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“Training Room 8” from Next Global Crisis

Next Global Crisis has released Training Room 8, which features the return of Anastasiya Breadson as “Angel,” who seems to be one of the most popular characters in the NGC lineup.  This Training Room episode features two training scenarios undertaken by Angel—a fight scene with a masked henchman, and a rescue scenario involving a henchman and a “hostage” tied to a chair.  This is another good Training Room episode, especially for fans of Angel.

After making her entrance, Angel faces off against a “mechanical drone” in a one-on-one fight scenario.  Angel seems to defeat him pretty easily, but is unprepared for a surprise attack after the match seems to be over.  Poor Angel just doesn’t seem to be a very well-prepared or trained superheroine.  This fight scene is pretty short, but features well-staged and performed action.

In the second scenario, Angel finds herself waking up (after being rendered unconscious in the previous match) and being instructed to rescue a drone tied to a chair without waking up a nearby drone standing guard.  To make things more complicated, the room gradually heats up as Angel attempts her rescue (complete with a nice visual effect in which everything in the room takes on a reddish hue, which reminds me of something that might have happened in the 60s “Batman” TV series).  Once again, Angel finds herself unprepared to deal with things when the scenario takes a turn for the worse.

I think Angel is possibly the hottest heroine in the NGC lineup, and I like the fact that this video features a twist on the familiar “Training Room” situation by giving us two separate scenarios involving the lead heroine.  As usual, NGC gives us very high production quality, and fans of previous Training Room episodes won’t be disappointed with this one.

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9 Responses

  1. Naveed says:

    Thank you…

  2. Sidekick says:

    There is Naveed. It’s from behind and lasts around twenty seconds. The actress that plays Angel does a great job selling it. Some of the scene is in slow motion.

  3. Naveed says:

    Are there any bearhugs?? if so, for how long?

  4. Jobber Lover says:

    I will buy anything NGC puts out with Anastasiya Breadson playing Angel. So of course I bought this one as well. Once again Anastasiya (Angel) is incredible. I love the sexy sweaty defeated Angel. But I too really really REALLY wanted some two on one destruction. So, I was also left wanting more.

    I never want to see the heroine win, but as of right now Episode 5 Angel vs Nina is probably the best in the series. Even though I was disappointed there as well that they didn’t let Nina win. Nina mostly beats the heck out of Angel and she is very entertaining and cruel with both her actions and her comments. If they produced a hundred videos of Nina destroying Angel, I’d buy all 100 of them.

  5. Andrew Clayson says:

    Well, i bought the video just because of Miss Anastasiya Breadson. I liked the”Dron idea”. I believe she deserves a better screenplay. She is a really good actress and excelent dancer! However, NGC is the best site for these kind of videos. The quality of the sound and image is very good. And, most of all, there is no sexual violence. I always loved the superheroine cointest, but i believe that some websites are too disrespectful. I just wanna see good stories, good wrestling moves and some good acting skills. Of course, i like beautiful girls too, but in a good contest. I’m still waiting for a video were the superheroine wins in the end. In a general idea, i recomend the video. Congratulations to NGC.

  6. Richard says:

    Well, I enjoyed this. The trap scenario was fun, and sweaty, exhausted Angel was very sexy. Personally, I had no problem with the drones, although I prefer human opponents who get a kick out of defeating the heroine. I agree with Bert about Angel’s fight moves though: powerful and sexy, making her one of the best heroines out there right now. I’d like to have seen her fight both robots simultaneously, but you can’t have everything.

  7. rangerian says:

    Yes, another great episode, but that’s about it. *yawn*

    I thought the masked guys/robots were a childsh concept, maybe I just couldn’t get into the fantasy of it all.

  8. Bert says:

    Another great training room episode, though this one left me wanting more. Angel is the best heroine in the genre right now as far as I’m concerned and she doesn’t disappoint here. She’s particularly effective on offense this time out, throwing some awesome punches at the droids. While that’s not my main interest, she’s so good here that I couldn’t help being impressed. I would have preferred a bit more peril, but more than that I feel the producers squandered an opportunity for some two on one action this time. Still, I’ll take all the Angel I can get, and she’s in excellent form here.