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Tropic City Heroines’ “High Five: The Violation Of Supergirl”

[ADULTS ONLY] Here’s the latest release from Tropic City Heroines, titled High Five: The Violation of Supergirl, starring Alli Rae and Kendra James.

Supergirl bursts in on Lady Dementia. She thinks she is there to arrest her. But Lady Dementia has taken down too many Superheroines before her. Lady Dementia has a power stealing gem and uses it to quickly sap all of Supergirl’s strength. From there, it just takes an arm around her throat to take her down. Its then time for the Violation to begin. Lady Dementia ties Supergirl to the wall. She fondles and spanks her with Supergirl gagged and unable to speak. Then, Supergirl is tied to a chair and ball gagged as she is forced to orgasm with a Hitachi Magic Wand. After that, Dementia decides to fuck her with a strap-on. Super girl can’t take all these orgasms. Dementia then makes Supergirl eat her out. Dementia returns the favor and more Supergirl has more orgasms. Dementia finishes her off with some 69 action.Starring Alli Rae and Kendra James

Purchase this video at Tropic City Heroines

5 Responses

  1. licherpus says:

    OH Yes! Love the all female cast! You can’t go wrong with superheroine vs villainess in my opinion. Supergirl forced to eat pussy, SWEET!

  2. LBF522 says:

    Looks great. The models look hot. Can’t wait to purchase it. Love Tropical City Heroines.

  3. darth_maelo says:

    where you guys get your supergirl costumes at I never seen that one for sale and my girl loves to cosplay as Supergirl

  4. Tropic City Heroines says:

    I can’t release it on clips4sale. It is bigger than 2 GB at 1080p.

  5. Unmasked05 says:

    Will this be released in 1080P? I only see 720P for sale.