awesome back and forth action. Overall I like the training vids a lot though too.

  10. Kouga says:

    I think the training vids are great! only problem is with some of the actresses, mainly im not a fan of bluebird or miss freedom, everyone else has been fine

  11. Thank you, I promise more story, we are very story driven and I am delighted that people are paying attention to it.

  12. P says:

    Also want to say that your stuff is super high-quality, fantastic writing, actors, fight choreography. Sure, would love to see more story, but a bunch of these TR’s have been really great too. Keep up the excellent work!

  13. C says:

    Hey NGC 🙂

    Good stuff — keep it up! I think the negative feedback is more from the desire by fans to see the story move forward in a more meaningful way; the bar has been set high, so don’t get discouraged. Don’t forget that we’re impatient out here on the interwebs, so gauge our complaints against that.

    More Miss Freedom! She’s my favorite — it sounded like the next 2 episodes are going to really make a mess of the currently established story (at one point, I think you solicited comments with “who do you want to see survive?”), so please keep her around if possible and give her more to do. Just please have the villains capable of putting up a fight 😉

    Thanks again for the great stuff.

  14. These are kind words, thank you. I want you all to know that I value feedback of any kind. I am in no way resting on my laurels with any of this stuff. When we started the Training Room in September it was so we could make something interesting affordably that people would enjoy and that we could release frequently. Episodes take a lot of planning and it just isn’t realistic for us to do 15 of those a year without the writing and the content badly suffering.

    I understand that it is more interesting to vary locations, chuck in a bit more genuine peril and jeopardy, enhance the costumes a bit more. Trust me when I say all that information has registered with me. We have two more Episodes left in this season, which I am confident you will enjoy. The gap between 7 and 8 will be much smaller than the gap between 6 and 7. Interspersed between those releases will be more Training Room films and another comic. Do not fear that we will just release these indefinitely, they are part of the season one story, not the season two story. We have shot 4 more and will probably shoot another 2-4, making a total of 16-18. Please do not think that we are just going to release films from the same room for the next 5 years, that wouldn’t be interesting. Unfortunately we started this venture with absolutely no money and in my case no experience a little over 18 months ago and it has taken time to get here. I know that we’ve got Training Rooms coming up that will interest people. Thanks for the nice comments, I/we are listening and easy to get in contact with I hope.

  15. Bert says:

    I’m a bit puzzled by the less than enthusiastic reviews of this release. I thought it was really good. One of the appealing things about NGC is the consistency of their “world”. Real effort goes into the writing to keep the various characters consistent. In this outing the Luner character, normally very menacing, is more restrained. It’s pretty clear that he is intimidated by Miss Freedom, who is the most powerful of NGC’s heroines. I also like how arrogant Miss Freedom is. As the powerhouse of the group she shows a lot of attitude, which makes seeing her struggle all the better. Finally, I enjoyed seeing her challenged by an opponent without being weakened. She was at her best and still took a beating.

    Considering how long it takes to put together their main releases, and the relatively low cost of the training episodes, I’m pretty happy with them even if the scenarios are a bit repetitive. I’m still waiting for a multiple opponent fight though. I’d love to see Miss Freedom take on two second generation combat drones. Let her show her usual superiority at first, but start to be worn down by the drones as they keep getting back up. As she tires, their attacks start to have more effect, until she can’t hold them off and they really lay into her.

  16. Scwank says:

    I bought this one because I love the Miss Freedom character and costume, and really enjoyed it. The fight sequences and production values are far away the best in the genre. I too am looking forward to the return of the regular episodes (hopefully with some story), but if I had to choose between no release and a training room video with Miss Freedom, I’d take the latter in a heartbeat.

  17. Thank you for your feedback. I will now address these issues. Firstly about it getting stale. I understand that jeopardy is important and when we switch to a new series of videos in the summer that will play a much larger part. I do think that performing these scenes in the same room is giving people the impression that they are all the same. That isn’t true, if they were all done in different rooms I bet the stale argument would shrink. There is not much truly original content out there and a fight is a fight. Our videos have tried to make as many different scenarios as we can, something you will definitely see from the next release.

    Regarding moving on the story, well actually several of these scenes are very relevant to what happens in the main story. We have not abandoned the main story, it’s the key to what we are doing. We haven’t been able to shoot episodes in the winter for a variety of reasons but there is one soon for the story lovers and we are approaching the end of the first season at which point Training Room fights will also end and be replaced by something else I hope you will like and you won’t find stale.

    I have to point out that these are extra videos, if we didn’t do them then we would only be releasing 4 or 5 episodes a year, so really the choice has to be for the next few months at least more Training Room videos or nothing, no new content save for an episode every three months.

    I’m really sorry if it is sending people to sleep and it is pretty de-motivating to send out a film and get minimal positive feedback, I guess we were spoiled with that in the early releases, but when this new stuff is waaay better and gets complaints it certainly makes me feel bad. I’m sorry things are moving too slowly for every video to be in a different place and exciting but they will be one day, we just have to get up to speed. Meanwhile I accept that shooting so much in the same place has made it appear stale but I am extremely proud of this video because I know how hard people worked on it. The production values that are now a given with our stuff are a result of hard work at the shoot and in post production and we never wish for those to slip.

  18. Jose says:

    OK! I apologize if this sounds like a rant but since I see the NGC Team is interacting with the fans, I feel I have post my thoughts on the current state of affairs.

    First off, I want to start by saying that I love LOVE the production values that your videos offer. It’s one of the elements that keep me coming back to your site and keep up with it. It definitely has my attention and I buy every now and again. I love everything about it : the camera work, fight choregraphy, acting, sexy English accents, sound effects, and editing.

    The only thing that dissappoints me greatly is the lack of sex appeal within the peril. I know you guys are held back when stepping near that line, but as I have stated before “The brain is the body’s most errogenous zone.” If you guys just subtly imply sexual peril it would do wonders for my imagination.

    i know you have explained all this to me but I would still like to see more revealing costumes and just more sexiness. Give me bare legged beauties! Give me high cut bottoms! Give me accidental upskirt shots if a heroine is wearing a skirt! Be more flirtatious with the camera.

    I apologize again if I am not clear or just sound like rant but hopefully somebody can elaborate on what I am trying to get at.

  19. rangerian says:

    I expressed similar sentiments on the previous training room ep. Cant recall which one, they all blend into my memory as one.

    @Next Global Crisis
    Sorry I have not gotten back to you earlier with regards to what I would like to see in future productions. I would love to see the girls ripping into each other. This is somewhat sanitised fighting atm. Get down and dirty, low blows, breast grabs etc.
    Sure, sure we can buy this from a dozen other producers…and we do 🙂

    You produce great material. Going that extra mile would probably increase your sales revenues five fold.

  20. Jose says:

    Any upskirt shots?

  21. Jerkstore says:

    I agree with you for the most part nightman. I think stale may be a little harsh but I understand what you mean. I bought this video because I really do like the Miss Freedom character and it was as well produced as all the material they release. I had purchased every other product NGC created up until training room 8 and 9 because the training room sessions very rarely seem to move the story forward. I became a hardcore NGC fan mainly because they were telling a continuing story where events in one video effected events in another. For the most part the training room is just two people beating on each other. I intend to buy the regular releases but I will probably stay away from the the training room videos unless they change things up.

  22. darklord says:

    i agree… zzzzzzz, yes the girls look hot but this training concept is weak and certainly over done. i liked the regular episodes so hopefully we see those come back

  23. @nightman
    There’s quite a lot of variety in this one! Miss Freedom breaks chains, deflects bullets and uses her super-breath, all of which employ effects we’ve not used previously. MF faces three distinctly different opponents, one of whom is a new character. Therefore we feel that, not only does the video itself offer a variety of scenarios and characters, but it is different enough in style and content to set it apart from other Training Room videos. Thank you for the kind words about our fight scenes! This one is hopefully no exception.

  24. nightman says:

    I think NGC is getting a little stale with these training room videos. Their fights are excellent but its basically the same video every time. A little variety may entice me to buy