Weapon Alpha 2



After barely surviving an assassination attempt in her home, Weapon Alpha sets out to track down the mysterious figure responsible—and to uncover the mystery of a secret plot to dump mind control elixir into the public water supply.

Sneaking into a secret hideout and dispatching a couple of guards, Weapon Alpha finds herself facing off against her deadliest opponent: The Overlord, who appears endowed with mysterious powers and apparent invincibility. Weapon Alpha soon finds herself defeated and defenseless against The Overlord and his ruthless henchmen.

Includes: strangulation attempt • choking • pain ray torture • stomach kicks • stomach punches • hair pulling • frontal bearhug • dragging heroine along ground • bondage • heroine handcuffed • heroine tied AOH • multiple face and belly punches • knee-to-face KO • low blow KO • unconscious heroine • bondage gear (spike collar, chains, handcuffs, blindfold) • heroine chained AOH while on knees • face punches • blood • pain ray KO • and more!