Elisa Celli is running in the woods. But she is not alone. Someone, a crazy fan of hers, is following her to her home, where he attacks her with chloloform. Always filming what he does, he ties her up to her bed and starts shooting a torture movie.

INTRUSION is a “found footage” type of film. There will be part 1 and part 2. In this first half, Elisa is trapped and tied up on a bed while she is unconscious. Her attacker is filming her with 2 or 3 cameras at the same time. When she finally wakes up, tortures begin, mainly focusing on her belly. A lot of intense belly punches, and much much more…

The rhythm is slow, and each sequence is full (no cuts).

If you like Elisa Celli in bondage and peril, don’t miss that movie. You’ll see her from every angle: unconscious, in pain, struggling, sexier than ever.

22 minute long. HD. MP4.