Uninvited 3 (Coming Soon)

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  1. TheLecher says:

    Damien, this just fell off of the front page for the first time since it was posted. Why not post a few more stills while we’re waiting, and bump it back onto the front page?

  2. TheLecher says:

    Damien, are you willing to say who the model is in Uninvited 4, or are you waiting until after #3 releases to disclose any information about #4?

  3. alucard says:

    Hi Damien, I was wondering for future release , are you open to use different superheroine character and instead using video game character such as maybe Blaze Fielding from Streets of Rage 3 outfit? I see lots of superheroine peril movies now use wonder woman or supergirl a lot

    Just a thought

  4. 887 says:

    there are some unmasking scenes?

  5. Masmune says:

    I just want to say that I am very much looking forward to this. Thanks Damien!

  6. decibel says:

    Going by the costume alone it reminds me of Scarlet Fox, is there ever going to be a finale of that series? Kind of ended on a cliffhanger.

    • SHL says:

      The sales on the second installment in the series didn’t add confidence for throwing a budget towards a third film. CJ is able to shoot with that costume still for filming her own customs, as I have given her full access to it if she ever needed it. But she currently lives in Portland and the cost of flying there to make a film would probably exceed any profit to be made from it, if the last film dictated interest.

  7. Sugarcoater says:

    Just curious, but as Coco has taken things up a notch from when she first came on the scene, would she be up for an Uninvited treatment?

    • SHL says:

      I’d love to work with her, have been unable to get her contact information. Asked around a couple times but haven’t been able to make contact.

  8. Andy says:

    I’m not here to complain about the actress.

    But will there still be an uninvited video with Ashley? I’m still up for that if/when that happens.

  9. Decendingskulls says:

    I mistakenly thought “uninvited” meant that an invitation has been revoked. Like the bad guy was invited because the heroine was overconfident, but then once he started winning she said “Excuse me sir but you are now UNinvited.”

    • Imagineer says:

      That is an interesting take on the title. I should like to uninvite whoever downvoted your comment. I mean, really? What was the point? Take your meds, people. Or if you won’t, at least be entertaining.

      I think uninvited is like unwelcome, unwanted, unloved — just a lack of action, not an action and then reversing action, or harmful/hostile action.

      I’ve heard, usually in a humorous context, “you’re disinvited” to communicate active revocation of an offer.

      Then there’s uninterested vs disinterested — the former being a lack of enthusiasm, often taken as active, not just passive; and the latter supposed to be a lack of bias for or against. And yet I’ve heard people say they’ve taken an active disinterest in something or shown active dislike for someone.

      Personally, I’d tell someone “you’re outvited” — because it makes me think of the quip “include me out” and if you tell someone they’re exvited they’ll probably hear excited, which doesn’t get the job done.

    • saxman314 says:

      Yup, like Imagineer said that’s “disinvited.” Uninvited means unwelcome. They probably should mean the same thing but English is weird.

  10. bbsucks says:

    Cripes people are grumpy. “Something unexpected. Is this a scam?” “Actress went outside and lived her life before the shoot and accidentally got hurt. She’s irresponsible and can’t be trusted!”

    Calm down everyone. Stuff happens. People live lives. Things don’t always go as planned. We adapt and move on. Sounds like Damian is offering refunds to people who pre-ordered based on information that is no longer accurate, which is all you can really do in this situation.

    But consider checking it out with the new model. Or wait until there’s a trailer or something. Maybe you’ll find that you like her, too.

    Most importantly, put a pause on the outrage. I know change can be disappointing sometimes, but it’s not always done specifically to cheat you out of something, and someone doesn’t always need to be blamed or pay for it. Lighten up. You sound miserable.

  11. alucard says:

    whos this new actress if I may ask Damien? And any possible ETA?

    • Mike says:

      She goes by “Liv Revamped” now.

      • TheLecher says:

        Just in case anyone wants to check out her previous work (Which, to the best of my knowledge, doesn’t include any superheroine content, but does include some fetish work for Kink.), she used to perform under the name “Liv Aguilera.” I believe that she left the industry for a while (Around 2015, I believe, though I’m not certain, as I haven’t really followed her career.), and started using the new name when she came back.

    • SHL says:

      Just to confirm it is Liv Revamped.

      She loved being a super heroine. If all pans out well probably work together again in the future. She had some ideas about where she would like to take things.

  12. Jane says:

    I thought this film was supposed to be with Ashley Lane? That’s disappointing…I pre-ordered because of Ashley.

    • Ethan says:

      Yeah, whats going on, is this a scam?

      • SHL says:

        If you were a preorder customer you’ll receive an email to get a refund.

        But if you consider getting two films and the ability to get your money back a scam, we’ll then yes. I suppose it is.

        • ThePornExpert says:

          This entire situation is Ashley’s fault. She injured herself while rollerskating. A responsible model would not put herself in a situation that could cause injury before a shoot. She should compensate you for putting you in this situation. I’m sure some people are going to ask for refunds.

          I would join your next preorder if Ashley is not the model for the next video. I do not trust a model, who is irresponsible.

          • TheLecher says:

            Most people don’t consider rollerskating to be all that risky. It’s not like skydiving or bungee jumping or spelunking. It’s rollerskating. Parents take their children to do it for fun.

            When you say that you would be a preorder customer for a future film, on condition that Ashley Lane isn’t the model, it sounds like you’re campaigning against her. Do you have a personal vendetta going on? Or are you just really stuck on the idea of holding her accountable for her accident? I’m a big advocate for personal responsibility, but I, for one, wouldn’t characterize her decision to go rollerskating as being irresponsible.

          • ThePornExpert says:

            Any physical activity that has a risk of injury should be avoided before any shoot. Professional sports have conditions in contracts prohibiting certain activities that may lead to injury. For example, most sports will do not allow you play more than one professional sport during the season. The owners want players to be healthy for games. The players are expected to play unless they are injured while playing or by a unfortunate accident.

            I suggest you do some research. Injuries from rollerskating are common. Yes, parents take their kids to do it for fun. I would advise against do it before a job of this nature. 22% of injuries are fractures.

            Remember models/pornstars are encouraged to stay in shape and be able to perform. If you had a big shoot for the next day, would you play football with your friends? Would you try tricks while skateboarding? You would be risking bruises, cuts, and broken bones. I have seen a number of models with real bruises on them in movies. Its not a good look for a model.

          • Fitabts says:

            I for one would be in full support of Ashley being used for the next film. I’m actually in support of people living their lives. People break bones doing much less risky things than roller skating; shit happens!

            Thepornexpert, would you be in support of Ashley for the next shoot if Damien we’re to provide her with a bubble to live in from the time of casting until filming, or possibly a hermetically sealed room? Might bring the cost up a bit though…

          • ThePornExpert says:

            I’m not saying she should live in a bubble. People should live their lives. However, you must also be aware of the nature of your job. She is an adult model and agreed to star in a superheroine video. I would not be participating in any sports the day before a shoot. I would risk getting bruises, cuts, or a broken arm. Why would I take that risk the day before a shoot? If she went rollerskating after filming the movie, then that’s fine. Live your life. You need to be aware of the consequences of your actions, and how they may affect you in life or work.

            If Ashley broke her arm in a car accident, then it would not be her fault. That is a totally different situation. She would not have control of that situation.

            Do you realize adult models prep the day before a shoot? Models in anal videos do not eat a lot of food the day before shooting the scene. Male pornstars should not have any sex on the day of shoot before coming in for the shoot. It will most likely hurt their pop shot.

          • saxman314 says:

            You sound like the kind of person who would whine about their chosen porn star being unavailable for a fetish movie. I think that about says it all.

          • ThePornExpert says:

            I regularly purchase customs from two well-known producers. If they tell me someone is not available, then I am open to changing models and maybe the story to best fit my version of the new model. Last year me and a very popular producer agreed to terms on a custom heroine scene with August Ames and Ashley Adams. August Ames’s agent did not respond and we replaced her with a different model. The movie turned out great.

            Models can become unavailable for numerous reasons. They take breaks, have children, retire, or change what they are willing to do on camera. None of those reasons are related to changes in this film.

          • TheLecher says:

            Okay. Go find a copy of one of those contracts which prevent professional athletes from participating in risky activities and see if rollerskating is listed. Take a look at the contracts which movie stars have to sign. They aren’t allowed to do things which are considered dangerous while they’re filming a movie – things like skydiving and other things I mentioned. But you won’t find them prohibited from walking up or down stairs, going outside in the wintertime (when there’s ice on the ground), going swimming (You could drown!), or rollerskating.

            You’re taking up a completely unreasonable position, and attempting to argue that it’s obviously reasonable, and that I’d certainly realize this if I just knew what I was talking about. I suggest you do some research.

            As for models in porn with real bruises, sometimes they get them shooting scenes. This is one of the reasons why many models won’t take fetish related bookings or bookings for rough scenes (gangbangs, etc.) on days before they’re scheduled to shoot for a feature film or for one of the major studios (such as Brazzers or Elegant Angel).

            Nothing you’ve said has convinced me that Ashley Lane is an irresponsible good-for-nothing, and that she should be blacklisted and run out of the industry. Remember that you’re attacking her livelihood. It would be like me going into your place of employment and trying to talk your boss into firing you.

          • ThePornExpert says:

            We all have lives to live. We should enjoy our lives. I am by no means saying Ashley should just stay in a bubble. I am saying she should be aware of any risks before a shoot and she took that risk the day before the shoot. You said models will not do certain scenes such as gangbangs on the day before they are scheduled to film with Brazzers. Ashley risked real bruises by rollerskating before a shoot. Let’s say she got bruises instead of a broken arm. You now have a model with bruises on set.

          • Imagineer says:

            Check her twitter feed from the rollerskating incident forward. She may have been able to do some mainstream porn work while her arm healed — which is good because she might not have Aflac, and do porn stars commonly make state disability claims? — earlier than bondage or superheroine fetish stuff where she’d have to use the arm or risk aggravating the injury. And as much as she seems to enjoy bondage and superheroine stuff, it’s not her only work — she might even like to transition to more basic porn that’s less difficult to shoot and more financially rewarding.
            Did Damien pay her commensurately more to secure extra precautions? Is your word really the prevailing industry expectation and practice on precautions and acceptable risk here? I mean, come on, you’re merely an expert, not a PhD or an Esq. 😉

            And do you know she didn’t take precautions? Didn’t wear a helmet and elbow and knee pads to prevent scrapes that would affect a porn shoot? Do you know the statistical likelihood of a broken arm while rollerskating, in the way that she did it?
            Do you know how to cover bruises with makeup?

            Or are you just axe-grinding to sharpen your rep as an expert?
            Or just pig-wrestling for the sport of it?
            I guess we’re all just pigs wrestling each other, eh?

            I look forward to the downvotes, especially the stealth ones that show up days later — if I reach -20 within a week I get a set of steak knives!

          • Darkwrath016 says:

            Hahaha! Out of spite, I’m up-voting you. No steak knives for you.

          • Darkwrath016 says:

            They’ll be no bad mouthing of Ashley Lane on this site. Away with you and your negativity!

            On a real though, actresses are entitled to have lives. Understand that virtually all actresses in this genre probably only shoot films 2-4 times a year. 5-6 if they’re really popular. And at best I can’t imagine any of them making more than $5,000 in a year from staring in multiple SHIP films. That leaves them with 360+ days to fill with other stuff. and $15,000 dollars of income that has to come from somewhere else to just be above the poverty line. To ask them to revolve their time around staring in a SHIP film is unreasonable. Let’s be thankful that many of them even do star in these videos.

            And to state once again, no bad mouthing Ashley Lane. She’s an awesome actress and one of the best R rated ones.

          • SHL says:

            Ashley’s work in this genre is priceless. Despite how complicated the situation became I’m not swayed from making it happen. Luckily I’m a flexible person who isn’t prone to panic attacks, so I handled the situation and made a film that I’m excited about.

            People make mistakes. I’m not going to hold this one against anyone.

          • TheLecher says:

            To be fair to him, I really don’t think that he’s suggesting that Ashley’s whole career is performing in SHIP videos. I’m pretty sure that he’s talking about her career in adult entertainment. Female actresses in adult entertainment average anywhere from 2 or 3 shoots per month (for the less popular) all the way up to 12+ shoots per month (for the top models).

            Even within the SHIP genre, the estimate of 5 or 6 shoots per year is pretty low. Pamela Voorhees, who is still rather new to the genre and hasn’t really become very popular yet, has already appeared in 3 releases in the past year. Coco, who is one of the popular girls, has appeared in 20 releases in the past year. Female models who also produce content, or who are favorite performers of prolific producers, such as Anastasia Pierce, Christina Carter, Cory Chase, and Alexxx Coal will appear in even more releases per year. And that’s only counting work in the SHIP genre. They do other fetish work in other genres, and many of them also do hardcore non-fetish porn.

            In other words, for most girls in porn, even the less popular ones, they can reasonably expect to work in the industry at least a couple of times per month, unless they’ve developed a bad reputation with producers.

    • TheLecher says:

      On the Uninvited 3 preorder page on this forum, Damien stated that he was unable to shoot with Ashley Lane because she broke her arm just before they were scheduled to film the scene, and he didn’t find out about it until after he was already on a flight to LA. So a last minute replacement had to be found.

    • SHL says:

      Like the Lecher stated Ashley broke her arm the night before the shoot. You can look up her twitter feed for photos of the cast, etc.

      I was already on a plane when I found out so I recasted so I wasn’t out 600 dollars for a flight for nothing.

      When I have a trailer for this film I’ll give preorder customers an option to opt in or opt out. I don’t mind giving refunds to anyone who isn’t on board for the change of plans.

      I still plan on shooting with Ashley in the near future cause I want to see that plan through. But she’s currently unable to shoot until she’s healed.

      • Jane says:

        I’m not trying to bad mouth anyone. I didn’t see any other post, just this one with pictures and no explanation. I don’t think its a scam, but could’ve been an email sent heads-uping the preorderers. Hope Ashley gets well soon and I commend Damien for making chicken salad out of chicken shit, doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t order chicken salad. I’ll be looking forward to more info, a trailer or whatever so I can make a decision.

  13. Mike says:

    Liv is sexy

  14. baron 2027 says:

    thank you for the update this is great news

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