“Valor: Gods and Monsters” from Secret Heroine Films

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  1. Judah says:

    Great film. While I enjoyed Black Scorpion a little more, this is pretty good. I have absolutely no problem with Dani G doing nudity or not. I enjoy her work. I hope we see more of her in the future.

  2. brad777 says:

    Just watched this again, awesome camera work, hot peril action, good fight action. Awesome twisted movie ending. Dani G rocks!

  3. mrxstacy says:

    I am savoring this movie so slowly that I’m not even done watching it, and yet I bought it on the day of release! Lots of pause, slo-mo, rewind. Soooo goood!

  4. steve says:

    Terrific movie! The actress did another great job, the peril elements were spot on, the camera-work exceptional, and the humiliation index at a near all-time high! Definitely felt I got my money’s worth!

  5. Michael Birch says:

    I liked the first “Valor” and really want to see this but I am not a great fan of seeing heroines in any kind of sexual peril. Does it feature heavily in the video or not? Any response would be appreciated.

  6. saxman314 says:

    While full nudity would’ve been great for me, I really enjoyed the movie. It’s not even really my thing, what with the mind control elements, but she sold the humiliation angle so well that I really enjoyed it. As for her choice not to do full nudity or sim sex, whether she’s done it in the past or not, I totally understand her right to make that choice differently whenever she pleases.

  7. uhzoomzip says:

    Bummed to hear that she doesn’t show the goods in this installment. Previous videos attest to the fact that she’s got fantastic-looking nipples.

  8. thevoice says:

    loved it, really good work done here. there’s not much I can say about the normal peril stuff, its spot on as usual. I actually really liked the trailer to ‘a night with valor’ it makes me actually want to see the villains finished project! filled with all the zany sound effects and closes ups xD. I also liked how the main two acts Valor is made to do are shot and editing perfectly with adequate lighting only for a slapstick trailer to be the end product xDD.

    I also think its worth mentioning that the punching noises have a more of an oomph to them, which was a mentioned in the first girls of f.u.r.y I commented on.

  9. Smitty says:

    Gotta agree with Angel Dust on this one. She did both nudity and sim sex, although very brief, in Valor 1. And the previews and pics certainly lead to the suggestion that she does it again. Very disappointing that she has changed her views on this. Still going to buy it. The acting was so good in the first one, that I need to see it. But I hope we see more of her in the future (literally)!

  10. Angel Dust says:

    Ahh shit!!!! Thank you Mr Hero for info. I love the plot just need it to be more R rated. Dani has done a lot of topless before why change of heart?

  11. Mr. Hero says:

    @Angel Dust
    No on both. Dani G has limitations. It has a sexy striptease with implied nudity and a forced masturbation scene

  12. Angel Dust says:

    Does it show her topless? Sim Sex? If so instant buy!!!!!!!!

  13. Paul says:

    My first impression: Yes she is gorgeous, but other than that, I don’t see much here. The acting looks bad, the fighting looks poor, and it just doesn’t look believable to me. If you can’t sell the story to me, then I’m not buying. That is why I like TheSuperheroines so much and one thing NGC does well, they make the scenario believable and the acting sells it. I just can’t get into this…

  14. Mr. Hero says:

    Hey guys

    If all goes well, Valor 2 will be for purchase in an hour or so. Ill post when Ive got the final word.

    Ive also worked very hard to get the first Valor back up on the site and it looks like it will be as well! Woo Hoo!

  15. mrxstacy says:

    @Mr.Hero, can you tell us when Valor 2 will be released?

  16. Jack Puncher says:

    I missed purchasing the original Valor first time round for some reason and where this second outing for her looks like a must buy I hope the original appears back on sale. I do not know when the original disappeared from SHG but presume it was taken down over the recent parody/copy write infringement issue. Looking at the pics and preview for original on Heroine Movies Valor’s outfit and character seems the same so if the second outing is allowable presumably the original is as well. Lets hope so.

  17. theunseen says:

    The original Valor is no longer on SHG. Any idea if it will get back up on the site?

  18. benjah says:

    What is the release date?

  19. DKM says:

    Dani G is beautiful. Really excited about this one and with more content with her in the future!

  20. mrxstacy says:

    Woohoo! Sweet and delectable!

    One request: @Mr. Hero, can you release an outtakes video for both Valor movies? I’d buy that too!

  21. Mario says:

    to follow up on the above point, Dani G’s Valor is the best character in the business right now.
    She has the perfect mix of gorgeous, sweet, wholesome, adorable, naïve , innocent …
    to me , she is the best since Carly hit a home run in Rye’s Supergirl 1984.

    Can’t wait for this Valor! I just hope this is a character we can enjoy for years to come!

  22. Darklord says:

    Hands down, they are the best in the business right now!

    This is just what I was referring to in the “state of the genre” thread. Put some thought into it, be a little clever, etc. Nothing too drastic but the plot appears to have enough uniqueness and context to it, to make it stand out.

    Can’t wait!