“Valor: Gods and Monsters” from Secret Heroine Films

Now available! Valor: Gods and Monsters is the upcoming sequel to the original Valor, starring Dani G., who makes her return here. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for more info…

Dani G is Back as Valor! This time in an origin story on how she became the mighty super heroine. Samantha is a young journalist investigating the death of a recent super heroine when she bumps into two low level criminals. Shes brave enough to hold her own but when one of them pulls a gun on her, she does something unexpected. She suddenly develops super powers and easily defeats and humiliates the two. No longer is she a normal girl, she is Valor! As long as she stays pure and virtuous she will hold the power of the gods. After months of serving the city as its protector, a villain from her past discovers her weakness of sexual contact and exploits it. He sets up a trap and corrupts her magic rope, forcing her to do whatever he says. He makes her act like a whore, forces her to give a striptease and has her do a porn audition tape all while filming it and editing into the most humiliating video that could tarnish her entire reputation as a super heroine.

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