Supra Girl: Resurrection



Short recap of Supra Girl 3. Supra Girl’s body is dragged to hideout. Villainess uses powers on Henchman, Supra Girl dominates henchman, Villainess freezes Supra Girl, slaps her, Henchman punches Supra Girl repeatedly in stomach and face, hits Supra Girl the face with stone pillar, Supra Girl regains powers, dominates Henchman, loses powers, receives bearhug, backbreaker (not a huge selling point on its own), stomach kicks.

Supra Girl uses heat-vision on Villainess, punches Villainess repeatedly, gets dazed by Vilainess, repeatedly face-slapped and verbally humiliated by Villainess, has cape removed, has powers permanently removed via magic, gets chloro’d by Henchman, cradle carried while unconscious, has wrist restraints applied while unconscious, over the shoulder carry, bound AOH, repeated punches to face and body. Supra Girl eventually lives to fight another day…

Running time: 25:24 • 782 MB • Format: .MP4