OUT NOW! “VTV: Image Rights” from Next Global Crisis

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  1. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Late the party (again) and the video has been well-recapped/described by Darkwrath and Rob, but I also enjoyed this release a lot. As the summaries make clear, this is a very different kind of video, in which much of the action is simulated using a “hard light hologram” of Lady Victory in various kinds of situations, some of them involving traditional “heroine peril.” So, we still get several examples of Lady Victory’s (IMO) expert acting in perilous situations and other circumstances.

    For me, this was an especially enjoyable video, because we get to see Lady V defeated in several scenarios, but it’s actually a simulation of her being dastardly exploited, rather than the real LV succumbing to various punishments. Also, at the end of the video, we get the distinct impression that Lady V is about to lay down some old fashioned vigilante justice, rather than take this lying down. Very satisfying.

    Again, I love the change-of-pace videos like this one. Glad to see I’m not alone.

  2. I’m pleased people enjoyed the slightly more light-hearted nature of this release. The heroines have had a very tough year overall so this was just a bit of fun to break things up a bit. Lady Victory always does a great job so I’m pleased with how it turned out, obviously no clue if people would really ‘get it’ or be interested so it is nice that most people do and are. Thanks.

  3. Rob_Hinx says:

    This release really made me smile, in fact in a couple of places it had me laughing out loud. Darkwrath’s done a great write up and there’s not much I can add to his description of the action. I do agree with him that it’s nice to see NGC adding some brevity to the mix.
    I really enjoy the emotional power NGC’s stories have but is good to take walk on the light side every now and again.

    To be honest I’ve been a bit ‘on the fence’ about Lady Victory, in fact there’s been a few times when I’ve found her to be bit bland. She excels here though. I especially enjoyed here performance when she had to ’emote’ for the hard light scanning. That was a really good ‘meta’ moment; an actress acting the part of someone who doesn’t act, acting different emotions (whew!). She also did a great job of being Supergirl weakened by kryptonite.

    A couple of observations; the voice of ‘Exploy Industries’ (really the VTV network I assume) calls Lady V ‘Your Highness’….interesting, very interesting, and also the date Lady V puts in the contract; 50053-b31…this is set that far in the future? Wow! It’s nice to know they still have micro wave ovens and scouring pads!

    This is a very strong addition to the VTV collection and it’s also increased by appreciation for Lady Victory. Well done NGC, here’s to 2019!

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      Drat! That should’ve been ‘increased MY appreciation for Lady Victory’.

      Also, when Lady V signs the contract she signs it ‘Lady Victory’, isn’t that a pseudonym? A nom de voyage? Surely a contract signed in an assumed name isn’t binding? 😉

      • Thanks for this, just a couple of points: They aren’t on Earth so their date system is completely different. Also, she was born to either become Lady Victory or fail, so that is her name while she holds the title.

        • Rob_Hinx says:

          Thanks for the explanations ( I thought that date was a bit ‘Star Trek, Captain’s Log’ style.)!
          And the contract IS binding…sorry Lady V, looks like you’re on you’re on your own here!

  4. Dr G says:

    Hell Yeah !!!

  5. Darkwrath016 says:

    The villains network is back and gives us a nice video that was a joy to watch. It’s funny. It’s light. It’s good natured. And, it provides a much-needed moment of levity in the NGC universe to round out the year.

    Now I love peril. I love seeing superheroines in perilous situations. Suffering beatings the like they’ve never seen before and generally being humiliated. It’s why I buy videos. It’s why I buy NGC videos because they provide no shortage of that. This video though isn’t primarily about peril and yet no less enjoyable for this one, simple fact: Lady Victory is awesome. And whether she’s suffering a beating, or dishing it out, or cleaning the cabinets (that actually did happen) she’s a sight to behold all the time.

    After the pleasantries, set up and introductions are taken care of in the first part of the video, the rest of it plays out, well…….like an infomercial. The beginning of this infomercial segment has Lady Victory, or rather a Hard Light Replica of Lady Victory, kicking Alaric’s ass (and looking good doing so I might add) while the narrator gushes out praises about the replica that’s currently fighting. In between that we get flashing large words printed across the screen to reinforce what’s being said about the heroine, giving it an authentic feeling that probably would pass for an actual infomercial really. There’s no peril in this portion as well as other portions that follow a similar trend but it was really well executed on the part of NGC and I loved it. Awesome job.

    Now the ass kicking of Alaric doesn’t last for long which, let’s be honest, it never does. Soon the tables are turned and Lady Victory finds herself on the receiving end of the might that is Alaric. Here is where a good portion of the peril is found and it’s highly enjoyable. After giving Lady Victory a couple slaps and a headbutt, Lady Victory is placed in a bearhug, an ankle lock, a chokehold and then dragged away. The significance of the last four is that they are shown as unconnected scenes with no transition in between moves. One moment she’s in a bearhug. Next moment a chokehold. It honestly reminded me of what I believe SideKick had coined, “Crisis Moment” that were in a couple NGC videos pre 2017. Only in this video, they are a 100 times better mainly because a) It’s not in slow motion but in real-time, b) the music is at normal levels and c) They last long enough to enjoy all the wonderful expressions of agony and sounds of pain Lady Victory was in. There’s a particular moment when Alaric has Lady Victory in the ankle lock and along with some pretty great expressions, the actress gives a loud sharp cry of pain that was A-ma-zing.

    There are other perilous moments too that occurred while she was dressed as Miracle Maiden. In that one she had her skull nearly crushed before passing out to the floor. There’s also a moment when she was dressed as Super Girl and subsequently weakened by kryptonite before also passing out in Alaric arms and carried off. They were good but I personally preferred the Lady Victory moments.

    A personal favorite of mine in peril is whenever a heroine wears a skirt as her costume attire and while she’s suffering a beatdown, the skirt rides up a little. Which, if we’re all honest with ourselves, is the purpose of a heroine wearing a skirt. It happened a couple times in this one, especially when Alaric had her in a crushing bearhug and it was a glorious thing to behold. It was also an incredible thing when Alaric was dragging her on the floor by her legs. The sight of her sexy legs was all too much.

    Moving on, after all the beatings are taken care of we hit the end sequence. Here we see a domesticated Lady Victory doing menial tasks such as heating a meal in the microwave or cleaning the cabinets with a smile on her face while wearing an apron. Those were just downright cute.

    The thing is, this is a solid but really entertaining film where Lady Victory is as good as ever. If you’re really looking for something that’s heavy on peril and beatdowns and all that good stuff then I can’t promise you that you’ll find it here. But there is a bit of that in it and it is good. Better than good actually. Honestly though, I’m routing hard for the Villains Network to be successful. Moments of levity like this are good for the genre but also good for NGC in giving us a break from all the death, destruction and beatings that, while great and awesome and amazing, can get a little heavy at times.

    One special order of praise that bears mentioning is for the actress playing Lady Victory. She is so great. I stated this before in another film she stared in and I’m stating it again. It is downright crazy that she can take a two year(!) hiatus from NGC, come back and be just as good as when she was a regular cast member. And she is always good. I own all her films to date and there is not one where I didn’t like her performance. Only Starshot in my mind shares that distinction. Great job to Lady Victory.

    By the way, I’m thinking of setting up a gofundme account with a target of 7,000 galatic credits so be on the lookout for that.

  6. Darkwrath016 says:

    Really looking forward to this. The villain network in the NGC universe is one of the funnest things in the genre right now. The only reason why I didn’t like the previous Villains Network outing was the lighting was so off in that one (and the previous Bluebird videos).But Tough Justice 2 was great and so was the first Villains Network.

    This one though is shaping up to be quite a treat. Friday purchase for sure.

  7. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Man, three cheers for Lady Victory, keeping the Fail-Safe Sisters flame alive. Lady V is for me what Spectrum (I think) is for Darkwrath: I really want her to have dignity and esteem, but I also really enjoy seeing her suffer the loss of dignity and esteem.

    Kudos also to the return of the Villain Network (Villain Television). Every episode so far has been an inventive and enjoyable opportunity for NGC to stretch their genre legs, and I’m looking forward to more in the new year.

    Interestingly, the “Villain Network Channel” also exists in the “Despicable Me” series, introduced in the “Minions Movie” spinoff (yes, I do have a toddler, why do you ask?) Malicia Divine would make a spectacular Scarlet Overkill (although I think Malicia already has the better name.)

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Ahhh! Someone who understands my pain! There’s nothing more cruel in this genre than actually liking the the heroine as a legitimate character of a story whilst also enjoying seeing said character suffer defeats. You’re faced with a host of contradictory emotions. Pain and pleasure mixed into one with a helpful splash of love.

  8. Jim says:

    Can I have a Lady Victory to do the dishes please?

  9. Thevoice says:

    This looks awesome. I get the impression the actress really enjoys playing lady Victory.

    Also, have a great Christmas gents.

  10. pbslater says:

    Lady Victory rocks, she is just the most beautiful, most attractive actress in this genre (or others). I will love her more, if possible, dressed as SG. Instant buy.

  11. RyonaKing says:

    Oh my god, that microwave close. XD

  12. Depo Man says:

    Interesting concept. I’m curious to see her reaction to it.

    It would be awesome if she’s somehow turned on by it or it somehow messes with her head to the point where she allows these things to happen to her in reality – and “submits” so to speak.

    That’d make for a fun mini series!

  13. KaineD says:

    Instant purchase! Lady Victory on the Villain Network!!

  14. clutchking says:

    Fail Safe Sisters meets Black Mirror?

    I’m listening O_o