Gangs of Gotham: Dark Robin


Robyn Darke returns to the screen, and it looks as though she picked up a few more enemies since then. Assassin-for-hire Kupid, hoping to win the affections of Robyn’s lover by humiliating the competition, enlists the unpredictable aid of the The Shadow Tribe of Gotham to inflict a full-scale home-wrecking on Dark Robin.

Stripped of the little black dress that was covering her little black costume, her throat paralyzed to prevent her Robin’s Cry, Dark Robin holds her own for a time — but sheer numbers and The Shadow Tribe’s wild assault finally wears her down, and you know she’s going to take a beating. 6-on-1, with fists, boots, knees, and elbows, mainly body punishment and low blows (but a bit of just about everything), Robyn Darke is left covering up and gasping for breath until The Shadow Tribe lifts her up and spirits her away…