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“Valor” from Secret Heroine Films

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  1. Richard says:

    Looking for more on this AMAZING beauty but “Dani G.” doesn’t bring up much 🙁

  2. Judah says:

    I just noticed Dani G is now on The Relic Raider series, are you guys planning on shooting a film with her or just having her do photo sets. If you are planning on doing a film that black tight leotard body suit is a great start.

  3. Rocko says:

    Outstanding performance by Dani G, please can we have another Valor blockbuster!

  4. DRH1966 says:

    I am decidedly picky about what I buy but I decided to pick this up based on the hot preview pics, trailer and what was being said about it in regards to the chloro scenes(something I usually take with a grain of salt). After all, $35 for a video is a bit steep especially when you know there is going to be a lot of what I call “filler”. I’m not a fan of paying for this type of episodic film making when the going rate is a buck a minute and I know I’m only going to watch the stuff that scratches my itch which in many cases might only amount to 3-4 minutes of content.
    It was typical from SHG: decent quality, effort put into locations, hot actress, male villains (a must for me). As expected, there were A LOT of body blows (not my thing but I know what is coming with this crew). As mentioned earlier, she went down way too easily, didn’t seem “super” at all and her attitude seemed like that of a cocky, rich 16 year old girl which annoyed me (after a couple of minutes, I wanted to punch her in the face!). She sold the peril very well but otherwise her acting talents were about on par with other actresses in this genre: mediocre. But let’s face it, these aren’t trained actresses which is why I believe the less you give them to do and say, the better. This is another reason why the episodic approach fails for me. But I realize it has its fans so whatever.
    A couple of things that haven’t been mentioned that bothered me: too much superheroine posing with the hands on hips, then walking while remaining in that pose. Who does that? Why would she disappear for 6 months after a relatively mild attack? The description said she was beaten almost to death and left in a pool of blood, but what transpired could hardly be considered enough for a hero to go into hiding. It seemed very weak.
    And lastly, the chloro scenes. This is my kink and for me to shell out money it needs to be done well. I know well is a relative thing and some people on here said the chloro was great but I’ve watched other scenes that were called great by some and found them lacking. I liked the main chloro, the villain was forceful in taking her down and both actors did a good job. I would have liked more struggle and it to last longer but that’s me. The other two chloros were very brief (couple of seconds) and while they served a purpose, they didn’t begin to scratch that itch. Maybe if they were a bit longer and happened a few more times, kind of like teasing her by slowly weakening her with the rag, it would have worked better for me. I like the ganging up aspect, it just needed more chloro.
    For me, this was typical SHG so I knew overall what I was getting. I know they do a serviceable chloro but it isn’t their specialty and it truly is hit or miss for me. I wish I didn’t pay $35 for it since there is several minutes of story filler and a lack of chloro time, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and take a chance. I thought about picking up Eye of the Beholder with that WW character but I just can’t do it for the cost. While the actress and costume look good, there are little things that throw me off like no tiara and the girl on girl chloro which I have no interest in. It’s the same with Defeated Heroines offering: Crimson Climax. Hot actress doing a WW character and there is a chloro but I have serious reservations considering the cost.

  5. SHG Media says:

    Hi Gene… Use the contact page at SHG-media.com to drop us a note. I am sure we can figure something out. 🙂

  6. Peter says:

    Tremendous chloro and carry scene!!! Valor is absolutely stunning and looks so beautiful unconscious. That costume #2 is unbelievably HOT!!! Dani G is amazing!!

    LOVE this Valor!!!! Please …MORE VALOR SOON!!

  7. ximi says:

    I echo the comments above. The fighting scenes are actually decent – not outstanding, but acceptable. The problem is like many folks mentioned, she is defeated way too easily. Basically two normal thugs defeat her fair and square in fighting, no tricks, handicaps, traps, or “army of thugs” (two or three is barely an army to me). Next time it will work better if they are given some advantages to make the heroine defeat more acceptable.

    Other than that an overall great video. I don’t care what the end scene shows – in this world there is no logic :-), it doesn’t really matter: give us another Valor please.

  8. Trevor Kandy says:

    I bought Valor the other day and I have quite a few good things to say about it. [[[spoilers]]]
    First, Dani G. is very good. It almost goes without saying that she’s gorgeous and cute as hell. But, even more importantly, she’s a very good actor. I’ve seen many, many women play Wonder Woman type characters. Most have ranged between mediocre and downright bad. There have been a couple of ladies who were surprisingly good. Dani is one of those. For every peril situation Valor gets herself into, it is Dani’s performance makes it so much easier to suspend disbelief.
    Also some scenes, the chloroform ones in particular, were shot and played with an degree of intensity I’m not used to seeing. Bravo for that. Also the bullets and bracelets sequences were pretty neat.
    Finally in any permutation of a Wonder Woman type character the thing that piques my interest the most quickly is when the villains use her lasso against her. In particular I thought it was really cool when the baddies had Valor tied with her lasso and she managed to thump them well enough to escape for a moment. One doesn’t usually see this kind of reversal in a superheroine peril film. Again, bravo!
    But, alas, this brings me to my complaints.
    In the comment sections I have noted that others mention that Valor was subdued too easily. I have to loudly agree with those sentiments. As far as the film portrayed her, Valor was nothing more than a slightly above average athletic woman who decided to put on a costume and fight crime. The villains at the beginning mentioned that she is one of the most powerful people around. Yet in the film there is no evidence of this.
    Against one opponent, with the element of surprise on her side, Valor did just fine. But against more than one adversary she collapsed like a balsa wood chair under a 600-pound dude. I suppose the film makers were using the standard formula of “an Amazon looses her strength it she’s hit in the crotch.” But this is never stated as the case at any point in the film. Rather it seems that she is no more physically endowed than the average person who spends some time on a stair master.
    Further there was no evidence that Valor had any kind of combat training such as an Amazon warrior would probably receive. She was easily taken by surprise by the bad guys, grabbed from behind and seems to have had no response to this situation other than to squirm and whimper. Why was she so weak? Was it the lasso? Was it the low blows? Was it because men chained her in the end sequences? Was it because she had no superpowers? There was no way to tell. Similarly, there was no reason to assume that the villains had any kind of super powers at all, so, again, the easy take down makes no sense.
    I completely understand the limitations of budget and special effects and that independent films such as this one can only do so much to show a super-powered person doing something super powerful. This includes wanting to only pay so many actors. I also understand that audiences want to get to the peril as quickly as possible. This absolutely includes me.
    I don’t know if I am echoing anyone else’s feelings on this, but for me superheroine peril scenes work best for me if the person who is imperiled is so powerful that it actually means something when the villains are able to get the upper hand. It’s a fine line, I know, between making a character so powerful that it would take the most unlikely set of events for them to be put in peril and one who is so not powerful that it means nothing when the bad guys trap them. To me, having a superheroine beaten by only two people veers way too far into the latter category.
    All that said, though certain elements of this film disappointed me, the overall experience was a good one. For certain I am looking forward to seeing more work from Dani G. Though [[[SPOILER ALERT]]] since Valor appeared to have been killed at the end of this clip I don’t have high hopes of seeing more of Valor in the future. If we do, though, can I respectfully suggest she go to Bruce Wayne or Karate Kid or Matt Murdock or Steve Rogers for some kind of actual combat training?

  9. mrxstacy says:

    My thoughts exactly. Really hot girl displaying good solid fight moves with good direction and editing. What stands out is that she is hot! She may not be a martial artist like Amy Johnston, but Dani G. looks so hot in her costumes whether she was strutting around, standing tall like WW/WG, or fighting. Also, I know others have commented heavily about this, but let’s appreciate that she can act amazingly in the submissive scenes. The crying was delicious! We need to hear from Mr. Hero about a follow-up movie or at least outtakes and director’s cut ala. Avalon. I’m still watching this movie scene-by-scene. Such a turn-on!

  10. brad777 says:

    @ F
    Valor battles on hard against the goons, the combat battle scenes are shorter than they could have been, but they still are hot to watch. The beauty of Valor in her costumes as a gorgeous superheroine makes up for the shorter combat battle time.

    There are a couple of dark unexpected shocking moments during the movie & Valor is on the receiving end for most of the movie, but she still fights back a few awesome times. This movie is a realistic view of Valor being defeated by an army of goons with fake blood & weapon peril use etc…

    My favourite scene in this movie is when Valor battles against Killshot. The combat battle heats up as Valor attacks Killshot, Valor battles on with her costume torn! It’s a short combat battle scene, but it rocks! This scene would have been a classic if it went on for a few minutes longer.
    Valor looks sexy in the bondage scene, awesome camera work…

    I hope to see more Valor movies with longer combat battle scenes with Valor kicking more ass; she is a hot superheroine…

  11. Bob says:

    F: I agree that her being defeated is the majority and I’d have preferred more back-and-forth, but she definitely does some fighting.

  12. F says:

    Bert wrote: “The majority of the vid is her being at the villains’ mercy and being innocent and terrified … she is defeated too easily in both scenarios. ” Thanks, Bert! So, the vid is, essentially, a girl in a WW costume getting beaten up and worse, by a bunch of goons, with a few seconds thrown in where she has the upper hand? Or not? Those of you who have seen it, can they give a fair summary?

  13. Michael Birch says:

    I just watched this video today and I liked it. I would like to know if there will be a release of an extended edition or Director’s Cut of this video? Any response would be appreciated.

  14. brad777 says:

    The chloro scene rocked as Valor battled against the army of goons !

  15. brad777 says:

    Just watched my download of Valor, it is an amazing piece of work. Dani G has a tanned, sexy, gorgeous, busty, perfect body!
    She has bold, solid thighs & a cute tight ass like a sexy wonder girl should have. Both of her costumes are wonder hot, I love her shining golden tiara with the red shining star & her sexy golden magic lasso! The attire of killshot & the goons looks tough & appropriate for the awesome storyline of the movie…

    Her sexy bold entry into the movie is totally awesome. Valor has a smart mouth & she is overconfident as she kicks ass in her first defensive attack! The sound effects in this movie are awesome.
    The acting of valor & the army of goons is solid; Valor is so hot in the combat battleperil scenes! She puts up a sexy fight & she is divine deflecting bullets .But I would have liked to see her kick total ass for a bit longer ,then to see her get taken down underhandedly somehow would of been hot.

    Valor returns 6 months later, her combat battle attack is sexy, it is ultimate battle action! The goon army closes in on her, she fights a sexy realistic battle until her defeat & her demise. The blood action on Valor makes the battle peril look more sexy & realistic.

    Valor & the goons say some awesome sexy lines during this wild super heroine movie & her vocal reactions are boiling hot! The golden magic lasso action in this movie totally rocks! The costume destruction is superb as parts of her gorgeous body become visible.

    This movie has a dark tone ending. I would of liked to have seen Valor get up & kick ass again, then see the cops pull up & take the goons to jail as Valor walks her tight ass into Valor 2 for more hot combat battle action! . I only like a death ending once in a while if it’s during a solid combat battle scene with a good physical & vocal struggle so it looks more realistic when the former invincible, world famous superheroine is defeated.

    Overall I thought this was a hot piece of superheroine fantasy theatre action. I hope to see more movies of Dani G as Valor… Great work Secret Heroine Film!

  16. Bob says:

    One other thing; there’s been lots of love for the second costume, which I agree was terrific, but I loved the more traditional first one too.

  17. mrxstacy says:

    It seems Dani G. has some objection to leg spreading, since she makes many attempts to keep her legs closed. If this behavior was written into her character, then so be it, but if the costumes are too revealing in that area, then I do not mind her using a flesh-colored g-string. I’m hoping she will be more comfortable in the next film (Hopefully there will be a next one, SOON!) to lets those legs spread wide!
    Also, in line with my previous comments, sex bargaining leading to betrayal, blackmail, and eventual pimping her out to other villains, teenagers, etc., including fight scenes of similar or better quality.
    I love that she certainly does not go down without a fight. You really do great work as a director, considering that the actress appears to be to the superheroine genre.

  18. Judah says:

    I thought this was pretty good. Would have liked to have seen more AOH/torture/peril and more of the 2nd costume but other than that I thought it was pretty awesome. Hope to see Dani G return sometime in the future.

  19. Bob says:

    A note on attitude. Everyone likes different things but here’s a vote for not innocent; I think it’s really sexy when a strong, confident woman gets taken down and remains at least somewhat defiant through humiliation. Luckily, I think there continue to be good examples of that in recent peril fare.

    While I really loved Valor, one issue I had was her wavering attitude — she sometimes seemed to go from defiant to terrified in a moment or two; whether innocent or tough, I like a more gradual wearing down.

  20. Bert says:

    A valiant effort with many positives, but some nagging flaws left me feeling let down. Dani G is very attractive and has some acting chops, effectively playing Valor as innocent and shocked at the treatment she receives from the villains. Said villains were great in their roles, although the main baddie was a little wooden with his lines. I loved the setup too. I think the idea of a heroine being defeated, haunted by it, then regaining her courage and returning to fight again is just about the perfect scenario. I’m surprised it doesn’t get used more.

    The problems – first, Dani is not convincing in the fight scenes. She sells fear and pain like a champ, but there was a lot of clever editing to make her look even passingly able to throw punches and react to them. That may not be important to many, but it matters to me. Second, I think it was a bad choice to have her come off as super cocky and arrogant at the beginning. The majority of the vid is her being at the villains’ mercy and being innocent and terrified, so it’s a bit weird that she starts out so dismissive of her opponents. This leads to problem three – she is defeated too easily in both scenarios. Perhaps this makes sense from the producer’s end since Dani’s fighting skills were lacking, but it was a major disappointment for me.

    So, I loved the concept, the costumes were fine, especially the second one – nice to see something original – Dani looked great and everyone pulled off their roles pretty well, but the flaws I mentioned keep this from being a classic.I would love to see the actress improve her fighting choreography skills and return with a more sharply written vid that completely lives up to the potential that this one had.

  21. mrxstacy says:

    no words can adequately describe how much i loved this film and ,most especially, dani g. you must make another film with her as valor. love the second costume. more sexual peril. so well done, we just need more. would like to see her do an “enthusiastic participation”. also having a bunch of high school delinquents get the drop on her. during her lone time, make her reflect on her past assailants with dread, specifically a past pregnancy. dread and regret and then determination. in the end she must bargain with her captors to prevent unprotected sex.

  22. Mike3 says:

    Great feedback from Mario, and I agree I’d like to see different, more unique ways of seeing the heroine get worn down. I like the sleeping gas and getting caught in net ideas, and while they’ve been done before they’re rarely used compared to the usual weakening methods. Maybe (imaginary) deadly insects overwhelming her (see “Darna vs bees” on Youtube) or falling into something like Supergirl falling into the mud. I understand people like stomach punches, low blows, etc. and I’m not complaining. Just would like to see something different as far as the heroine getting weakened.

  23. Mike3 says:

    Blueman- About 33 min.

    Just watched it and Dani’s great. She’s beautiful and a good actress. Though I do feel, and no disrespect to her, that in some ways the villains carried this. They were solid. I was afraid Dani would become similar to the girl who came out last year (forgot her name) as the Wondrous Girl character, in that, while strikingly beautiful, turned out to be annoying with her smugness and lack of selling the peril. And while I wasn’t too crazy about some of the dialog here, where Valor seemed to have this elementary school girl-ish personality, to me this really comes alive in the second part of the film where she’s in her new outfit. The first part had some great moments but if it was like that for the whole movie I would have regretted buying this. I loved Dani’s acting in the second part, I loved the “comeback” outfit (as well as what happens to it:)). I think she sells the peril and pain REALLY well. I wish there were some voice-overs but I realize you can’t have it all. All things considered, I’d give it an A.

  24. Blueman says:

    What is the running time?

  25. dkm says:

    Valor was great. One of the few times I bought one of these films the night it went online and one of even fewer I didn’t regret buying a few days later.

    It sort of suffers from the same problem other films have lately, where the beatdown is the majority of the film and the rape scene / death scenes are waaaaay shorter by comparison (Blue Swan was another example of this). That’s kind of a bummer because if you’re advertising those two components for your film, but they’re not really a major factor, then you’re not much different than the recent flood of PG13 stuff we have now.

    (That’s not directed at a specific director, it’s just an overall observation of the genre and something I’ve noticed watching a lot of the 2014 releases.)

    That being said, everything is excellent in Valor. The actress is really great, it’s shot well, the sound quality and video quality is excellent. Go buy it, and (I hope) the next time around and actress preference permitting, we might get a better balance with the R-rated elements.

  26. Judah says:

    OOh…OOh…OOh me…me…me..first where is it

  27. Mr. Hero says:

    Hey Guys

    I know that was a pain, but thank you for waiting. Valor is up!

  28. Tony says:

    its up

  29. Spectroman says:


    You are not alone.

    Same thing here.

  30. mrxstacy says:

    any idea when shg will update their site? just asking because i have to plan my night. (sad. yes. but don’t you judge me! 🙂

  31. Mr. Hero says:

    The video is complete. Just waiting on the powers that be to upload the film to SHG

    Ill post it once Im told its live!

  32. BruceKent says:

    Release, release!! Any ETA on time????

  33. Mr. Hero says:

    @ Blueman
    Costume destruction along with topless nudity? You betcha!

  34. Sparky1975 says:

    Yay! On track for Friday 26th release… It’ll be like Xmas lasts for 2 days this year!

  35. Blueman says:

    This looks great! Is there costume destruction along with topless nudity? Happy Holidays!

  36. Mr. Hero says:

    @ Gene
    I wish I could give you more information to fix your problem. Have you tried contacting shg? Thats my only advice…I dont have any immediate plans to release it anywhere else. Ill look into though.

    @ Chris
    Im still on track with getting this released on Friday the 26th

    Shes definitely a genuine super heroine

    @ Doug
    There is a decent amount of stomach punches

    This is definitely NOT pg13. There is more realistic violence in this film. Nudity. And simulated at the end.

    Happy Holidays everybody, this video will be out before you know it.

  37. Gene says:

    Does anyone know whether there is anywhere else to buy this work from besides SHG? Because I can’t buy from SHG but I really love the look of this movie

  38. Brendan says:

    So is this pg13 type film?

  39. Doug says:

    How many stomach blows are there?

  40. F says:

    So … its a video about a girl in a WW costume, getting beaten up all the time and eventually killed? Or is she also a genuine superheroine, for part of the movie?

  41. Chris says:

    Release the video?

  42. Gene says:

    I have never wanted a video more than I want this one, looks unreal. Too bad a have never been able to purchase a video from the SHG website because they don’t do pay pass and the credit card service doesn’t work with my bank account for some reason.

  43. Logan says:

    This looks sexy 🙂

  44. Judah says:

    Good to know Dani G will be back. Next time could we see her in a more AOH torture oriented peril. I still plan on buying it regardless of the AOH time. I am interested in this film mostly because I miss Kelly Kula as Lady Wonder in the CTLE films and I haven’t seen a good replacement for her from any other producer but you never know this could be the one.

  45. Mr. Hero says:

    @ MAV
    She is chained to the wall for some of the time but only AOH for less then a minute. Just want to make sure your informed. Hope that isnt a deal breaker 🙂

  46. MAV says:

    hmm…is that AOH peril i see in the new trailer?

  47. Mr. Hero says:

    @ Judah

    As of right now, this is a stand alone film. But because Dani was such a pleasure to work with (and her amazing performance as you will see) I plan on working with her again. A different character possibly just to mix things up….We will see

  48. Judah says:

    I’ll be picking this up whenever it gets released. One question will this be a stand alone film or do you plan on releasing multiple films with Dani G in Valor

  49. Sparky1975 says:

    Truly can’t wait! Fingers are crossed you manage to get this on sale as soon as you can! Looks like another stunning success Mr Hero.

  50. dkm says:

    Love the new trailer and photos. Can’t wait!

  51. Mario says:

    Oh…my…goodness… please take my money

  52. HM says:

    This post has been updated with a new trailer and new images!

  53. Captain Tripps says:

    Killed this thread pretty quick…

    Yikes…it IS just me.

    Well, looking forward to this anyway.

  54. Captain Tripps says:

    Looks very promising. Gimmicks aside, I like a heroine that can act.

    I hope they simulate their way into her back door.
    To quote Ruby Rhod, “I want ALL positions!”

    Maybe it’s just me…but a lot of baddies in these films seem to miss the obvious here…so much so that I’m wondering if it IS just me…

  55. Mr. Hero says:

    Hey Guys

    Im glad your excited for the film. Im working hard to get it finished. I dont want to do an ETA because I know when producers dont meet them, its a little upsetting. What I can say is that if all goes to plan, you will get it sooner then you think. Fingers crossed

    Bunch of different kinds. Bondage with her rope. Lots and lots of groping. Simulated at the end.

    @ Dangerman
    No spin transformation

    There is far more then those throwaway guys you see in the teaser. A mean SOB named Killshot. Inspired from DC Comics Deathstroke

    @ Alucard
    When I release the film, Ill have a new trailer and vid caps. Cant promise that they will come before the release but I will try.


  56. Alucard says:

    Any possible chance of more screen caps n extended trailer mr hero? ETA would be nice, sorry for asking too much, really can’t wait 😉

  57. Chris says:

    Just release the movie already.

  58. rizo says:

    When is the ETA on this release? Can’t wait!

  59. goblin says:

    pretty sure there is a villain dude, look at the guy in the mask that holds the knife to her throat at the end when she’s crying..he looks scary as all hell lol

  60. KiriAegis says:

    Good looking Wonder Woman in this one but- grrrrrr….trash mobs. These are the guys that always get used to mop the floor when the heroes show up. Not a credible threat at all- need a villain here.

  61. Dangerman says:

    Does she spin-transform?

  62. Chris says:

    Hot costume and hot heroine. What kind of sexual peril does she face in this video?

  63. Vulture says:

    this looks to be like it’ll be mr hero’s first real epic, rye scale work. Hopefully that ends up being the case because she’s stunning and the costume change is super intriguing.

  64. Mr. Hero says:

    There are two costumes in the film. The first one, she wears right before a horrible defeat. After fighting her inner demons from the defeat she chooses a new costume to symbolize that she is back as a crime fighter and more powerful then ever. Like a phoenix from the flames.

    I hope that helps

  65. rizo says:

    and by the way this still looks like a must buy

  66. rizo says:

    I think the two costumes reflect the two different instances in which she was attacked maybe? the first time where she was “left in her own pool of blood” and the second time when she must face her opponents again?

  67. Gigafiend says:

    Like redmountain, I also noticed two different costumes and sets of boots. Can you explain that?

  68. dkm says:

    First release in a while I’m excited about outside of Blue Swan. Can’t wait!

  69. Redmountain says:

    Does it detail the first defeat at all? I notice she is in two different costumes so wondering if that is why?

  70. Alucard says:

    Really hoping holiday miracle to come out this week please mr hero??;)

  71. Sparky1975 says:

    All I can say is… I love you Mr Hero! You just get better and better… Will buy this the second it’s available!

  72. Mr. Hero says:

    @ alucard
    Holiday miracles happen all the time right? 😉

    @ goblin
    100% percent real!

  73. goblin says:

    after those caps and the trailer TAKE MY MONEY. Are those real tears?!

  74. alucard says:

    Cant this be released sometime soon mr Hero? 🙂

  75. jonjon says:

    Damnnn niceeee, cant waittt

  76. Heroinelover says:

    This girl is banging indeed. Refreshing page n hoping for caps or trailer from mr hero please

  77. H. Myers says:

    I have never been the biggest fan of Wonder Woman outfits but this girl is smoking hot!

  78. Rizo says:

    You know what I’m doing right now? Refreshing this page every 10 minutes!

  79. Sparky1975 says:

    No doubt at all this will be getting my money. Bring on more pics and a trailer! You release consistently great films Mr Hero and this sounds like you’ll be knocking it out of the park yet again. You are without doubt my number 1 favourite producer right now. Can’t wait!

  80. Alucard says:

    ETA on screen caps or trailer mr hero? 😉

  81. dkm says:

    @Mr. Hero,

    Great. I’m sold. There’s a real lack of that lately, so I’ll take it where I can find it.

  82. Judah says:

    Anyone know if this will also feature AOH torture/peril?

  83. Mr. Hero says:

    @ dkm
    This will truly have a “bad” ending. The heroine will not survive this film.

    @ Rizo
    Yes we took the time to add some blood for realism. Didnt go overboard, but its def there.

  84. Rizo says:

    Are there truly any blood elements in this or is it just backdrop for the video?

  85. dkm says:

    I’m excited about this, but does the film deliver on the promise of a “bad ending” (to borrow from Akiba-Web) for the heroine?

  86. Judah says:

    Don’t really go for the WW type characters because I personally believe there are way too many of them but this looks pretty good and has potential.

  87. Sugarcoater says:

    Eagerly looking forward to more pics and a trailer!

  88. brad777 says:

    ” Valor fighting an army of goons, ” this is amazing. Valor looks sexy in this hot Wonder Girl type costume. The storyline rocks. This will be a buy for me !

  89. Blueman says:

    I agree with all the above comments!

  90. saxman314 says:

    Can I get a HELL YEAH!

  91. ravished says:

    Trailer and screenshots soon pleaseeeee

  92. Vulture says:

    oh my freaking god, she’s stunning. And that costume is about as sexy as it gets, so high cut!!

  93. Goblin says:


  94. rizo says:

    yes. YES.