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“Training Room 14” from Next Global Crisis

"Training Room 14" from Next Global CrisisEpisode 14 of the Training Room series has just been released, and it features two of the most popular heroines in the Next Global Crisis universe—namely Bluebird and Angel. I thought it was an especially good idea for the NGC producers to have these two particular heroines fight things out. In my opinion, these two actresses, along with the actress who plays Suki Deluxe, are as good as the genre has to offer. They are all wonderful performers and, as a bonus, happen to be stunningly beautiful.

"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis

The episode opens up just like every other Training Room video—with the introduction of the combatants. However, there is a twist in this episode that some fetish fans are going to enjoy. This particular fight will have a chloroform soaked rag placed in the middle of the room. If one of the girls gets their hands on it, they can use it to their advantage. I don’t want to spoil the outcome of the fight, but just know that the rag is used several times in this episode, so the fans of this particular fetish should be thrilled.

"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis

Aside from a reverse bear hug and some stomach punches, there really isn’t much else going on fetish wise. This is more of a back and forth fight like a lot of the Training Room videos. The girls basically stand toe to toe and exchange blows until they have a chance to use the chloroform soaked rag.

"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis

This is an entertaining Training Room episode and a lot happens in the relatively brief ten minute running time. Besides the actual fight there are some nice story moments that provide background on things seen in other episodes. We get an explanation for Angels white costume, the nature of Bluebirds powers are further expanded on, and a trainee is promoted to full operative status. This was just a real solid effort in all areas.

"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 14" from Next Global Crisis

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19 Responses

  1. shane says:

    I would like to see a full length vid with Angel in this costume & these hot flat boots up against some really bad & powerful dudes who defeat her & leave her begging.
    On the Boots I Love these for a change as we always see high heels & it gets a bit boring so is good to see something different & flat boots make women look shorter while it makes their feet look larger (all good things if you ask me) lol

  2. MassEffectMan says:

    I too enjoyed this training episode a lot. Not just for chloroforming scenes which to me are the best one you guys ever did but I love the two actresses in this one especially Angel my favorite. I hope you guys are planning to make another episode or training episode featuring more chloroform or sleeping gas because I love those kind of scenes. Keep up the great work NGC.

  3. Gorleser says:

    Sym, you hit the nail on the head. Individual tastes are so varied and specific it’s not possible to make everyone happy all the time. I posted my comments for those who share my similar tastes– for others, YMMV.

  4. Costumes are going to be a major focus of our improvement in season two. I am confident you will like what we come up with.

  5. Jobber Lover says:


    I totally agree. I forgot to mention that in my earlier comments. I love love LOVE Angel’s outfit! If it’s truly retired that would be a shame. The new outfit is okay, but the original one is rediculously hot!

  6. ShadowFax says:

    xD I’ve bought every episode with Angel in it. Can’t get enough of her….

    Really hope that outfit isn’t officially retired though, I’ve loved it from episode 2, and on to now.

  7. Joey says:

    I for one love the fact that sleepy fetish elements are being thrown in here finally. Im not saying that these should become full out fetish films, but with material like this there is always room for the inclusion of such elements. What I think everyone can agree on is that we need an actual episode of NGC to focus solely on Bluebird as she encounters some type of peril. I’d love to see her chloroformed in a dramatic sequence and then carried away to peril.

  8. Sym says:

    It’s interesting that Gorleser didn’t find this particular release fetishy enough, whilst I was actually put off it by the fact that it looked TOO fetishy. Well, maybe not so much too fetishy, but rather a fetish I ain’t into. Let’s face it, if the video had played out EXACTLY the same way, but instead of the chloroform, each ’round’ had been decided by a headscissors or a sleeper, I’m sure I would have been all over it.

    I guess it’s a calculated risk that many producers take. Do you focus each individual video on one specific aspect of the superheroine genre? Or do you try and include a number of elements that might bring in a bigger range of customers?. The former option has the advantage of keeping one particular fanbase happy, but obviously restricts interest in that video to a narrower market. The latter method opens up the video to a greater variety of customers, but it might then leave some of those fans disappointed if they aren’t interested in the other elements of the video.

    It’s all about finding the right mixture of ingredients, looking for where each fetish is likely to ‘overlap’. For me, the chloroform angle doesn’t sit well with a more fight based video, as it essentially removes the ‘personal’ touch when it comes to a knockout. Just out of curiosity, I’d be interested if there are any predominantly fight fans here (rather than peril/KO fans) who DO also enjoy the chloroform angle, and what the appeal is for them.

    In the meantime, I look forward to NGC’s next release. With their track record to date, I know it won’t be long before I’m making another purchase or two!

  9. Jobber Lover says:

    As I’ve said many times before, I’ll buy anything wth Anastasiya Breadson in it. She really sells a defeat better than almost any actress in this genera. Not only that but she is ridiculously gorgeous! I was hoping for a one sided domination by blue-bird, who is my second favorite of your actresses. Just because Bluebird plays such a great arrogant character, I thought her dominance over Angel would have been awesome to see. But the back and forth thing was pretty cool too.

    This will be one of my favorite of the training room episodes even though I’m still holding out for Angel to be in a crushing Training Room Lopsided Total Defeat Episode someday.

    I have to say, I look forward to every episode and every training room by Next Global Crisis. They do great stuff and I know they can’t please everyone with every episode, but they’ve been impressive so far so I will continue to support them.
    Great job, NGC! Keep up the good work. If you’re ever stuck for a training room episode idea feel free to go with the total destruction of Angel in an episode. … Tee hee… okay maybe that’s just my preference.

  10. Well some really nice comments and some stuff to take on board. This style of video isn’t for everyone I know, but then nothing is. Primarily we do fight films with an added element thrown in and hope each time that enough people dig it. On the subject of high-heeled boots or tights or no tights etc.. I leave that to the comfort of our actors. Generally if they need their ankles the day after the shoot they opt for lower heels. I can’t complain about this because they all give everything they have, those that don’t will not be invited back.

    Gil – I am pleased to have changed your mind or at least brought you back to us. We don’t want to become repetitive and do what we can to avoid it, even though every video past, present, and future will be superheroine(s) in some trouble or altercation that she either wins or loses, I am hoping we can keep it fresh. Plus I am very pleased people are picking up the scraps of storyline in these videos. We plan to do a lot more of that when we can afford it, which I for one would like to give away as much as possible, so tell your friends about us!

  11. Gil says:

    I thought this was an outstanding episode in the “Training Room” series, which, to be honest, had been getting a bit repetitive,imho. I loved the way Bluebird calls Angel “Sweetheart”, as she’s about to put her under for the second time…both of the actresses did an outstanding job of staying “in character”, probably because they’ve had time to flesh out their roles and feel comfortable in them. And again Angel’s mysterious power of suggestion (so powerful that it seems shielded from detection!) plays a major role..
    The NGC Universe just gets deeper and deeper…there’s even a subtle political message, similar to Alan Moore’s work in “Miracleman” or “Supreme”…a real world “patrolled” by Superhumans might actually be closer to Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union than a liberal democratic state….and THAT is a whole level of development that even Zen/Giga has largely shied away from!
    Great stuff..my hat is off and eaten!

  12. Gorleser says:

    I really wanted to like this episode… a lot. Again, the strengths of NGC are manifest, which is a cliche at this point. I liked the knockout fetish elements introduced to NGC’s straightforward fight style, but it just wasn’t “fetishy” enough for me (lingering camera shots of unconscious heroines, clear dominance, etc).

    For fans of NGC, I’m sure you’ll love it. For me, it was 5/10. I applaud the effort, however, and I appreciated being notified about the release via email.

  13. DangerousDave says:

    I bought this mainly for the two stunning actresses and while chloroform fights are not necessarily my ‘thing’, I did find it an interesting change to the traditional training room formula. There are still the great fights and overall quality of the series but with a bit more peril and domination/submission.

  14. Sidekick says:

    Darklord, this episode doesn’t pick up on the story told in Episode 7. I don’t believe that the release schedule of TR episodes was intended to mesh perfectly with the normal episode timeline. As mentioned in the review, we get an explanation for the appearance of Angels white uniform, which first appeared months ago in Episode 5.

  15. darklord says:

    does this pick up on the story from the last episode at all?

  16. Sym says:

    I love the fight choreography of NGC’s stuff but, like Mantower, I think I’ll be skipping this one. Just personal preference, but the chloroform thing does nothing for me at all. In fact, it actually detracts from the fight. Instead of one girl taking control with a punch, a kick, a hold, a sleeper, she just holds a rag against her opponent’s face.

    I guess it depends on your ‘focus’ in a heroine video – whether you’re in it for the fighting or for the peril/knockout stuff. I’m a fight fan first and foremost, so this one ain’t or me.

  17. Joey says:

    Absolutely awesome episode. Loved the inclusion of the chloroform and sleepy elements. Hopefully we can see the rag come back into play in an actual NGC episode now as oppossed to a Training Room flick. Would love to see Bluebird chloroformed and carried.

  18. Mantower says:

    I am disappointed that they stopped using those high heeled boots for Angel, in the first episode she was in she wore those splendid thigh high stiletto boots which I loved. These flat heeled ones are, in my humble opinion, nowhere near as sexy. Not a big fan of the chloroform thing so I doubt I will be getting this one.

  19. SpandexFiend says:

    Your two hottest blond bombshells in a chloroform fight. Yes please!

    Might be even better if it were a story-arc where the two are fighting with one another against a common enemy…and perhaps get into some chloroform, bondage, and other perilous situations…