Gang Thang: Gotham



Perky, pretty Kat pulls on her skintight costume, puts on a little makeup, then dons the mask and ears that strike fear in the hearts of the Gotham underworld – she’s Catgirl.

Unfortunately, she’s also in hot water almost immediately, as the scene shifts to Catgirl laying helpless in a circle of nasty, sexy CLOWNS led by the cute-but-vicious Harley Q.

What follows is the sad-but-hopefully-thrilling spectacle of a massive clown posse 6-to-1 beatdown on the stunned and outnumbered heroine – punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and a mighty-big mallet. Catgirl’s face, midsection, and below the belt are battered continuously by her giggling assailants in prime Gang Thang fashion, until she collapses defeated and defenseless to the floor. That’s when Harley Q sends the clowns away for a little AloneTime with the beaten heroine, where she does her seductive best to “make Mister J jealous.”