Revenge: SuperStar

Kryptolian warlord General Vod, freshly escaped from his exile on the Phantom World, has located the small blue planet in the distant solar system where SuperStar has gone, anonymously, to retire and disappear. With Vod is his half-sister, Urva, and his war machine Nom. Together they will reap their personal vengeance on SuperStar, and return her in chains to the world she abandoned. A massive beatdown, forced stripping and changing, and a humiliating defeat await our heroine in Revenge: SuperStar, the first episode of a two-part heroine peril-fest from producer steve noir.


Creator of Heroine Movies. Director of Supra Girl, Wonderful Lady, Asami, Agent Alexis, Omega Girl, and others. Contact me at heroinemovies(at)yahoo(dot)com.