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Training Room 12 from Next Global Crisis

Training Room 12 from Next Global CrisisNext Global Crisis has just released Training Room 12. This particular episode features the return of Powerstar, who is the first heroine to ever appear in a NGC video. Her opponent is Bluebird, a character that fans will recognize from several of her previous training room appearances. Personally, this is one of my favorite training room episodes, and I thought that it struck a nice balance between action and moving the NGC storyline forward.  

Training Room 12 from Next Global CrisisTraining Room 12 from Next Global CrisisTraining Room 12 from Next Global CrisisElite Force has decided to recall Powerstar from the field for additional training, because her most recent crime-fighting performances have been well below her normal standards. Powerstar is less then pleased with this decision and immediately starts to take out her displeasure on Bluebird.  The fight begins, with one superheroine scoring a knockout.  However, this particular training room session is different from the others because in order to be declared the winner, one of the participants must be forced to say, “I quit.”  The knockout victim is given time to recover and the fight resumes.

Training Room 12 from Next Global CrisisTraining Room 12 from Next Global CrisisTraining Room 12 from Next Global Crisis

I don’t want to spoil the surprises this episode holds, and I must say that it’s becoming cliche at this point to mention the high production values that appear in all of NGC’s videos, but I can’t help myself.  I think NGC is the producer that consistently provides the best mix of good fight choreography, quality acting and first-rate story telling.  There isn’t much here for for the fetish/peril crowd.  The fight scene mostly consists of the two heroines punching it out in the middle of the room. It’s a well-choreographed back and forth battle, but aside from that, it’s pretty much fetish free.

Training Room 12 from Next Global CrisisTraining Room 12 from Next Global CrisisTraining Room 12 from Next Global Crisis

Overall, I think it’s a great addition to the NGC story canon. It was good to see Powerstar return, and the more I see of the actress who plays Bluebird, the more I like her.  Thanks for reading!  Would love to have your feedback on this episode.

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21 Responses

  1. mich says:

    Blue Bird you’re very beautiful !!!!!!
    Her costume looks great.. amazing Blue Bird and she’s a real heroine..
    Keep her alive and give her best of the best compare with another heroine !!

    Can’t wait for Blue Bird action fight against another heroine or villainess.
    Kick ass and torment your enemies…

  2. Emily Dempsey says:

    Yay!!!!!! Can’t wait now! X

  3. Well Emily… I think you will very much enjoy the month of May.

  4. Emily Dempsey says:

    Hi Next Global Crisis

    Will the next vid feature Angel? Can’t wait to see more of her!

    Also… I’d love to know when the next peril themed full episode will be out?

    Love the training rooms btw! Keep up the good work




  5. Not very long to wait for the next Episode now because we’ve shot most of it. We will be building up to its release on our Youtube channel with some interviews and behind the scenes stuff from the main shoot.

  6. gil says:

    while I passed on this particular one, I have purchased other “Training Room” videos in the past, and I have to give NGC lots of props. What I think is kind of cool about the “superheroine fetish” is that fifteen years ago..it didn’t even EXIST! But I think that NGC is leading the way in something that doesn’t get mentioned here much; namely believable and empathetic characterizations of its’ heroines! I think this raises the bar for the whole genre…and distinguishes NGC in a crowded market. Can’t wait for their next real Episode!!

  7. Erik says:

    I love that two of my favorite heroines, from this series, duke it out in this movie.

    I’d absolutely love to see Blue Bird in a peril heavy solo movie. She needs a good ass kicking. 😛

  8. Mike says:

    Well he said he filmed a chloroform match for release soon. So I’d say he’s already veered into fetish territory.

  9. Bert says:

    The abundance of heroine movie and photostory providers these days allows for lots of diversity. People have access to material that caters to a vast array of heroine fetishes. NGC has specialized in high quality production values, good to excellent quality performers, great costumes and superb fight choreography. Personally, I’m thrilled to have access to this caliber of material. I don’t really see the point of trying to get them to veer into heavier, for lack of a better term, fetish material. They are great at what they do, and they can attract the talent they do because they keep it clean.

  10. Mike says:


    You seem to be needlessly hating on fetish type material. Lets not forget, this site we are posting on right now is almost entirely dedicated to superheroine films that have fetish material in them. Thats almost all that he reviews here. For you to say otherwise would be false. These types of films lend themselves to including fetish material, and Im glad Next Global Crisis will be doing that type of thing in some of their episodes. Theres no harm in trying different things and to try to cater to the most people as possible. If these guys didnt do that, it wouldnt be very smart on their part. So its good to know that they will be.

  11. Britt says:

    I really like almost everything about these videos except the chick playing Powerstar. It just seems to me that she’s not up to the standards of NGC’s usual actresses. Her body is fine but her facial expressions leave something to be desired, it almost reminds me of bad 70’s porn when the chicks would make squinty faces that were supposed to be attractive. I do think Bluebird looks really great in her costume.

  12. DangerousDave says:

    Whenever people ask for peril I think they really mean fetish. Dictionary: “Peril: exposure to injury, loss, or destruction; grave risk; jeopardy; danger.” That’s Training Room 100%! One of the things that makes NGC great is that they appear to use professional crew and proper actors not big breasted bimbos out for a quick buck. If you think a beautiful actress at the start of her professional career is going to do a fetish scene and risk it coming back to haunt them… Keep up the sexy, action packed work NGC.

  13. I have already said too much! I am sure you will enjoy it though and because we don’t tend to shoot scenes too far in advance it won’t be that far away, there are two releases ahead of it I would think, but I expect there will be things to enjoy in those as well.

  14. Mike says:

    Did I read your first comment right and you said you shot a chloroform match? That sounds awesome! Who is involved and when can we expect it?

  15. Good comments, I will address each:


    Haha! All things must pass, I am pretty hopeful you will like what we replace them with, that’s the plan at least. We will have Episode 7 out before too much longer, it has been a tricky one to plan but we’re almost there and I am very sure that 8 won’t be too far behind it. We try our best to mix and match male and female only fights, I expect we always will. Glad you like Bluebird.


    Again, I am very pleased that Bluebird is growing on people. This is surprising in some way to me because the first time I met her I thought she was awesome right off the bat! I am hoping she will play a prominent role in the future, she has an excellent attitude to the work we put her through, very professional.


    Pleased you like the costumes, this is an area I have marked for improvement in the next series, hopefully we can do it, expensive though. As for peril, there is peril in this series and there will continue to be, but I guess it is very much of the fighting kind, however dramatic tension is vital to any story. I’d like the opportunity to be creative about how we do this. If there is a flaw in the Training Room concept then it is that the fights are in the main safe (unlike Episode 6 if you’ve got that). I think it has been consistently interesting but without any major risk or danger, this is something that will change in future.

  16. Charles says:

    ^ oh and the awesome costumes!

  17. Charles says:

    Agree with the first comment. The fighting part is well done in TR videos.. There are people who enjoy the fighting part but there are also people who want the peril videos.. if you aren’t going to put them in TR series, maybe a new branch of videos solely dedicated to the peril only? (for peril fans) You have the production values, and you definitely have the models.. so why not? 😛

  18. Mark says:

    Whilst I don’t feel this TR isn’t as strong as recent efforts (which would be extremely difficult due to the fact that 9 and 11 were exceptional in my eyes), still really, really like it. This is mainly because I LOVE Bluebird, and once again the actress that plays her delivers a superb performance! Everytime she’s in a TR, she seems to grow the character! That, coupled with the fact that she can play a strong, cute and spunky heroine perfectly, sells a beating spot on, great combat skills…and let’s not forget that shes absolutely gorgeous too, is what makes her a massive favourite! Roll on more Bluebird!

  19. deathcake says:

    I like the training room videos! I don’t want them to go away, but some nice full length episodes would be nice too 🙂 It’s a nice, very well priced production, with great acting, which makes you want to watch, rather than skip to the juicey parts. I’m not really a fan of female vs female though, but I too, am starting to like bluebird more and more!

  20. That’s fair comment. I think what I’d say is that the Training Room format by it’s very nature is combative so it will always be fight over traps/peril/shocks etc.. That said, I know (because we’ve already shot it) that there is a Training Room in a couple of goes time that you will love (chloroform match). Also we are making a handful more of these and then this series will end and we’ll move to a new format which probably fits in more closely with what you like. We’re acutely aware that we don’t want to be making ‘Training Room 67’ in 4 years, we’ve enjoyed doing it but it is a first season device that will not fit in with the story when this season ends.

  21. Mike says:

    Dont get me wrong, the production values are mint on these vids. but I’d love to see a bit more peril on here. Its becoming a bit too much of a low budget superheroine action show. That could be an enjoyable thing, but I think most of us would like to see a bit more fetish material. Maybe have an episode where Bluebird has to endure vaious KO techniques in order to pass, like chloroform and gas. Maybe throw in a little bondage or some kinky stuff. Idk. I’ve bought from these guys before and probably will again, but I cant bring myself to buy these past few ones. Not enough peril.