In a post-apocalyptic/fantasy world, Iona is preparing herself to rescue her friend Elissandra, who has been captured by the Beast, who is torturing her in an old abandoned factory. Kalha gives her special equipment to help her on her task.

After she crosses the Dark Woods, Iona is very close to the old factory where her friend is kept prisoner, but the Guardian attacks her and defeats her. She is left for dead, tied up to a tree. She wakes her in a very strange place, a world between life and death, where she’ll meet Kifrin. Maybe there is a way to get back to life, but it won’t be easy…

PENTACLE is a Fetish / Adventure / Heroine-in-Peril series, with a lot a fights, bondage, tortures, struggling, KOs, belly punches and more.

There will be four episodes. First episode will be available on September the 26th.

Directed by Damien Wagner, with the collaboration of Steve Noir and his team.