Uninvited (6,7,8) and Invited (1) Preview

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  1. SHL says:

    It’s been released. Check spam folders if you preordered.

  2. TheLecher says:

    Any status update?

  3. CatWriter says:

    So, do we have a release window for Uninvited 6?

    • JoeyJon says:

      I think it is the whole “a work of genius can’t be rushed” thing going on…

      • SHL says:

        I wish haha. It’s just that I have a day job and am really intense about making sure the edit is as good as it can be. Sometimes that means rewatching 50 minutes of footage to make basic edits that most people probably couldn’t even tell the difference of. But it drives me nuts if I know that it could have been better.

        It’s almost complete though. Almost!

  4. shfyd says:

    Uninvited 8 looks really interesting. The model has that very confident heroine look.

    Also waiting for Uninvited 6, Ashley Lane is sensational. I bought Uninvited 5 and she steamed up the desktop with her performance!
    So roll on 6 and 8!

  5. Vishtar says:

    Wonder Woman one would be great, brutal fight with a big guy, little bit of indicative blood ( al a Gigi Allens in Rye’s videos) and then the Uninvited magic on top.

    Realise I am not in a position to demand anything as I can’t afford a custom, but just putting it out there as a suggestion 😉

  6. Mr. Bleh says:

    How does Star Nine do it?
    I swear that girl looks the same now as she does in the gang thang movies and how long ago has that been?

  7. sugarcoater says:

    I would pay a ton to see Alexis Monroe as Supergirl in an Univited video!

    • SHL says:

      How much is a ton to you?


      • sugarcoater says:

        $120 for Alexis (with curls in her hair) in a quality Supergirl outfit (the one piece, not the crop top) without any requests in terms of action.
        Obviously for a commission I’m guessing I would have to kick down several thousand. But just that video with all plot decided by you would be worth $120 to me.

        • SHL says:

          I’m not oppose to something like this but:

          1. I blew every dollar I had to make these four films.

          2. As of now it might be months before these are all edited and released.

          3. Another film would have to be prefunded completely in order for me to be able to shoot it anytime soon. And those funding it would have to be ready to wait 4-7 months before it’s even released.

          Are you guys rabid enough to make that happen? Cause if you bring the money I’ll make it happen. But financially I don’t even think I can afford myself a new pair of shoes. Let alone even think about who I’m casting next.

  8. JoeyJon says:

    Okay release Uninvited 6 now please.

  9. Alucard says:

    Can’t wait to get uninvited 8

  10. MCarvalh says:

    Any combo offers for someone interested in getting the four movies?

  11. jpk1220 says:

    I think Invited’s actress is Jessa Rhodes.

  12. dobby says:

    Nope, sorry, I was looking at wrong picture.

  13. Elevete says:

    I dont see any preview yet…

  14. Who is the model in Uninvited 7? I don’t recognize her.


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