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  1. I finally watched Uninvited 3 over the weekend and it lived up to the expectations. The video quality is the best that I have seen in superheroine peril. The picture is clear and colorful. The lighting was perfect. I see so many superheroine videos suffer because of bad lighting, but Damien Woods gets it right. I clearly see all of the details from the face to the costume.

    Liv Revamped and Nathan Bronson are really good actors. I know why Nathan has been in superheroine films by multiple companies. He embraces his character, looks the part, and dominated Blue Vixen. Liv was really good too. I don’t mind a superheroine enjoying herself during a sex scene. She is now vulnerable, and maybe sexually submissive. She had no hope of winning after losing her powers.

    The sex scene was great. A little more sex would be nice, but 50/50 works too. I think sex scenes should be 60/40. 60 percent being the sex scene and 40 percent being the story/fighting. I would have like to see Blue Vixen panic after getting a creampie.

    Red Vision was mention during the movie. Will she be in Uninvited 5 as a prequel?

    However, there are a few problems/questions. Who was Liv’s character? Her superheroine name was never said in the video. What is this superheroine known for? The synopsis gives us her name, but she nor Brutal Jack says her superheroine name.

    Brutal Jack has this tool that can drain a superheroine’s powers. Are Liv’s powers natural? If so then how he can use it on Blue Avenger? Blue Avenger’s powers are unnatural and come from her power belt.

  2. TheLecher says:

    Having watched this release a couple of times now, I thought I’d post a review, for anyone who may be on the fence about purchasing. This review will be mostly spoiler free, but there may be a couple of minor spoilers, for those who prefer to know nothing at all. (If that’s you, why would you be reading a review, in the first place?)

    As usual for Damien’s productions, the cinematography is above average for the genre. Some people may not care about cinematography in porn, but plenty of us do, and Damien delivers again. There are multiple camera moves and angles which promote tension and keep the action moving. And there’s a good use of what I think is mostly natural light.
    Both performers do a fine job. Nathan Bronson already demonstrated in Uninvited 2 that he can give a convincing performance as the villain, and I think that he shows some improvement in this film. Liv Revamped (I’m still not used to that name. I still think of her as Liv Aguilera.) has a beautiful face and a sexy body, and she looks the part of the superheroine in her uniform.
    Liv and Nathan also do a perfectly respectable job with the fight scene. The choreography is simple, but there’s some back-and-forth, with both the villain and the heroine having the upper hand at times. And there are a couple of nicely framed shots which border on stunt work.
    The sex begins almost exactly at the halfway mark in the film, and takes up the entire second half, which is exactly how it should be, in my opinion. (Though I honestly wouldn’t mind a 60/40 break, in favor of the sex scene.) There are multiple sex positions, with multiple camera moves and angles for each. There are plenty of full body shots which show Liv’s face and expressions, and plenty of shots of penetration. In short, this is an excellent example of how superheroine rape scenes should be shot and edited.

    I do have two small criticisms (minor spoilers ahead, for those who care), one for Nathan Bronson, and one for Liv Revamped.
    Nathan is sometimes too quiet with his dialogue. Some of his dialogue is perfectly audible, but sometimes it’s difficult to hear what he’s saying, especially with the music track added. I don’t think that the music track should be cut, as it adds to the flow of the scene. Nathan just needs to remember that his dialogue should be audible. I noticed this in Uninvited 2, as well, so it seems to be a problem for him. It’s not a huge problem, though, and didn’t detract much from the film.
    Liv’s problem was that there were a few brief times in the sex scene when she was so obviously into the sex that it broke the fantasy of a superheroine being raped by a dastardly villain. Of course she should enjoy the sex. If you don’t enjoy your job, do something else. But she should remember what type of scene she’s shooting and stay in character. This only happened a couple of times, though, and she was quick to get back into character. For most of the scene, she was the heroine-turned-victim. I enjoyed her performance very much, and would be glad to see her reprise her role in a later production.

    • SHL says:

      Thank you for this review. Agree on all points. 🙂

    • Redmountain says:

      How much of the sex scene is she in costume for? I can see by the previews she is exposed but appears to keep some of her costume on, which is a big turn on for me. By the end of it is she naked/just in tights or is she still wearing a soiled and disheveled costume?

      • TheLecher says:

        She’s never completely naked from head to toe. Once she gets in costume, she has some portion of the costume on for the rest of the film.

  3. Lee Carl says:

    Is there an ETA on Part 4? Nothing against this girl. I’m just a fan of Riley.

  4. I might buy this movie. How long is this sex scene? I don’t want anything short like Rye’s softcore scenes.

  5. Heroine Fall says:

    I was excited for this film, but why only 720p? I get that file sizes are smaller, but my TV is 4K and the up-scaling only goes so far. :/

    • SHL says:

      For presale customers I offered a 1080P version and half the people can’t download it cause the server errors on file size. If I can work out the kinks with that Ill resend it to anyone who’s bought it and didn’t get that option.

      But so far the file seems to be too big for the server to handle and I am not sure where the error is occurring.

      • Heroine Fall says:

        What is the file size? Are you encoding to MOV? If so, that might be your issue. You should be able to get an MP4 file down to about 2GB while maintaining quality. If you’re on Mac you’re probably using Final Cut. Its been a while, but if I recall it has a good MP4 export for web quality. From the photos above, your shots look wonderful. Would be a shame not to see them in the highest quality possible. 🙂

      • Jaghi says:

        I too would love a 1080p size video of the download

  6. Redmountain says:

    When is the combo pack going to be available? Also for Uninvited 4, does it take place after her initial defeat in Uninvited 2 or is it a separate story line?

    • SHL says:

      I knew I forgot something when I launched the film. I might just send discount codes to anyone who has purchased the film when I get that U4 preorder up and running.

  7. Patrick says:

    Great flick, sex scene was sssssscintillating. I didn’t see a link for the U3+4 preorder bundle but I purchased anyway. Looking forward to U4. Any ETA on that?

  8. -LuciaFilms- says:

    Okay. I know the focus on this website is the heroines, and beautiful heroines are basically a given in most any production. But….
    Holy Wow that guy is handsome. Like. Jeeze.

  9. arno says:

    Does Liv get cradle carried in this?

  10. Darkwrath016 says:

    I’m intrigued by this

  11. dkm says:

    That actress is beautiful. Has she done any other SHIP films?