Tropic City Heroines’ “Dark Knight Meets Mistress Mena”

[Adults only] Tropic City Heroines has made available its new video, Dark Knight Meets Mistress Mena, which features nudity and explicit sexual situations. Here are the details:

Mistress Mena has captured the Dark Knight and kept him prisoner for a few weeks. He is broken and weak. She keeps him in a cage when not playing with him. She removes him and makes him kiss her shoes and then she plays with his cock but won’t let him cum. Her slaves don’t cum. She makes the Dark Knight lick her pussy until she cum and then puts him away. Later, Mena is distraught when her slave is not in the cage. Payback for the Dark Knight. He takes her down with a soaked rag. She is bound hand over head and stripped and fondled. He also whips her with a flogger. Next, he forces her to orgasm with a Hitachi Magic Wand. Then its time for some real fun. The Dark Knight throat fucks Mena and cums on her face and in her mouth, making her eat it all. Then he fucks her doggy and cums on her ass. Finally, the Dark Knight walks her on a leash, makes him kiss her boots and then puts her away in the cage.

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