Jasna Zoric: Sanctioned


In Tokyo, the French/Serbian spy and professional killer Jasna Zoric discovered that a mole betrayed her. Back in France, she has decided to quit her agency, but her friend and colleague David gives her a last mission.

This mission is actually a trap: Jasna must talk, then disappeared.

Jasna Zoric: Sanctioned, the second episode of the series, features Chloé has Jasna, and Désirée and Hélène as the kidnappers/killers.

Three beautiful girls, three very talented actresses.

This movie is very violent and bloody, for adult audience only.

It includes a lot of tortures, several bondage situations (including an intense AOH), face and belly punches, knife play and cuts, electricity torture with a taser, beat-down scenes in a bathroom and on the floor, fight with a knife… and a lot more.

Jasna Zoric is a series produced by Jacques.