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Uninvited 3 (Hardcore, Preorder)

Uninvited 3 (Presale)

Starring Ashley Lane

Update coming soon


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  1. TheLecher says:

    Damien, I understand that neither of these films will be ready for release for a while yet, but how about some info to whet our appetites? For example, who are the actresses with whom you worked? You mentioned that one of them is new to the genre. Also, are there any still images which you’re willing to post as a teaser?

  2. SHL says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I get that people are excited about the film but I have a day job and if I posted updates every week then I wouldn’t have been able to film Uninvited 3 and Uninvited 4 this last week. Sometimes you have to know where to put your energy and I don’t want to spend much of that here responding to comments.

    Oh by the way, did you catch that? I filmed Uninvited 3 and Uninvited 4…

    Now, by some kind of hand of God moment Ashley Lane broke her arm 12 hours before I was on an airplane to film her. I didn’t get a heads up about that until my flight had already almost landed. I also had another actress cancel on me and my location fell through. My hotel rental was also over booked so I slept in the back seat of the rental car. The things I’ll do for the love of the genre…

    So in some kind of horrific and magical 48 hours in LA I recasted two films, rebooked a filming location and managed to make two films. Unfortunately it looks like the film i wanted to make with Ashley will have to be a thing in the future, which I still have all intent to make.

    I work 40 hours a week. So editing and releasing won’t happen in next two weeks maybe not even the next month. I can assure you this though, the less I communicate on here the better and sooner things will be done and well all be better off for it.

    Both upcoming films are hardcore. One has a new actress that the genre hasn’t seen before. I think people will find something they love in both of them. All preorder customers will get an option of which film they want for their preorder and a discount on the other film if they wanted. Everyone else gets to pay full price.

    Thanks to everyone for their patience. I hope you guys love what I’ve made. And if all goes well there will be more to come.

    Thanks again.

    • Bert says:

      Normally I never refer to thumbs up/down because people are completely free to express their opinion and that is as it should be. I’m making an exception this time because Damien’s lengthy and extremely informative post garnered a down vote. (I up voted to counteract it.) It just made me laugh that one of the producers of HIP vids would deal with the sudden and serious problems that Damien just faced, still produce two vids, take the time to write out the update, and then get downvoted on it. There certainly are some world class pricks out there.

      On a related note, I hope Ashley Lane isn’t too badly hurt and enjoys a quick and complete recovery. In the meantime, I can see a cool fanfic story about Ashley actually being a superheroine when she isn’t acting as one, and sustaining her injury in a brave fight against evil hoodlums.

      • Jacques says:

        While I do not buy from this Damien,(LOL), I am impressed with his perseverance, actually very impressed. Many if not most people would have given up and returned home.
        Bert you deserve a thumbs up as well.

      • Sugarcoater says:

        I would say the thumbs down would be a response to all the time without a single sentence updating the situation. Considering this post will take less than a minute to write, my guess (based on comments already posted) that people who had already fronted the money were dismayed for the person who had their investment not taking a minute while being delayed in any daily task to let those financing a portion of the video what was happening.

        Good to have an update, and curious as to what model and costume is being used for 3 and 4.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      We had four last second cancellations in a row recently and it was a nightmare. Really unfortunate and extremely expensive mishaps. Glad you were able to still get your films produced in the face of all of that chicanery. Well done! May your future bookings bring you less complication.

      • Señor Descartes says:

        Lucia Films– were the cancellations from established actresses with good reputations or from unproven newcomers? Either way it’s very unprofessional of them 🙁

    • TheLecher says:

      It’s good to have an update, Damien. And it’s great to hear that we have not one, but two hardcore productions coming in the next month or so.

    • ThePornExpert says:

      My opinion on this matter is looking at both sides.

      I would be really angry over this situation if I had purchased a preorder. First, Ashley Lane broke her arm rollerskating as she stated on her Twitter page. She put herself in a situation that could cause an injury. I would understand if she broke her arm in a car accident or something that she could not control.

      Second, Uninvented Three was advertised to feature Ashley Lane. Customers paid for Ashley and now they are not getting her. Did you even ask your customers, who should be her replacement model? Customers should know who these models are. I would be demanding a refund if I had purchased a preorder.

  3. ZombieTroll says:

    Probably beyond the Mexican border by now

  4. Dragon1 says:

    any word on what the vote was and what you will be doing??

  5. tim says:

    just a thought but why not go with the original star again, ariella? she is offering to do themed productions on clips4sale for $900. might be less ass pain and good follow-on story. and as an adult actress there wouldnt be issues with the intent.

    • TheLecher says:

      I’ve made the same suggestion to Damien via email, but haven’t received a response.

      Ashley Lane is also an adult actress. The problem isn’t with her willingness to do hardcore sexual content. The problem, as I understand it, is with her agency. Ariella Ferrera has no agency, being self-represented, so there wouldn’t be a middle man to deal with if he approached her about the production.

      The original Uninvited is still my all-time favorite superheroine rape scene, and I would love to see Ariella reprise her role in a sequel.

  6. tim says:

    any idea when we’re going to see this production? its been months now.

  7. TheLecher says:

    Has anyone, apart from myself, tried emailing Damien, to request an update?

  8. Fitabts says:

    Clearly he’s not the best at communication. This has been a recurring issue with his productions. That being said, he has never failed to deliver. There may have been some issues with the goddess Ashley and her recent career transition.

    However, I think open communication is always a good thing unless you’re planning an attack on a hapless heroine.

  9. Nobody says:

    dude, it’s June. Where’s the updates?

  10. Sonny says:

    Hi Damien,
    Anymore updates on this?

  11. Damien Woods says:

    Hey everyone,

    Been trying to schedule a date but Ashley’s new agency has to approve me first. Been emailing them so hopefully it’s just a matter of time now before we lock down a date.

    When the preorder process began she didn’t have an agency otherwise this would have all been worked out by now. Thank you to. everyone for your patience.

  12. Dragon1 says:

    Any news?

  13. TheLecher says:

    Damien, you had previously been hoping for a shoot date in April, with a release date in May. Were you able to work that out, or are you now looking at a shoot date in May?

  14. Sonny says:

    Any idea when we may see this?

  15. Enigma says:

    I am interested in the preorder. I saw a preview to uninvited 2 but can’t find one for uninvited 1. Is there a preview or sample pics. Also if I preorder, will I get the other two films immediately while i wait on the new film? Thanks

    • TheLecher says:

      Here’s a link to a thread Damien Woods posted some years back on another forum: https://www.superheroineforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22491

      There are a meager three preview pics in that thread, none of them hardcore, but they give you some idea about the look of the original Uninvited. The film itself is hardcore, of course, and it’s still one of my favorite superheroine rape scenes, even years later.

      • Enigma says:

        Thanks so much for the help. From the pic it doesn’t seem as if the heroine has hosiery on. I still wonder how when ordering the bundle does one get the two added videos when oelrdering or do all three videos come when the commissioned video is available?

  16. TheLecher says:

    Damien, where do you stand on your funding drive now?

  17. jim says:

    hi, i preordered. i was wondering if it would be possible to put in a request for a thong leotard for the costume. and i’m a big fan of the pantyhose. i understand if its too late, you you cant do it for other reasons, but i figured it couldn’t hurt to try. thanks!

  18. Alwyn says:

    It would be great if you use a sexier costume like TBFE’s White Shadow. The villain will have easier access to her breasts and the thongs will also ease the forced penetration while using only minor costume destruction.
    The superheroine will also look as if she’s asking for it.

    Whichever path you take, whatever the result, we hope that this isn’t the last of the anthology series.

  19. TheLecher says:

    I’m delighted to see that Uninvited is going back to hardcore, and I’ll happily contribute $40 or $50. There aren’t any of the listed collections which are of any interest to me (given that I already own Uninvited and Uninvited 2), but if you set up a separate link to preorder just this film, without any other titles (or a donation link of some sort), I’ll definitely chip in.

  20. Dragon1 says:

    having her sound on the verge of tears would be hot. Also her saying what he was doing or what she was feeling would also be hot.

  21. Valik says:

    What will the difference be between this hardcore version and the version with Riley Reyes??

    • SHL says:

      To some degree just the actress. Every Uninvited follows the same basic plot line, with small adjustments here and there.

  22. TC M says:

    Will Ashley Lane actually be doing hardcore sex scenes?

  23. Shzam says:

    Deciding between the Super Missy collection or the Scarlet fox collection (i prefer sexual peril) anyone have any suggestions?

  24. Dragon1 says:

    Ashley Lane is an amazing actress and in this type of film it will be epic.

  25. Sonny says:

    Awesome.Thanks. Really looking forward to the Movie.

  26. Sonny says:

    I just Pre-ordered Uninvited 3 then it came up saying I Preordered Uninvited 2?

  27. Spankdex says:

    Hello, is the pre order a way to contribute and add an element to the video or is there a separate way to do that?

  28. MClu says:

    Hi Damien, I’ve always been a fan of your work. I’d love to pre-order Uninvited 3 bundle. However, I have previously purchased Uninvited, Scarlet Fox, Super Missy If Steel Breaks, and Silver Minx The Sandman. I don’t want to buy something redundant, I wonder if I could purchase a bundle that is not listed up there? Thanks!

  29. Eric says:

    This might be a silly question but is it possible to get a mobile friendly copy?

  30. Alan says:

    Man, only if you had said that in the beginning. But there’s a small problem. I’ve already owned all of your production. Is it possible for me to purchase sth else? Like uncut raw film version of uninvite 2 and univited 3? I can pay $500 for those.

  31. Dragon1 says:

    I have a problem I ordered Uninvited 3. with Wonderful Girl: Night Terrors
    Silver Minx: The Sandman instead it saying Univited 2 and I got If Steel Breaks
    Evil Wonder

  32. Dragon1 says:

    HELLLLL!!!! YES!!!!!!!