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“UltraGirl” from Rye and SHG-Media (Reviewed)

"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-MediaUPDATE: Reviewed by Sidekick! Wow, its been a long time since I was able to write a review for one of Rye’s efforts, and I think UltraGirl is without a doubt his most brutal (in a good way) film ever. Check out my brand new (spoiler-filled) review below, and feel free to leave your feedback.

[Spoilers] This a long film, so as far as the review, we’ll stick with the meat and potatoes of the action and let the story speak for itself. On a mission to save her kidnapped lover, Ultragirl approaches a building. She easily shrugs off a hail of bullets and incapacitates the gunman. She enters the building and finds herself weakening after being exposed to a Kryptonite like substance. Turns out it’s more of a mental peril as the rocks are really not there but the rather large henchman from the trailer is.

"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media

He lands a punch that breaks Ultragirl’s mask, so she removes it. A long battle follows and Ultragirl is either totally in control or totally getting the snot kicked out of her. There really isn’t an in between. Throughout the exchanges they have, Ultragirl is reverse bearhugged, slammed into the wall, hit with stomach punches, chocked with her cape, trapped in a frontal bearhug, is throat lifted, given a back breaker, and loses a test of strength.

"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media

Ultragirl is temporarily able to incapacitate the bad guy but that’s when his female counterpart arrives. And there is nothing back and forth about their battle. The evil henchwoman dominates almost the entire fight and things go from bad to worse when the bad guy awakens and joins in. The baddies take turns holding Ultragirl and they pound on her for basically the last third of the movie. She is hit with multiple low blows, knee lifts, and stomach punches. She also gets choked with her cape for a second time and parts of her costume are destroyed.

"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media

She is left to die on the floor, this time with real kryptonite like rocks on her body. We watch her breathe for a little while and after a few moments, she breathes no more. Is she dead? Sure looks like it and I think Rye has confirmed as much in the comments section.

"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media

This had all the look and feel of a classic Rye movie but as I mentioned above, the brutality was amped up higher than I’ve seen before in one of his films. When the bad girl enters at around the 17 minute mark, Ultragirl gets stomped on (literally and figuratively) until the end of a film that runs slightly over 30 minutes.

"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media

I very much liked the entire cast. Just like when she worked with The Battle for Earth and Heroine Legends, Holly was her spectacular self. Personally, the character I enjoyed the most was the female villain. She is beautiful but has a real intimidating presence about her. I hope she becomes a regular in Rye’s productions. She’s really a tremendous actress.

"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media"UltraGirl" from Rye and SHG-Media

I see no reason if you’re either a peril or Rye fan to not pick this up. Just don’t wait around for the happy ending because it never comes. There’s also a little announcement that should excite fans at the end of the credits. Should be a fun October.

Purchase UltraGirl at SHG-Media

111 Responses

  1. Michael Birch says:

    I enjoyed this video thoroughly and I am definitely looking forward to the release of the Superior Girl / Skyfire / Doomsday video so if any news or updates on that are to be revealed they would be appreciated.

  2. Hero.smasher says:

    Fact is these days there are so many great sexual and non-sexual videos that if you only like one type you still have lots of options. For someone like myself that likes a variety the only problem is too many options. This is a great superheroine beat down video and was well worth my money. I hope to see more of this character in a part 2 and PH!

  3. Steve says:

    any news on wondrous woman vs villains united?

  4. Sugarcoater says:

    I’m a big supporter of Rye’s work, but the above post made me chuckle. Being lectured about what should suffice and what my tastes should be in the superheroine peril genre seems a bit odd and funny. Everyone has their own desire as to how a superheroine gets taken down. Some just want peril, others want minor sexual overtones, and others want some serious sexual circumstances. In the end, people are just voicing their desires and letting it be known what they will or won’t pay for. Nothing wrong with the customer voicing what they would pay for and what keeps them from purchasing a product.

  5. renNstimpy says:

    Why do people care so much about sexual content?

    It’s about the peril, it’s not a porno.
    besides on Lexx Files the sex is fake, so there’s nothing real about the sexual content.
    sure so is the punches and everything else.

    but I just don’t understand why you guy’s flat out tell the man “I AINT BUYING YOUR MOVIE BECAUSE THERE IS NO SEX” – tad bit of exaggeration, lol tad – but seriously.
    buy the movie, help the guy out. if not then don’t tell the guy how to do his job. PG-13 should suffice your tastes. if not then watch a porno. I swear to god! as soon as I afford it! I’m buying this movie. and I’m sure it’s going to be great after reading the majority of these comments.

  6. Angleman says:


    As some others had said, if this wasn’t a PG-13 I may have been tempted to give this one a try – particularly as Hollie looks drop dead gorgeous.
    On a related topic I’ve finally got around to downloading The Lexx Files and very much enjoyed it. I think this video proves beyond all doubt why bare legs are the way to go. Sooooo sexy.
    I really hope that we see a Wonder Woman equivalent of this in the future. I can envisage the Veronica Cale character being the equivalent of the Lexx Luther role and – borrowing what was the ONLY decent thing in the entire lamentable David E Kelly WW TV pilot – have a gang of super soldiers take on WW. After a really intense fight the super soldiers finally begin to get the upper hand on the Amazon until finally she is taking the pounding of her life inflicting plenty of costume damage. They beat her until she is bloodied and bruised and then Cale instructs them to ravish the barely conscious Amazon Princess. They take it in turns really working her over and nailing her before finally Cale rips off the remnants of her costume, leaving her with just her tiara, bracelets and boots. The super soldiers then grab her by the arms and legs, holding her aloft while Cale uses the lasso to strangle a squirming and struggling WW to death. Bare legs and all! πŸ™‚
    I know people say that there are already so Monday WW videos out there but as I’ve also said before, that may be so but the simple fact is that that there are VERY FEW decent ones. I’m still waiting to see the definitive WW herone fetish video and I think that you Rye are the man that can finally deliver. Here’s hoping…

  7. Sandhya Puri says:

    Hey Rye,

    Can i download this clip in smaller size like 200-300 MB. I want to buy this clip, but the size offered by you is too big for my bandwidth. Is there a way out??

  8. Rye says:

    The Ultra Girl character will move to Punished Heroines with a new actress πŸ˜‰

  9. Chris says:

    Rye August 16, 2013 at 8:43 am
    The Ultra Girl character will eventually make her way over to a Punished Heroines movie which will probably be more you style.

    character and actress or just character?

  10. Rye says:

    The Ultra Girl character will eventually make her way over to a Punished Heroines movie which will probably be more you style.

    She has the mask on for a while but as Kingles said its broken by Tyranus and she removes it.

    A new PH movie is in the works but that’s all I can say right now πŸ˜‰

  11. darklord says:

    video is good, but not x-rated so for my tastes isn’t my preferred style.

    i prefer the power play movie over this one. power play was awesome and well worth the coin, while this one is ok. certainly not bad, but nothing epic either

  12. kingles says:

    @Bluebird: The mask gets broken by a nasty backhand by the main villain about 10 minutes into the video…then she removes it.

  13. Bluebird says:

    It seems some changes to original plan may have been made. Does she still wear a mask in this video, or did you all decide to leave that part out?

  14. NewWorldKing says:

    Good morning.
    What a pitty it’s only 13 …
    However I buy it and it’s really good as usual!

    To my mind, if it was rated r it would be one of the best ! Need more explicit content! Need to see the skin of the beautiful actress πŸ™‚
    But I don’t think there will be a more “adult” version :-/

    However, good job !

    By the way, is there any new project of a new adult stuff from you or Chris Styles ?

    Have a nice day.

  15. Rye says:

    Thanks a lot, and im sure the next PH video will have a similar fight.

    Anything is possible I suppose.

    Thanks Jerry!

    Interesting concept πŸ˜‰

  16. bogie69 says:

    We should have an Oscars Peril presentation. Don’t think there’s any doubt Hollie would win Best Actress. Those villains would be well in the running for best Supporting Actress and Actor, too.

  17. Jerry says:

    WOW! This was really hot, Hollie was unbelievable. One of the best heroine movies I’ve seen this year. My only complaint would be that I wish you had her put up more of a fight, even after it became 2on1. The villains took control too quickly, would have liked to see her make a “comeback”, for a bit before getting taken down for good.

    The beating was just brutal! I loved every bit of it, especially when the dude was punching her in the face while the girl was kneeing her. Also the villains were just towering over her, it was very intimidating! Hollie put in a great performance, this was my favorite movie with her in it and I have bought a lot! She had me rooting for her, which is one thing I wish other heroine actresses could have me do.

  18. Harden says:

    Rye, this was great! I was wondering if you would ever consider having the female baddie play a superheroine. She had an amazing body and she definitely has the acting chops to be a strong female lead.

  19. Ralev says:


    Wow, loved it! That is exactly the sort of dramatic, intense physical destruction that make for an incredibly hot video!

    Hollie did a fantastic job, Ultragirl was heroic, confident, powerful, and never gave up – to her detriment. Her reactions were spot on and she really understood how to play the part of the Superheroine suffering a dramatic defeat.

    I’m not a fan of pantyhose (why would you want to cover those beautiful legs!), but her performance and the great action made me forget about that.

    It’s also fantastic how you really took your time with the peril – no quick defeat, this was a long steady, total obliteration – the kind that you would expect it would take to defeat an incredible heroine like WW/Supergirl.

    Rye.. PLEASE do a similar but R-rated brutal defeat video with a similarly gorgeous and gifted actress. This is just crying out for that – you can do so much more with the costume destruction, with the nudity, the heroine’s perfect, toned body gradually being exposed as she is destroyed. This video is already amazing, but being able to show nudity would up the sexiness tenfold.


  20. Rye says:

    Thanks Sid, glad you liked it. I have no intention of doing any sort of alternate ending at this time πŸ˜‰

    I’m probably not the right person to review this for you but I can at least tell you that the bearhugs were awesome. Rag dolling, crushing, front and reverse. You also gets a nice squeeze from Galactica!

    I’ll have to assume you didn’t want to see UltraGirl in that much peril?

    Thanks as always for you detailed comments. Always appreciated!

    Thanks and I hope to do more with her as well. Right now Im pretty much hyper focused on Doomsday though πŸ˜‰

    To all-
    Here is a short list of some of the main perils that UG faces:

    – 2v1 beat down
    – Kryptonite
    – costume desctruction
    – belly/face punching and knees
    – low blows
    – Choking
    – bear hugs
    – back breaker
    – Slaps
    – Death by Kryptonite
    – And more im probably forgetting.

  21. hero.smasher says:

    Loved it! I really hope we see more of Ultra Girl 2 in the future!

  22. ranger87 says:

    I thought this was a fantastic movie. Those of you who’ve read my thoughts in the past know that I prefer adult material, such as Punished Heroines, and given the two choices (if they were done equally well), I will ALWAYS choose adult. But man, since 1984 (the movie, not the year…I’m not that old) he’s been getting my approval consistently. Ultragirl is no exception. Hollie is just…stunning. There are no other words. She’s gorgeous in that costume, acts well, sells the peril brilliantly. It didn’t feel forced. Her lines didn’t feel like acting. They felt natural. This is a huge plus, as in past productions, both pg and adult, some acting moments just pull me right out of the video.

    His 2 “galactic gorillas”, as Ultragirl calls them, are fantastic. The male villain plays the villain role fantastically. And he’s a huge dude! You really feel like Ultragirl is out of her league. Then the female villain comes in. BAM! Instead of getting some sort of softcore lesbian catfight, we get a dominating Amazonian woman who is an amazing compliment to her male counterpart.

    Ultragirl also gets her hits in, but largely, gets dominated in this video. Rye has done vids before where one or two people sell hits, both giving and receiving, well. But I’ve never seen a 3-way fight like this where all of the actors involved just did it so well. Between these 3 main people, I couldn’t see a weak spot.

    There were some other people in this film. The guy who played Jayden, Ultragirl’s fiancΓ©, played his part well…but something about him bugged the crap out of me. But I’m choosing to believe that was part of his role. He seems like a stuck up douche who, when push comes to shove, is a complete pansy, and you’re happy to see him suffer. It’s a good balance with Ultragirl, as she seems fun, down to earth, strong, and incredibly hot.

    There is also a villain called Shade…you may not agree with me, but every time this dude comes on scene I’m thinking of a Native American John Lovitz who is past his prime. There was also a blonde henchmen who got wiped to the side quickly by Ultragirl. They are both a decent touch, but the stars of this film are definitely Ultragirl, and her two opponents in the main fight.

    The main thing that sets this apart from previous pg13 productions is the ending. Ultragirl get’s beat down like no other heroine for most of the movie, then, let’s just say it wasn’t a happy ending πŸ˜‰

    All things considered, this might be my personal favorite of Rye’s non-adult rated work. I strongly recommend picking it up if your a fan of his previous works, of if you love one-sided beatdowns of heroines, but are too timid to dip into the more extreme adult rated Punished Heroines franchise.

  23. Chris says:

    Man what a beating she took πŸ™

  24. Sid says:

    Good Gawd Rye, this was one of your best movies if not the best. At first I was worried that you might have over used the boyfriend but when things got rolling he only popped up in the right places. I am also curious if you have plans for the scene with ultragirl being held limp by the boyfriend. I wonder if you might be willing to release that scene as a separate version? Either way this was a prolific movie that has earned a top spot in my collection, and I can’t wait for the next ultragirl!

  25. Naveed says:

    Holly looks amazing! Was just wondering, will there be any detailed review? How were the bear bugs and back breakers? I am a fan of those.


  26. Rye says:

    Thank you!! Supergirl fans were pretty spoiled in this movie hehe πŸ˜‰

    Thanks a lot, The scene you are wondering about was something I wrestled with for several days during the editing process. Does he make it to her or not… In the end I decided that he doesn’t which leaves more options open for another video… πŸ˜‰

    Glad you liked it! The size difference between UltraGirl and Tyranus is pretty staggering. That particular actor is 16 inches taller than her which was loads of fun.

    Yes she is knocked out by Galactica via several brutal punches to her face. Then later on she is exposed to some of those special green space rocks for a long period of time and depending on your perspective you could say she was permanently KO’d πŸ˜‰

    Wow Thanks! Since she had worked with other producers I really wanted a stand out performance and Hollie delivered. We spent nearly an entire night just working on sounds and reactions to the fight scenes.

    You are gtg πŸ˜‰

  27. Simon says:

    Smashing! With lots of emphasis on smashing!

    The way the villains wore her down was bloody well done Mr Rye! Her mask breaking apart was brilliant! That female baddie was brilliant but Holie was simply a dream. Her acting during all the battles wasn’t just good, it was perfect! It was flawless! Amazing and all the other words that mean stuff like that! I have seen a few of her other movies and they just do not compare to ultragirl!

    5/5 stars!

  28. MassEffectMan says:

    Hey Rye,
    I got to tell ya, this is an awesome video!! Everything in there is great. I love it a lot. But I have just one question though, I didn’t see the end where her boyfriend finally came and saw Ultragirl laying on the floor like the one of the pictures. Is that in the uncut version or something?

  29. mk says:

    Wow! Another great film from Rye. I loved how in the early fight scene, Ultra Girl has to jump to punch the male villain in the face, emphasizing the size difference between them. The beatdown scene is one of the best ever. I know that, given Hollie’s apparent limits, this is unlikely, but with her lovely face, amazing body and ability to sell the peril, I’d love to see her in a Punished Heroines video. Many thanks to Hollie, Rye and everyone involved in this.

    TimeWaster: Let’s just say that she goes beyond knocked out.

  30. TimeWaster says:

    Looks great – is she completely knocked out at any time in this one? Don’t mind how…

    Or just semi-conscious from kryptonite etc?

  31. Sid says:

    Downloading now!

  32. RJ123 says:

    Just downloaded and watched and absolutely loved it!!! Hollie Winnard is the sexiest superheroine i have ever seen, she looks perfect in that costume and her reaction to the peril is superb!!! Loved the female villain as she looks like a strong woman and took a lot of pleasure in destroying Ultra Girl, as a kryptonite fan i could not have asked for a better ending, so hot seeing her weakened!!! This is my fave movie you have done Rye and i love your work, i so hope i am going to get to see a lot more of Hollie as Ultra Girl!!!

  33. rizo says:

    hey Rye

    Just sent you an email. Going to go for another bulk purchase through Western Union. Is that OK? I’ll email you details of videos i want real soon.

  34. Rye says:

    It’s live πŸ˜‰
    Just a fair warning this is a pretty violent movie…

  35. mk says:

    People. Read Rye’s post more closely. He says the film WILL BE available, as in future tense. Usually, a film goes up on SHG about two hours after Rye sends it to them. Be patient, Rye’s films are almost always worth waiting for.

  36. Sid says:

    The download link is also eluding me!

  37. Ghrawl says:

    Went to the website but I dont see the download link. Just the trailer πŸ™

  38. Rye says:

    Ultra Girl will be available today at http://www.SHG-media.com. Sorry for all the delays!

    There is an updated time frame for Doomsday in the credts for UltraGirl πŸ˜‰

  39. Michael Birch says:

    I am waiting to purchase this title when it is released but I would like to know if I have missed any updates on the planned Doomsday video with Skyfire and Superior Girl or if that is still in development.

  40. jerry says:

    Thanks for the response rye!I’m not trying to derail the thread, just don’t know where else to ask about it. But I am really looking forward to this ultra girl video too, it looks amazing

  41. Rye says:

    We are close πŸ˜‰

    Those details are being worked out but hopefully soon.

  42. warfish says:

    Hey Rye, I know you’re not giving an ETA… But when will you release this one? I’ve been
    Waiting, eagerly, for this video since it was announced!

    Is it a week away, another month?

  43. Jerry says:

    When is Chris Styles gonna make a new video? πŸ™

  44. Rover says:

    Awaiting eagerly.

  45. Ghrawl says:

    What RYE means is, people, that it will be out soon…just not this week lol

  46. Rye says:

    Not going to release an eta for this one guys so it will just go live when its done πŸ˜‰

    No offense taken πŸ˜‰
    I understand how frustrating delays can be. However… it would be literally impossible for anyone on planet earth to edit one of my PG-13 movies in 12 hours.

    Sorry no spanking in this one.

  47. spankdex says:

    Please tell me she gets some spanking πŸ™‚

  48. Ragdoll says:

    I’m going to be completely honest here, and I truly hope it doesn’t come across as bitchy. But as a filmmaker myself, I edit films with double the running times of these superheroine films. It honestly should not take this long for the producers and editors to get this done. I just finished editing a film yesterday with a running time of 195 minutes and it took about 12 hours to edit. This film however was introduced over a month ago and we don’t even have a release date. Last time I checked rye estimated that it would be finished on the 30th. And please Mr. Rye, don’t take this the wrong way, this is purely just constructive criticism. Your one of the most dedicated producers in the genre and your certainly not the only one that takes his time with editing. Look at that new producer “Defeated Heroines”. He keeps mentioning that his first film will be finished in two weeks day after day, curious as to why that estimate never goes down by day. Heck, he hasn’t even released a trailer lol anyway, I digress. What I’m basically trying to ask is why does it take so long for these films to be edited. Even with special effects it really should take no longer than a few days…

  49. Ghrawl says:

    ETA release???

  50. Ralev says:


    Costume destruction is awesome πŸ™‚ Love it! It ups the drama and sexiness of any defeat tenfold.. seeing the heroine’s perfect body bared against her will as she is brutally destroyed.. mm.

    Of course with an R-rated movie, costume destruction gets even better..

  51. Chris says:

    Hey so when does the Chris Styles’ Wonderous Girl vs the Mob video come out? I’ve been anticipating that one for a while.

  52. Charles says:

    oh man.. if only there was 18+ version of this … model looks way too good

  53. Bert says:

    Hollie has been incredible in the productions I’ve seen her in to date. Real acting talent, breathtaking beauty and a feel for the genre. I can’t wait for this release.

  54. Rye says:

    Egon… You have really jumped to conclusions here, especially since the movie hasn’t been released yet lol.

    Just to ease your mind a bit I am happy to inform you that her cape isn’t torn until over 25 minutes into this movie, and its never fully removed..

    To answer your question though, I have been doing costume destruction for ever a decade because I personally like it. Capes, leotards, boots, masks, are never safe in my hands πŸ˜‰

  55. Egon says:

    Why???….Why….Why to take away the cape???….Superheroine’s fetish look decreases 40% without a cape….why to do that….???

    We buy these vids because we do not want to see normal women using normal clothes…if you have already a beautiful model, why are you taking away the fantasy elements so earliy in this clip???

  56. Rye says:

    Ghrawl and RJ123-
    Yep there is some great krypto scenes in this one.

    Shes actually been on TV quite a bit with some very well known actors.


    Mike J-
    If there is anything this movie isn’t lacking its UltraGirl in peril πŸ˜‰

    To all-
    Hollie was amazing to work with and she quickly adapted the style of acting that I wanted for this character. Hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I did filming it!

  57. Stagger Lee says:

    @Mike J – True, but look at the screen caps. Pretty much all peril. I think that’s enough to go off of, especially when the heroine is someone as talented as Hollie.

  58. Mike J says:

    There was pretty much no preview of the peril in that new trailer. Villain peril yes, heroine peril no.

  59. Simon says:

    It looks splendid Mr Rye!

  60. GigaFiend says:

    Haha, I just realized after watching the trailer and seeing her name. Hollie was a contestant on Beauty & The Geek! That’s awesome

  61. RJ123 says:

    It does indeed look like kryptonite weakening….which i absolutely love!!! Really looking forward to this the heroine is gorgeous in a great costume and lots of peril….bring it on!!

  62. Ghrawl says:

    @ Rye Is ultragirl weak to kryptanite-like fragments as I see from the pics?? I never get tired of those perils πŸ™‚

  63. Ghrawl says:

    Is ultragirl weak to kryptanite-like fragments as I see from the pics?? I never get tired of those perils πŸ™‚

  64. Rye says:

    Working on the trailer now and should be ready to view in a few hours. Running time for UltraGirl is going to be around 37 minutes but it still needs some work… no eta as of now… i’ll get it done asap.

    Until then here is another cap of UltraGirl after a couple rounds of being double teamed.


  65. Harden says:

    It’s the 30th! πŸ˜‰ but seriously, is this thing done yet??

  66. Wonton says:

    That’s cool πŸ™‚ what about the new trailer that was supposed to come weeks ago? lol maybe some new pics? Sorry man, I’m just so excited!

  67. Rye says:

    I’m guessing around the 30th of July for the release. Don’t hold me to it but that is my best guess.

  68. Wonton says:

    Anything new here Mr. Rye? πŸ˜‰

  69. Warfish says:

    Haha, well thank you very much for postponing your holiday for us!

  70. Rye says:

    Started editing today so its gonna be at least 7-10 days πŸ˜‰

    Just so you know, I almost went on vacation at the suggestion of Richard… but decided to get Ultra Girl out to you guys first πŸ˜‰

  71. Warfish says:

    Ah, come on Rye, when are you going to release this one!?!?!?

  72. Tim Caine says:

    Personally, I understand all the points mentioned above. Bert’s bored with the same questions. DMK likes to shop. Hey that’s great.

    But back to this video. Holly looks AWESOME! .. NO really AWESOME!

    I love the costume. Love the panty hose. Love the way Holly looks. I can’t wait for this one. Everyone has their own thing. I like great costumes with great violence. I prefer the heroine to die after a prolonged 1-sided beatdown. I also like blood and bruising sometimes, but I understand I’m in the minority. Seems a lot of folks hate pantyhose and love to see stripping and raping. Not my thing, but I appreciate that we all have our own tastes.

  73. dkm says:


    Can’t speak for others but I usually ask the same question because time is limited and so is the budget and I rather get right to the point and ask so I can make a purchasing decision. Put another way: I’m here to shop, not necessarily contribute to a community.

  74. Rover says:

    Bert definitely has a point.

    The comments are a laundry list of incredibly specific needs by posters on pretty much any movie. It’s a bit repetitive.

  75. sugarcoater says:

    In reading over Bert’s posts, it seems like the issue is the consistency and repetition of requests (i.e. the low blows, and the number of them). Perhaps those types of questions/requests come across poorly because it seems as though that is all someone is looking for. The heck with a hot model, quality costume, a decent plot, legitimate special effects, well acted action, believable dialogue, etc., all that matters is whether or not there are low blows, pantyhose, de-booting, or some other small detail in the video. Those initial questions upon the release of the preview make it seem as though all the effort is pointless–just show some model in a superheroine suit hit in the crotch and that’s all that needs to be done. In other words, it takes away from the total effort.
    Not sure if my interpretation is correct. Personally, I like the variety of peril. Some videos featured new action I wouldn’t have thought to add and I’m glad it was added. Loved the shot of Aurora held in the air with her crotch in the villain’s face!
    Maybe the concern is that we will degenerate videos to just titles such as: Wonderous Girl in “Low Blows”, Superiorgirl in “Pantyhose”, Dark Damsel in “Not Wearing Pantyhose”; we will no longer get the longer, drawn out variety of action because there is little reward for creativity in the genre. Not sure if that will come to pass, but I can appreciate that concern. I definitely like where things have been going and I hope the directors do continue to follow their instincts.
    That all said, it’s also appreciated that the variety of requests are often integrated into the plot. Loved the pool scene in 1984, something I’ve always wanted to see in a Supergirl video. Would love to see that mud-wrestling idea come to fruition with the Supergirl/Skyfire fight.
    Anyhow, my ramble has gone on for far too long. Thank you to anyone who actually read all that. Hope it made some sense.

  76. Jerry says:

    I personally could care less if there are low blows or not(I never understood the fascination), but if people make their purchasing decisions based on the presence of low blows in the video they have every right to ask if there are any. Especially since its not evident from the trailer.

    The full body costume does seem to be a waste of Hollie’s great body. So that said this video isn’t for me, but I will await Villains United which seems more my type!

  77. Bert says:

    @Kevlar – How about that. All it took was 3/4’s of a bottle of wine for me to break HM’s number one rule of posting. Who knew? But, since you took the time to respond rationally to my little rant, and since my headache is pretty mild, I’ll try to come back with something more, um, polite.

    I don’t see how anyone benefits from someone posting “do not like this boot” or “man, i hate pantyhose”. I don’t see any benefit in the same couple of guys asking whether there are low blows in every single video that gets previewed. And it’s not just “Are there any low blows?” If the producer says yes, the response is inevitably “How many? What kind?” It’s as if they are saying: “Gee, nice looking movie, but unless it has 5 3/4 shots of left footed low blows followed by 17 seconds of Oscar caliber reactions, don’t even bother.” After the first couple years, it wears a guy down.

    As for the “Don’t like it? Don’t read it.” I’m still trying to figure that one out. How will I know if it’s objectionable if I don’t read it? Can I unread it? If I can, how do I not get stuck in a permanent loop? Working on it.

  78. Kevlar says:

    Chill out Bert. People will always voice their preferences and opinions on EVERYTHING. Producers see similar posts all the time which they will skim read/skip, but they may find some comments useful, giving them an idea of what’s still in demand and how to keep the majority of customers happy which will maximise sales.

    If one person asks if a video contains low blows, the rest of the low blow fans don’t have to. If the producer says there are low blows, then all the low blow fans will rush to buy the video, gaining the producer dozens more sales based on one person’s question which takes the produce maybe 1minute? to read and reply to.

    Producers I’m sure can choose themselves whether to read the comments or not. As can you. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Most producers have a blue hyperlinked name for their comments, you can just read those. Now shut up πŸ˜›

  79. Bert says:

    Oh. My. God. You lame selfish assholes. “I don’t like the boots.” “Is there any nudity?” “How many low blows?” Blah, blah panty hose. It’s the same shit, over and over, for every video that’s previewed.

    A beautiful woman has agreed to dress up in a heroine costume and act out a fantasy that until the last few years was only available in the realm of imagination. The video is being made by a guy that has been producing, and improving, this type of movie for several years. The pics and teaser look amazing. Stow your outrageously specific demands. Buy it or don’t buy it, but for the love of god, just shut up.

  80. Kevlar says:

    Looks pretty good. PERSONALLY I would prefer heroine without panty hose, but i understand some will disagree. Although I thought the pantyhose in this look especially odd, the colour (looks almost brown?) and opacity doesn’t seem to match the rest of the costume. Just my 2 cents

  81. ranger87 says:

    Man, Hollie looks fantastic! I always thought she was cute, but her previous movies never hit the mark. This one looks amazing, though!

  82. dkm says:


    Thank you for answering my questions:-). I really can’t wait for the Paris Kennedy film, and this one looks great too. Now if only I can get you to bring in Diana Knight as the heroine …

  83. M says:

    Hopefully you can get to both of my questions. First what low blows are in this one πŸ˜‰ two, are you ever going to do a supergirl, with like a young blonde look and a white a blue costume like the cartoon?

  84. Rye says:

    Mark, RJ123, Scwank, LordSnot-
    Thanks guys! Hollie looks amazing as UltraGirl but since we destroyed this costume in the first movie I might redesign a couple small things if we film more UltraGirl movies in the future.

    Can’t say that I have any plans to use any of those actresses.

    She takes a lot of punishment… πŸ˜‰

    Greg S-
    She definitely gets knocked around.. I am not exactly sure if its specifically by the costume though. She gets lifted off the ground by it for sure.


    I will do my best. However first on the editing list is SuperiorGirl Villains United.

    Rick Gasp-
    Lol, well thanks man! I think fans of Hollie are going to be pleasantly surprised by this production…

    Everyone in this production did a great job and gave me 110% every day we filmed. My team of villains were especially evil this time around…. Check out Tyranus just after he captures UltraGirl’s fiancΓ©!


    This is NOT a clip from the movie, just something I tossed together to get a feel for Tyranus when he is in a good mood…

  85. Rick Gasp says:


    I am just speechless!!! Hollie Winnard!!! Your statement about the ending!!! Peril!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

  86. LordSnot says:

    Since you just beginning editing mode rye, be a peach and let the nice peril scenes linger longer than a couple seconds. I rather a 40 minute perilfest than a 20 minute quick cuts video.

  87. M says:

    Low blows?!?!

  88. Greg S says:

    I just wanted to praise you for having her get picked up and thrown around by her costume. This looks very promising!

  89. mantower says:

    Yeah< i meant to say TBFE, I don't know why I always mix them up. It could be an interesting movie if Rye makes it proper violent as he seems to hint at earlier. Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  90. dkm says:


    I am very pleased to hear that! Any chance that you might work with the actress who performed as Power Star in TBFE and / or Raven Alexis again?

    (And, for funsies, Akira Lane?)

  91. LordSnot says:

    Love the work these guys put out. Eagerly anticipating what looks like another winner.

  92. Scwank says:

    I love the outfit, too. I like the fit, and that it doesn’t look like butt floss, or like something that stops at her waist and just has a flap of fabric sticking down to cover her. I liked Skyfire, but that costume really looked disproportional and out of balance the way the cut of her legs actually extended up past the belt. Different strokes for different folks, though. Just my thoughts is all.

  93. RJ123 says:

    I agree with Mark, love the costume, its different and Hollie fits into it perfectly, she is gorgeous and looks like there is a wide variety of peril in this…can’t wait!

  94. Mark says:

    I for one really, really like the look of this! A big fan of Hollie from her previous work and extremely excited to hear Rye saying this is ‘different’ from that! And I may be on my own with this one, but love the outfit, tights and all!!!

    Can’t wait!!!

  95. Rye says:

    Thanks guys,

    Thanks, I do not have a release date yet but it will come out this month shortly after Villains United with Paris.

    I have no plans on asking Hollie to do anything beyond pg-13. However you might be interested in knowing that UltraGirl doesn’t make it out of this film.

    This movie is different from her previous films with TBFE and light years different from anything she did with heroine legends πŸ˜‰

    Hopefully will have a full trailer later this week.

  96. silas malafaia says:

    man, i hate pantyhose

  97. deathcake says:

    Looks good, but who’s gran did you borrow the tights from! πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  98. Chris says:

    Hollie is extremely PG from what I saw of her in TBFE and Heroine Legends.

  99. dkm says:

    I am bummed at this being PG-13. Any chance the actress might come back for an R-rated film later, Rye?

  100. yak says:

    it looks pretty spectacular.

    kinda hard to critique what the rye’s doing at this point, no? i mean, in any meaningful or objective way. we can quibble about this or that, but… hollie is just undeniably hot. the costume is great and original. there seems to be a tremendous variety of peril for ultragirl.

    and, the best part: if yer more into sexual peril/”r” stuff… well, “villains united” is on the way!

  101. Fantasizer says:

    Looks promising.

    But I wish her tights were more skin-coloured, or were not there.

  102. rizo says:

    Holly Winnard. Costume destruction. Jaw dropped. That is all.

  103. Chris says:

    “mantower July 3, 2013 at 1:37 am
    Good to see Holly back in action, always one of my fave girls from NGC!”

    Holly was in TBFE and Heroine Legends. She was one of my favorites there. I am glad Rye has picked her up, what a huge talent(and boobs)

  104. Valugi says:

    I’m looking forward to this release, seems to be another great film of Rye, any projected date?

    And by the way things will be shaken well for you

  105. Stagger Lee says:

    Previews make this seem like a must buy.

  106. rye says:

    Thanks guys,

    Hollie did an amazing job and we had lots of fun on set however I do not believe she ever worked with NGC?

    – Yes this is a PG-13 flick. A violent one, but yes.
    – I love Dano’s Ultragirl but no πŸ˜‰

    Its PG-13 πŸ˜‰

    Thanks, I can’t wait to get started editing!

    To all interested-
    Within this movie there is a fight scene between Galactica and UltraGirl that closely resembles one of my favorite JLU scenes involving SG and Galatea πŸ˜‰

  107. g-reaper2001 says:

    Looks Promising! I am really digging the uniform destruction! looking forward to seeing more about this.

  108. NewWorldKing says:

    Looks very cool !
    But, I would like to know if there is nudity and sexual perils ? Or if it’s again a “soft” movie. (I wish not πŸ™‚ )

  109. heroineperil says:

    do not like this boot

  110. GigaFiend says:

    Couple questions I have with this one:

    1- is this a PG13 movie??

    2- is this an attempt at reviving the old Ultragirl that was on SHC??

    3- not so much a question but comment, if it is a yes on 2, what happened with using over the knee boots like old heroine vids? I loved those

  111. mantower says:

    Good to see Holly back in action, always one of my fave girls from NGC!