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  1. Grapevine says:

    I paid for 3 and 4, and the downloads worked when I first watched them. I just went to watch again and neither the 720 nor 1080 versions of either I downloaded work. The BTS clip works just fine. Anyone else having this issue?

  2. Enigma says:

    I purchased 3 but would like to see the unseasoned trailer before purchasing 4

    • TheLecher says:

      The uncensored trailer for Uninvited 4 is available as a free download on the Superheroine Limited website. Follow the link in the original post above, then click on the “Films” tab at the top of the page and select “Uninvited Trailers.” You can download the trailer for Uninvited 4 there.

  3. Here is my review for Uninvited 4.


    Uninvited 4 is the perfect sequel for Uninvited 2. I recommend buying Uninvited 2 before watching Uninvited 4 to learn the relationship between Blue Avenger and Brutal Jack. You may also need to buy Uninvited 3 to understand the device that Brutal Jack uses to defeat Blue Avenger because neither character mention what the device is.

    I like seeing a Superheroine defeated by different methods. In the first video, Blue Avenger’s power belt was not at full power. In this video, Blue Avenger’s powers are drained. I wish more directors would consider different tactics to defeat superheroines in movies.

    The fight scenes were great. It was one of the best fight scenes in SHIP and Nathan does a great job directing Riley how to position herself in the fight in the BTS video.

    The sex scene is really good. Brutal Jack dominates and orders Blue Avenger to his liking. It makes her look very weak as it should.

    There is an odd moment when Brutal Jack’s vision was blurry, but the camera angle was position in Blue Avenger’s point of view. The camera is directed at Brutal Jack with the blur, and he was injured from Blue Avenger’s assault. The camera should have shown blur at Blue Avenger from Brutal Jack’s point of view.

    • Solitary Unraveling says:

      It was really faint but as Jack used the stone on Blue Avenger you can hear a digitized voice saying power draining and stating percentages.

      I strongly agree with you on seeing other ways of defeating heroines being used though in Uninvited 4 I felt Damien did an excellent job of letting Blue Avenger be a heroine before she was defeated. Though personally I like seeing the heroine dominating the fight and then having victory snatched from her grip.

      I also liked the fact that Damien added in that character building scene after Blue Avenger knocked Jack out. The moral dilemma she faced as she held the knife knowing that she could end Jack for good or arrest him and risk having him tell the world her secrets.

  4. Lee Carl says:

    Is this live? The link still says it’s a preorder.

  5. Mike says:

    Is there an unmasking scene?

    • TheLecher says:

      There’s an unmasking at the end of the sex scene. I don’t know that you could really call it an “unmasking scene”, but she’s still partly in costume and the villain takes her mask off.