“The Trap” from Damien Wagner

The Trap, filmed in Portland, Oregon, along with Steve Noir, is now available at Heroine Movies.


A guy who desperately needs cash… An innocent girl, alone, in a empty street… A quick kidnapping with chlorophorm… He puts her in a gloomy basement, asks for her password to get into her cellphone. She refuses, so he drugs her, undresses her, sits her in a chair, tied her up, and tortures her with electricity shocks. After a long and intense interrogatory, she finally tells the code.

The kidnapper tries to join her husband, to do a ransom call. But the poor girl tries to escape, and he has to stangle to calm her. Then he takes pictures of her, to send to her husband. When she wakes up, she is tied up in another position, arms up, on a grid.

She tries to escape, but she fails… The bad guy comes with some tools, and hit her in her belly several time with a hammer. He’s got no news from her husband, and he wants to show them both that he means business… Her hands tied up together behind her back, he grabs her and puts her head in a tray full of water several times, almost drowning her.

She is unconscious, so he tied her up on a feet, arms up, for a long and really intense belly punching sequence… Will she manage to escape? Or will she stay her prisoner forever?

This 37 minutes long movie is basically 37 minutes of intense peril : kidnapping, chlorophorm, bondage, struggling, unconsciousness, undressing, electricity tortures, strangulation, belly punches, drowning and more belly punches…

Elisa Celli (Claire Stone, Pentacle) is perfectly playing the “girl in peril” heroine, and Tim is awesome playing the bad guy, desperate, ready to do anything to get what he needs…

English language.

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  1. Jérôme says:

    Extra, Elisa est de retour. 🙂 Hâte de m’offrir la vidéo.