Which Direction is the Genre Headed?

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  1. LQQKn4aFox says:

    @Logan Weill was a thought, maybe next yr ala Easter LOL!!!! Can’t wait till X-Mas!!!!! Yay! Yay! LOL!!!!

  2. Logan says:

    @LQQKn4aFox: We’ve thought about doing a holiday-themed video many times but we always get caught up in scheduling customs and our normal videos that by the time we think of it again, it’s too close to the holiday to do it– it would need to be done far enough in advance to allow for booking, filming, post-production, and everything that goes into releasing a film. Maybe we’ll book out a Christmas one now lol

  3. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Off der subject or maybe not!?!?!? Maybe or is summone will or is go’n to do a Easter/Easter Bunny type of Peril Vid fight for der Easter wkend. Ukno dat would be nice, hopefully!?!?!?

  4. Angleman says:

    @Gene Nicely said and echoes my views.

  5. Gene says:

    I guess the most pertinent question here is why people come to love this genre. For me I fell in love with the heroines in peril genre the moment I discovered it, because it was just such a huge subversion of the same old stuff I was seeing on tv and film. And I would guess that that is what brought a lot of other people to sharing these fetishes as well: These videos turned us all on because we were all so bored of seeing heroines miraculously get out of impossible situations and overpower enemies who seemed like they should have smashed them, and we were also sick of seeing bad guys refuse to be… Genuinely bad. Bad guys in mainstream superhero stuff were so stripped of proper villainous intent that they basically just let the heroines win. Heroine films totally subverted that and gave us endings where not only did the bad guys win but they also completely humiliated and abused the heroine, completely stripping her of her confidence and her power and her heroism. Now none of that Needed to be explicitly sexual although sometimes that made it even more exciting but really it was how well the subversion was carried out that made me interested. If I start watching a superheroines in peril movie and I feel like what I’m watching is porn I kind of switch off a bit, there might be great bits in a movie like that and I will individually watch those bits but if a movie feels like porn I basically won’t rewatch and won’t feel completely satisfied with the purchase. Now if a heroine film makes me feel like I am watching an actual film, and this has nothing to do with production quality and everything to do with that elusive word “Feel”, if it feels like an actual movie about a superheroine, and then I get to watch that superheroine get owned by the evil villains and possibly even killed, that there is a film a will always be happy with. It doesn’t matter at all if there is explicit sex or not, but if including sex takes away the feel of it then don;t do it.

  6. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Hunterz: it is. Have been waiting for this for a long time.

  7. Hunterz says:

    @HorseWithNoName No problem~ And you are right, looks like I misinterpreted Giga’s message. They are allowing both monthly membership and download for Mac users. This is just great news.

  8. ron says:

    @Imagineer IMO alternate ending should be included in the same clip/file i.e. after credits. It is just way too expensive to fork out another 2~30 dollars for the tiny bits of ending.

  9. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Hunterz: thanks again, man!
    Had not looked at the Giga site for a long while (after I’d abandoned my old PC entirely). Yes, finally Giga has come around and will even offer downloads (not only monthly memberships which I would not have liked so much, but still) for us Mac users.

    I welcome them in the 21st century 🙂 I know which movies I will get come May.

  10. Imagineer says:

    Joe brings up a good point about alternate endings. They’re not “slight variations” by any measure, but they may still broaden the appeal (and sales) of content overall. Some people’s biggest fetish is an ending fetish, e.g. the hero dies, the hero escapes, the hero is left in a cliffhanger, the hero is found by civilians, or the hero is turned. Other fetishes may not quite be mutually exclusive of each other but are difficult to include in a single continuity, e.g. the hero’s costume remains intact, the hero’s costume is removed, the hero is depowered suddenly, the hero is slowly beat down, the hero is drained by non-physical means, the hero doesn’t know they’re depowered yet, or the hero is seduced. Posting alternate versions of full-length videos may not be worthwhile, but just providing alternate endings separated by title cards could satisfy more buyers and create more variety generally. OTOH, there are probably some people for whom it really matters that there be one true continuity… What do people here think of alternate endings? Are you often held back from a purchase because a video doesn’t have the kind of conclusion you like?

    As for variety of characters, it’s wonderful that producers have offered more original (but still clearly spandex-costumed) heroes, but I suspect anybody who wants to see other types of heroes are going to have to pony up for a custom. Same goes for greater variety in fight choreography or new fetish variations that haven’t established their popularity. I don’t think it’s fair to ask producers to take a chance on showing us something we haven’t seen before when producers’ economics dictate that every video needs to pay its own freight. This business doesn’t seem to reward risk very often.

  11. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Hunterz: they do? Thanks for the heads-up! Will check out if it works!

  12. Hunterz says:

    @HorseWithNoName It seems like Giga is finally answering the call! Giga is allowing Mac users to join their monthly memberships starting this May.

  13. Herp says:

    yeah, more Paris Kennedy type of stuff would be nice. A sexy heroine, decent production that’s contains some sexual content.

  14. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Judah: Logan is right. Stuff gets flagged on YouTube all the time. Even shows that I follow which have nothing to do with heroines or perceived sexual content. It happens for various reasons. I trust that Logan knows this market well enough to know how to drum up excitement for his movies.

    While I understand the “they are coming for your children next” sentiment, there is no “sexual content apocalypse coming”. Trust me. None. A couple of days ago a lot of noise was raised because of a “Batgirl in peril” cover from DC, because it was seen as offensive by some people on the internet. DC pulled it. That was a corperate decision. While people discuss bullshit like that, I had a good laugh and read a couple of Image Comic books with sexual explicit stuff you would not believe. Youtube and DC pull stuff for business reasons. DC does so because they feel this will sell more books. If not, they will change it back. Image has sexual stuff because it makes them look cutting-edge and as counter-programming to the big two. They do it to get more market-share.

    And I most certainly did not want to single-out Logan as the poster-boy for movies that are not the way I want them to be while saying, hell, he did great stuff once many moons ago. Other producers are like that as well (for me), and then again some producers are now putting out stuff that (currently) interests me a lot. It all comes down to what one personally likes, and my tastes have changed a great deal over the years. And so do the tastes of others and the movies people will put out. That is a good thing I find.

    And again: I personally have no issue with any producer who makes stuff that sells and who makes movies to make money (and who charges the prices he / she charges). If that is what sells, more power to you. Image Comics (who I love a great deal at the moment) are working very hard to take 2nd place in the monthly sales chart. They will eventually. How will they do it? By putting out more stuff people like. That is smart business. If HK sells very well for Logan, why shouldn’t he make more of it and charge a price he sees fit? The market will tell him when it is time to make something else. Rather this than a guy who makes a couple of movies that HE likes which do not sell and he ends up saying: “Man, this is not worth it. People don’t appreciate my hard work.”
    Should Logan be more “inventive” (and other producers as well)? Surely I would want that, but at the end of the day it is purely a producer’s decision. If one does not like certain content as “a fan”, just move on. There is other stuff to experience. Why should I waste my time with content from a producer whose current output I do not like (like DC at the moment as well). There is other stuff out there to discover. I am not married to any company nor do they owe me anything because I bought a couple of movies from them. I can bitch about quality and such and long for the days of yore, or I can buy other things. That does not mean that I “hate on” a certain producer or a publishing company (because they dare not to or no longer make the stuff I love) nor does it mean that at some point in time I will not come back to them. It only means that currently I like others things better. Simple as that. Tastes change. I no longer go to McDonald’s nor do I any longer buy certain brands of apperal.

    And one last word: oddly I am not into producers who identify themselves with “the fans” and who view themselves as their “peers” or as “fans” themselves. If that is your “thing” as a producer or as a “fan”, great for you. But I feel content or business decisions (yes, pricing as well) should not be controlled by one’s taste or likings. But that is just me.

    “Fan” is not always a good thing. Just look at the monthly reviews of major comic book sites like CBR. What gets reviewed (mostly) and thus gets a lot of promotion from them is the stuff the reviewers have been reading for years and are reading themselves (i.e. the well-known heroes). They measure “quality” according to these regular books. While people who are not tied to the “usual stuff” and have no loyality towards reading “Thor” simple because they have been reading this book for years, will see that there is so much great stuff out there which only gets reviewed when it is written by the writer of “Thor” as well. Why should these “fan-reviewers” be any benchmark for me? Surely the new Batgirl is getting great reviews by these “fan-reviewers” because it tackles such hot button issues like “female empowerment” and “gay characters”. That does not make a great book. Just ask Denny O’Neil. At the same time, these fans ignore certain books because they are not in their “fan world”. Same with a producer who makes movies HE likes. Really? Why should I care what he likes?

    So why should I bitch that I do not enjoy “Thor” at the moment if I can read stuff that is targeted to me? Same with a producer who “services” his fans with stuff HE likes. Why in the world would you want to limit yourself and why should “new” fans get into the stuff you basically make for yourself and a select few? Why is a “fan-producer” any better than a producer who is in it for the money? Or to take a very unpopular oppinion: lately I have seen Rye put stuff into his movies he clearly enjoys (WG Doomsday, Rye-UK). He has been doing this for years, but it is now more apparent I feel because it removes his movies more from the stuff I did like in his older movies. So more and more (for me at least) I becomes clear that he is making films that he will enjoy himself. Is that a good thing? I think not. While he is most certainly “free to do his thing” and maybe he “needs” to for himself, as a customer I personally do not view this as a good development. But for others it might just be what they have been waiting for. So not saying “a fan-producer” can’t be any good, but I don’t think he is “better” than a guy who wants to make a buck and who will be doing so if he / she puts stuff out that others (!) will enjoy.

  15. Logan says:

    @Judah: a few people flagging videos for what they perceive to be sexual content isn’t a reason to think there’s a genre-specific apocalypse coming. It’s no big deal. There are other means to convey a product to an intended audience. It took many trial and error sessions until we landed on a delivery platform, a marketing platform, and the best place for our trailers to play. I think nearly every producer in this genre understands how fickle YouTube is about content and how timid they are about potentially graphic material on their platform. It’s not worth the energy to dwell upon. This community has nothing to worry about.

  16. Jerry says:

    Great post. I think the evolution I really want to see in this genre is going from a high level production where the heroine is actually written like a powerful heroine who puts up a great fight like a heroine should do, and have that mixed with sex. I think TBFE and Defeated Heroines both deliver close to that but not quite to that Akiba-Web level where its actual sex. Alex Bettinger/Paris Kennedy also used to deliver that but they seem to be more focused on the F v F wrestling stuff which I guess many people enjoy. For now though I am quite satisfied with the product I see from both TBFE and Defeated Heroines, except for the price. But that’s why I wait for the deals and purchase a bunch at once

  17. Judah says:

    What you all are discussing me and “Horse” have discussed in multiple threads before. Especially when it comes to CTLE and Logan. Look, like Horse I use to buy a lot and liked the old CTLE/Superheroines. I didn’t like the direction they were headed so I let my views be known through this site. Some of my comments led into more heated and aggressive debates. I felt CLTE had the best product out there, so naturally when they began to shift in direction I got upset and let it be known. I felt they produced way too many HKs with repetitiveness and left us with our particular fetishes by the wayside, Logan does not maintain this but I still to this day disagree with him. Yet, I have come to realization that what they produce is not for everyone. So I basically accepted it…got pissed off then got over it. I hardly purchase from them anymore, in fact nearly all of my recent films I have purchased with the exception of a few HKs have been from producers from SHG-Media. They don’t feature the elements I enjoy, fine I look elsewhere simple as that…that’s not to say they don’t produce good work because they do.
    OK now I want to make a totally separate point….talking to you too Sidekick and HM. In case you haven’t heard YouTube took down the SuperHeroines CLTE channel for containing sexually explicit material. I call BS on it. Logan seems to be taking it in stride or maybe he is too busy shooting an action comedy (nothing to do with SuperHeroines) to care but I do. First its YouTube then what next facebook, twitter, instagram. I cant figure out why YouTube would consider his channel sexually explicit. This deserves a whole new thread; the use of social media to promote you company but if you follow the rules and guidelines layed out by the social media site why do they come back and pull the plug. The take down of the CTLE/Heroines channel should send chills and shockwaves down every producers back who use social media to promote there companies product.

  18. DrMabuse says:

    I don’t think that “the genre” is headed in a single direction, echoing something I think several others here are saying. There are a lot of producers making lots of product, some of which I love, some I like occasionally, and others that don’t interest me (and I don’t buy.) No point going into what’s what, just that I don’t think that would be true if there was an overriding trend in superheroine peril toward specific things.

    Also, it’s true some producers have really changed, making their stuff more/less interesting to me, while there are some who, when they put out new films, make me think “another one of those, huh?” No criticism implied. If “one of those” is what I liked, it’d be great that somebody was making them consistently, especially with the current level of professionalism and quality that we’re seeing now. Whether they’re doing it because that’s what they want to see, or because that’s what sells doesn’t matter much, as I see it, as long as the incentives are there to keep making them.

    Which brings me to another point. Making vids with talented, beautiful performers, costumes that don’t come off the rack on Halloween, well-choreographed fights, special effects, time-consuming shooting and editing schedules, etc. is going to cost money, and that’s going to be a factor in practically anybody’s incentive structure. Some producers invest in some things more than others, which is fine as long as somebody shares those priorities. If not, I imagine they’ll change what they’re doing or get out of it.

    I’m not saying “the market” is perfect and everyone should try to conform what they want to what others are buying. In fact, offering ideas for things you’re not seeing, even constructive criticism, might reveal demand for something that a producer can then meet, or fire up a producer’s imagination. It’s silly, though, to suggest that producers are violating some kind of public trust or personal bond by making vids with certain qualities, or by changing what kind of vids they make. If nobody likes what they’re making, they’ll find out soon enough.

    To give some context to my comments about quality, I’ve been following this genre for a lot of years, and the level of polish regularly achieved and easily distributed by producers now would’ve been unimaginable to me trying to download Fausta pictures with my dial-up modem in 1998. I haven’t bought a video dubbed onto VHS in a long time (mercifully.) Along with significant diversity of content, we’ve got a pretty level playing field in most technical terms. To me, that sounds like a really good direction.

  19. EggFu says:

    hmmm. ..when I said to use a kind of Kryptonite that doesn’t kill or weaken Supergirl and makes she lose her invulnerability, forget that last word. What I meant was that keep her skin invulnerable but SENSITIVE to pain.

  20. Sugarcoater says:

    For what it’s worth, I’m quite happy with where the genre has been going lately, and that includes prices. I haven’t seen prices spiraling out of control; in fact, I think they’ve been quite reasonable. And without knowing productions costs and how much the actresses are paid (along with rentals, costume expenses, flight arrangements, etc.), I think it’s tough to determine fair value. Maybe a future thread could be something like our expectations for a video priced at 20, 25, 30, and 35+.
    But I buy a video once or twice a month, and for certain actressws price is never an issue, so my perspective is limited to that kind of buyer.

  21. Hey Fred O- I am very happy to hear about what sorts of thing you’d like to see in SHIP vids, and I am very happy to hear criticisms of my own vids. But I must take issue with the claim that I overcharge. I have some of the lowest prices in the industry- almost all of the vids I release are lower than $1 a minute. Some of my bigger wrestling vids ( the big ppvs that are PACKED with action) are closer to 50 cents a minute. I just feel that that one characterization of my stuff was particularly unfair and inaccurate. I love my fans and go out of my way to keep my prices low. Honestly I would probably make a good deal more money (and have to deal w less piracy) if I raised my prices. I don’t, and for ONE reason and one reason only: because I love the fans, I identify with them, and I want as many of them to be able to watch my stuff as possible (while also making a profit of course). So lets not lump me w anyone charging well over $1 per minute.

  22. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Joe: Red Sonja or any redheaded character would be great in a different heroine type scenario. Bring on a sexy, gorgeous red-haired witch.

  23. EggFu says:

    I don’t think the producers should get stuck “in the the old days”, but some elements that are the pillars of our gender must be respected (superheroines and danger sexualization), otherwise our fetish would be another. I believe the biggest problem, besides the gender distortion, is the lack of creativity. Although I adore seeing a heroin being beaten, for a film not become repetitive, the producers could be more creative in defeat them. For example, something very simple I would like to see in a Rye movie: “A villain develops a variant of Kryptonite that doesn’t kill or weaken Supergirl, but it makes she lose the invulnerability. Supergirl appears in the trap, defeat some henchmen. Next, the Boss Villain expose her to the radioactivity. Now, at this point u can choose a huge range of modes to insert a painful defeat on her. My choice: unaware that is vulnerable now, Supergirl is hit first by a long burst of gunfire, thousands of bullets impacting her body. Then another henchman uses a flamethrower against her. After fallen to the ground, another henchman uses a jackhammer or electric saw against her body, head, logo shield. Desperate, she uses her remaining energy and escapes flying across the ceiling toward the sun. Too bad the villain boss was ready for it and fires a missile that reaches her in flight. After being hit, she plummets from the skies and clashes violently against the ground. The villains go to the crash site in search of her. The explosion was too much for her. She’s in pain and crying. Before passing out the last thing she sees are the villains around her. Cut, next scene she is suffering all kinds of brutality we expect to see in the movies. “You see, a single element, the loss of invulnerability, open the possibility for several delicious methods of perils. Instead of alienating consumers, producers could be more creative. There are not many places to go in this genre. Producers may want to sophisticate the movies as they want, which on one hand is not bad, but I fear it will mean more spending and less screen time on what we want to see, heroine in peril.

  24. Joe says:

    Since there are many differences in what people want…perhaps it may be wise to shoot alternate versions of endings//scenes. Some people just want a perilous ending. Others want hardcore pornography. Others want an ending where the heroine fights back and wins.

    I mean, you don’t have to make extreme changes but rather than pleasing everyone in one film, you could make different versions w/ only slight variations between them. This isn’t like making full length movies, this is more like making content….something the internet is prepping up to be all about.

    Also would love to see more experimenting w/ the camera and fight scenes. For example, perhaps the heroine gets hit but grabs the punch and counter kicks only to have her kick grabbed and spun around, then kicked in the groin. It’s simple to create (can speed it up 120% when editing) and is more dynamic than a punch, kick, punch, kick, knockout.

    Then, there are characters. People have mentioned bringing in more obscure characters like Red Sonja to change it up. Making a sword and fantasy type film could be interesting. Maybe risky but if you bring in a special flavor to it (ex. find the right girl), it’ll create new fans.

    Or you could do something drastic and different. For example, you can make a film w/ Zen….perhaps bring in a Japanese girl into an American production. Perhaps a Japanese heroine (bringing over costume from Zen) versus an American villainess type scenario. Would be very interesting.

  25. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ EggFu: and I will agree with both your posts 🙂 Yes, those were the days when DanO was interested in this stuff. I think Rye wants to go in a different direction, with his UK business and a more “artistic approach”. Can one blame him? He wants to try new things to keep everything fresh for himself I assume. So while I am not on board with his new stuff (maybe yet) more power to him.

    And you are right: there is certainly room for different styles and approaches. But what it ultimately comes down to is what one personally likes. The Battle for Earth is doing very interesting stuff at the moment (to mention only one producer) and while I did not like their old stuff that much, I enjoy their more recent releases (a lot). I think more and more producers are looking into this and other forums to “get ideas”, and that I feel is the way it should be. Keep your own style, but look at what might find an audience. But that is my perspective, while others will tell you, that, man, TBFE has really lost it. Or to put it in different words: a lot of people seem to like NGC. I tried a few of their movies. Not what I am looking for by a long shot, but I will not tell them what kind of movies they need to make, because they seem to be doing a lot of things right (for their fans). Same with Logan. He has come under a lot of fire because he is very open about this being a business for him and that he is not into the “fetish stuff”. I find that refreshingly honest. And while some like his older stuff more than his newer stuff, he has just (once again) explained in another threat why he is doing the stuff he is currently doing. And he has his fans as well. And while I agree with you that DanO’s stuff is great, it does not take away from my enjoyment of certain new releases. There are many ways to skin a cat. And while I most certainly wish some of his older stuff would be released just about now for the first time (and in HD quality), I can always go back and watch it “from the old days”. I can say: man, Jack Kirby was fantastic, but I don’t want the new guys to do it the way Kirby did it. They can’t and it would be boring. So let’s be more open to the new kids and their way of doing things. With so much to choose from these days, not every producer “must” please every fan.

  26. EggFu says:

    I will disagree with you. I believe there is room to fill with different styles, where each producer can keep an “identity” over competitors. Even with two lines of products that may appeal to more than one type of audience. SHC didn’t die for lack of audience, but for lack of vested interest of its producer. And even today we can see that there is an orphan public of those movies.

  27. EggFu says:

    I miss who occupies the vacuum left by DanO and SHC. For a long time, who produced something almost similar to the SHC style was Rye, and I really liked his movies because he directed films for himself. This was a guy who really understood our gender and fetishes. All the elements were there: hot girls, punches, bearhug, reverse bearhug, boob grab, choke, squeezed, defeated heroines and despair of being sexually assaulted. The only thing missing was a little more variation in the means of defeating them. Now, while Rye has more budget in his films, I have the feeling that his films have lost what had special and became repetitive and unfocused with so many calls from fans to introduce this and that in the movies. Other producers who let me down with time were Battle From Earth and NGC. Suffer from the same problems that I mentioned about Rye and a fixation on pantyhose. At this point I want to make an addendum. I’m not pantyhose fan, but if there’s not how to avoid it, at least use one that looks like natural skin tone. Today I realize more and more use of nylon and dark tones.

  28. HorseWithNoName says:

    Some harsh word there, guys. Needless to say that I disagree with you. This is a very specific genre and when you follow this forum: whenever a new movie gets announced, fans will ask if their particular fetish is included and they will be disappointed if not. So surely producers will tend to include elements that will help them to sell their movie and please people at the same time. While I understand what you mean by “checking the boxes”, let’s just say that should they check the right boxes for you, you will not mind that so much.

    I personally hope that producers don’t make movies “they will enjoy themselves”. Look at Hollywood: whenever a major star gets to make his “passion project”, these movies very often turn out really bad. I am all for artistic vision, but I want creators to make stuff that fits an audience, otherwise what’s the point really?

    The argument that some / a producer(s) does not share a particular fetish or is not into heroine peril himself does not hold any water to me. This is the same like when comic book fans are up in arms about actor A (insert your name of choice) who gets cast in a major comic book movie and he / she is not a fan of comic books or has vast knowledge of this particular comic book character. Really? And trust me: I have seen some passion projects of heroine peril producers, and no, they were not very good.

    And really: in how far you will support certain “business practices” is really up to you. If you don’t like a producer, stop buying from him or her. “Nobody’s trust gets abused”, as far as I am concerned. But I do not buy into the whole notion of “loyal costumer”. Never have and never will. Whenever, for example, Marvel or DC put out great books, I will buy them. If they put out crappy books line-wide (as they are doing at the moment) I don’t buy them. Simple as that. I don’t feel “abused” because they are currently making stuff that I do not enjoy. They are a business and their current audience is a different one. I don’t feel any loyalty towards them (why should I?), but with the same token I do not feel betrayed or bemoan their business practices. I simply buy other stuff.

    Making peril movies is a business. Producers who understand that will be successful. And in the long-run this benefits all the fans, because they make more movies.

  29. Fred-O says:

    @Heroine Addict

    “Ticking boxes.” A good way to put it. That’s how I’ve felt for a couple years now, especially from the biggest producers. Take for example Alex Bettinger and Logan- two producers we know from other forum conversations that don’t like each other but have astonishingly similar business practices. Keep making the same film, offer it at a high price and abuse the trust of customers that have been most loyal to them. Honestly, I think only NGC has any integrity in this area as an artist and someone with good business practices. They don’t bow to whatever the popular sentiment is at the time and they don’t charge ungodly sums of money for a twenty minute internet film.

  30. Heroine Addict says:

    @ EggFu. I think the “trying to please all fetishes” is often the sign of a producer who has no real love for the genre. Instead of producing the sort of videos they would personally enjoy, they just try to tick as many boxes as possible on their list of popular (lucrative) fetishes.

    Without naming and shaming anyone in particular, it’s easy to tell who’s ticking boxes.

  31. Herp says:

    Spelling Mistake: Nothing is hotter than a heroine being played with **Toys in her costume. Full nudity basically takes away the whole heroine peril content.

  32. Herp says:

    I have to agree with redmountain there as well. Nothing is hotter than a heroine being played with joys and orals in her costume. If “R” rated films are as high quality as some of the PG 13 ones, I’d buy them 3 times over. Some decent examples are Ultra Marvel, Redwing 2 etc. It was a dream come true when TBFE started trying something on the other side.

    If both sides try to compromise a bit. PG 13 trying something more erotic. And the R rated putting more effort into production, that would be amazing.

  33. EggFu says:

    The genre should go back to the roots. Superheroine in peril! Not this nonsense of trying to please all fetishes. We come to the point where a film has only one or two minutes of content that has to do with the ship fetish.

  34. HorseWithNoName says:

    I think we are already at a point where more and more producers give out detailed information about their releases. In fact those who just throw up some pictures and expect fans to buy a movie just based on that (surely the hotness of the girl will always be a strong selling point) seem to be very much in the minority.

    As far as spoilers go: in this genre, let’s be honest this is not Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones or what have you, I am very ok with spoilers. Don’t want them for major plot twists in movies or TV shows or books, but in peril movies I feel they are part of the marketing per se. There are some who will only buy a movie if there is a fatality. So letting them, for example, know where the movie is going only seems fair.

    If a producer does not want to give any further details, he / she can always do that, and use it for marketing as well: we will give you no details, but trust us, it will be a very unusual movie hence no details.

  35. Dr Yuya says:

    I’m almost tempted to think people who want to avoid spoilers in heroine movie descriptions so they can be surprised and/or enjoy the plot are a minority that needs to just leave or learn how to deal with it. I guess that’s not entirely fair though…and probably just because I’m having trouble seeing things from their perspective. So those people feel free to weigh in.

    So I ask, why SHOULDN’T producers provide detailed descriptions of content in everything they release in this genre? I don’t think the plot, even if it’s an exceptionally good one, is ever going to matter to the majority of us so much that we’d really let our desire to be surprised by it override our desire to not waste X bucks on something we don’t want to see.

  36. MyNameisURL says:

    Good point about spoilers. Its never bothered me at all to see “spoiler alert” on a post about a movie. Just the opposite actually…i read those much more closely. The more detailed description, the greater the chances of me buying one.

  37. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Imagineer: very good and insightful post!

  38. Imagineer says:

    Which direction? All over the place.
    This discussion has been had many times in many forums, and every time it starts with the fallacy of a single fence dividing two homogeneous groups. I suppose that’s for two reasons. (1) It’s human nature to make things binary. (Ahem. Anyway…) There are people like me and people unlike me. You’re either with me or against me. (2) The payment industry draws a Porn Line and producers have to choose whether or not to take the hit and hassle of crossing it.
    But the payment industry’s line isn’t necessarily parallel to our own lines of like/dislike, buy/skip. And our lines cross every which way over each other’s. For example, just type “pantyhose” in one of our forums and see what happens.

    So unless we’re discussing the business strictly on the payment processing axis, it’s misguided to talk about there being two kinds of content, or asking which one dominates. The above posts are rife with lines laid down along different axes.

    What we really are is a hot mess of dozens of fetishes and other desires of varying levels of importance and specificity, combined with limiting discomforts and outright hates, orbiting around a common premise of a costumed woman’s power being challenged/subjugated. Even when we like the same things it’s not for the same reasons.

    So the directions it’s going to stretch are dictated by the cost-benefit swamp of common ground, and most of the high-profile stuff is going to come together around a small number of winning formulas. And almost everybody’s going to be frustrated that things aren’t (by their definition) better, because almost everybody wants more content than they can afford to fund.

    One of the positive developments in recent times has been clearer labeling of fetish content — and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that this goes even further. Not to say that a movie can’t be more (or less) than the sum of its parts, but the reality is that most consumers do have specific needs and no amount of technical or creative excellence can overcome a buyer not getting what he expected. Producers: more specific and… explicit? revealing? is any appropriate word here not a double entendre? …descriptions of content are better. The current vocabulary and the willingness to use it are great, but there’s much room for improvement. “Nudity” is probably the least-useful most-abused term of vagueness, followed by “costume destruction,” and the most-often-asked question about actual superheroics seems to be “how much ass-kicking does she do?” Consumers: we all have to be realistic about how much content we can get in a product and what we’ll have to pay to see it — especially if we want to see more.

    So maybe the next topic of discussion can be: does anybody really care about avoiding spoilers more than knowing what (and how much) you’re getting? And is there a point at which product description hurts more than it helps?

  39. Judah says:

    Where is the Genre headed? I have absolutely no idea. I can only say that as long as producers keep releasing good quality products that people will buy it will go on for along time. I buy from both PG and Adult. From what I have seen, an outsider looking in, it seems that the adult side is more popular than the PG. I assume that with that much heroine content being released every month people can pick and choose to buy whatever they are into. Its on the producer to figure what that is and deliver the product or multiple products to appease all customers….however trying to appease everyone can back fire. To be honest there is way too much being produced on a monthly basis and I do not have the time nor resources to go an view, research, and purchase every single film. If I find a film that I think I might enjoy I will purchase it. I am a big fan of AOH/interrogation torture. I use to purchase a lot of those from CTLE..but the other day when I looked at my Heroine Library I noticed that lately all my AOH films have been coming from the SHG-Media Producers, HMs, and Adult Ent. Producers, almost none have come from CTLE, with the exception of the few HKs. That’s no knock on them they do produce good work like so many other producers but I just noticed that its a shift in the producers who content I purchase from. As for the future of this genre, who knows. No one can say for sure where its headed all we can do is hope that Producers are listening and that they deliver good quality work.

  40. bogie says:

    Great and well-expressed comments all round on this thread. I do enjoy them all.
    My perception is that the R-X product has increased lately, but that may just be because I lean more towards PG13, and am a ‘glass-is-half-empty’ kind of guy. I actually don’t mind a bit of humping…Redwing got it pretty right, as far as I’m concerned, whereas I found the theme far too dominant in , for example, Dagger. I agree with those who have said that there has to be some real effort put into ‘selling’ the forced orgasm/rape scenes. The victim going “Oh! Oooh! OHH!” and the perp saying nothing at all, just doesn’t cut it, erotic-wise.
    Despite my perception, a cursory sampling of the latest and upcoming productions doesn’t really confirm my belief, as there are a goodly number of both PG13 and R, I think. And just one other thing…does a bit of topless signify R? I suppose it does, but like others have said, the ratings, which we largely self-apply, are pretty murky.

  41. Logan says:

    My 2 cents… The rating system is weird in this genre. R, PG, PG-13, X, XXX– these terms don’t mean the same thing to different people. For me, it’s adult or it’s not. Nudity or not. I don’t see it going either way personally, as a producer of both, I see an audience for both. There are a lot of adult content superheroine videos out there but there are also a lot of PG type ones. Some of our fan base crosses over from CtLE to Rapture, some strictly stays on one side of that rating. No sway observed here, but there is definitely a different business approach to each and there’s a wide variety of tastes under each rating. What I find funny is when fans expect adult content to cost less than PG… but I guess that’s a separate debate entirely. As for this one, I simply see 2 separate markets that occasionally overlap… with plenty for everyone.

  42. MyNameisURL says:

    Maybe the whole “PG-13/R/X” thing needs to be ditched entirely. That lameness was created decades ago by prudes trying to maintain control over Hollywood movie content, and while I understand that it’s become part of the culture so much that it’s sort of “understood” what each rating means, it’s no so precise that it’s understood perfectly by all…as we see with the confusion over what this or that means.

    The descriptors I have/would find most helpful are things like “nudity/no nudity” “sex/no sex” “sexual peril/no sexual peril”…and then from there break down specific fetishes as is typically done here.

  43. Huorn says:

    For me I’d just like to know what I’m going to get nudity wise before I purchase. I don’t want to buy something thinking its R and have it be PG-13 but I will buy PG-13 movies and be happy about it if I know what I’m getting. on the topic if I could know if there was full-frontal vs topless vs bottomless before purchasing an R film that be nice too, though it may be giving away spoilers for some.

  44. Bert says:

    @mrxstacy – You have essentially described Next Global Crisis, except for the sexual peril.

  45. Miss Kritik says:

    I like the suggestion that there needs to be more distinction between PG-13, R, and X…To me, one problem seems to be that it is harder to distinguish between PG-13 and R before you buy a video… X is usually easy to distinguish (I’m looking at you Primal, love you guys!) where the film is built around the sex (whatever the situation)…when I think of R and PG-13 I think of a little more story, a little more production, set up, story telling, acting, plot, what have you…with R featuring sexual peril as an element of the film, rather than the focus…

    For example; we all know Doomsday is PG-13, Lexx Files Part 1 would be R and Lexx Files part 2 would be X… that’s how I compare/rate it, anyway.

    So the problem I’ve run into is that many PG-13 teasers or descriptions, look and read so similarly to R teasers and descriptions. And when I’m in a mood for R there is nothing as disappointing as laying down my hard earned cash and ending up with a PG-13 movie…And I would propose that similar and repeated experience has begun to lead fans of R to worry that the genre is moving away from their preference…

    Of course, its also subject to note that by nature we want something that is perfect, and given our particular tastes, kinks, and fetishes, we are exponentially harder to please. If something doesn’t hit our desires just right, we aren’t satisfied…and when we aren’t satisfied we look for a reason to blame.

  46. Zilch says:

    I’ll third what Bert has to say. I’ll also suggest that the genre is moving further and further away from having anything to do with “superheroines.” What we have now are videos with women in costumes who fight (see “Heroine Legends”) and videos with women in costumes who are raped (see most everything else). The actual fetish of “superheroine”– and all the kinkiness that implies– is being subsumed by other “fetishes” that seem tangential to the whole issue of peril.

  47. Sugarcoater says:

    @ Redmountain

    That is exactly how I feel about the issue. There are plenty of low quality videos rated R and X out there. And there is nothing more attractive than a superheroine forced to orgasm IN her outfit.

  48. Redmountain says:

    I think the main reason that most of the R rated content isn’t discussed and the reason why people think there isn’t much out there is because most of it in all honesty isn’t worth talking about. There are so many R-rated stores on C4S that just pump out terrible vid after vid with the heroine wearing a garbage bag Halloween costume and its clear they didn’t put much thought or effort into it. Meanwhile most of the PG-13 style vids have decent models, production values, an actual attempt at a good looking quality costume, and some semblance of story line, which is why they are focused on.

    Personally I stay away from most of the R-rated stuff anyways because most times the heroine loses her costume and it just turns into a porno. I’m one of those who loves it when the heroine is taken with her costume still mostly intact. A little battle damage here and there is great, but I just hate it when they entire costume is basically reduced to taters around her waist. For me there is nothing hotter than a villain pulling a heroine’s suit aside between her legs and eating her out or forcing her to climax/using a sex toy on her, or just straight vibing her through her uniform and making her climax in her own costume. I don’t think there is anything much more degrading for a heroine than being forced to cum in/stain her own uniform with her forced orgasm. My 2 cents anyways.

  49. mrxstacy says:

    As a viewer of the superheroine peril genre since the 1990’s, I think what I want most from these filmmakers is a long-form serialized story. My favorite films have come from Rye, bpd, Chris, Lee, Alan, Damien, Mr. Hero, and Logan. These talented filmmakers have the means to craft very engrossing and sexually-charged films that can plumb the depths of innocence lost, sexual peril, horror, existential crisis, and aftermath in a film series. Each of them has occasionally delivered a powerful scene that “hits the nail on the head” from one of these themes. So far, the earnestness with which these filmmakers and their actors try to hit those marks is very impressive. What I think I need is maybe a series of 3-5 films, 20-30 minutes in length, to allow for a good erotic story to unfold. I want to be turned on for hours and hours. I want to feel deeply for these characters and reach a catharsis and climax with them. If the film is just a one-off story, 20-40 minutes only, I often have to pause and re-watch a few seconds at a time to fully appreciate the eroticism of the scene. Currently, my film watching habits often require me to re-watch scenes from disparate masterpieces. For example, I may begin my night with a little of Ms. Marvel in Enthusiastic Participation, then jump to a scene in Doomsday Part 3, then Valor, then Liberty Girl: Prelude to Darkness, etc. It’s all good, but I would like a 2-2.5 hour mini-series that features one superheroine (My current faves are Valor, Liberty Girl, and Dagger.) Yes, I know it will be an expensive proposition, which is why it could be released as several films, varying in length and price. Honestly, I can buy $60 worth of videos at a time, so I will probably pick up 2-3 vids at once and acquire all of them in a month or two. My whole point is LONGER, DEEPER storylines. Finally, a big heartfelt thank you to all these filmmakers.

  50. Brendan says:

    I noticed along time ago that certain producers are making different versions of the same movies, granted they are an adult producer. They make a adult movie, and then a harder adult movie exactly the same storyline but “harder” content. I am a fan of this way of releasing as i can go pick and choose which version i would like. I wished that more companys/producers did this, it would be amazing if you could get some of the movies around at the moment that are pg-13 in a adult way, or vice versa. I am aware that models do not want to be naked or will not do sex. But you could for example have the “valor movie by Super heroine Films” and have 2 versions of it. One containing a purely pg-13 version, no boobs, no simulated sex scene. And have a second with that content. Much of the films would not need much more filming or editing, as they would share the same scenes.
    Kind of a “choose your own adventure” type deal, where the fans of pg-13 can see what they want to see and the adult fans get what they want. I am not a producer, nor do i care what these producers are making, but if your pleasing all the audience with your different versions of a film, would you not stand to make more money.

  51. Cratchit says:

    In which direction is the genre headed? In my, admittedly cranky, opinion it is heading into an unfortunate bifurcation, the two branches of which are getting increasingly farther and farther apart. They are frequently referred to as “PG-13” and “R”.

    A good example is Akiba/Giga/Zen films. Ten years ago they produced an dazzling variety of films many of which had wildly inventive plots and others, I imagine, were found deeply offensive by some viewers. But there was choice! Almost anyone could find something appealing. Now, however, it appears that market research has told them that something like 60 percent of their market likes pornography and as a result, so it seems to me, Giga films devotes 100 percent of its effort to producing the same film over and over and over (albeit in varying costumes). This film contains 20 minutes of fighting, with some beginnings of a plot, and 40 minutes devoted to a (imho, terminally boring) farrago of fondling, screwing, and sucking, where any semblance of plot has totally disappeared.

    I think the divide between PG-13 and R is getting wider everywhere, and I personally don’t care much for either branch. The PG-13 stuff strikes me as timid, prudish, unimaginative, and having an excessive contempt for reality. (No nudity of any sort permitted. When you have finally captured the heroine, your mortal enemy, what do you do with her? Well of course, you vibrate her to death—or into slavery, or whatever miracle your magic Hitachi can accomplish. While I have no objection to bullets bouncing harmlessly off a smiling superheroine, the idea that without invulnerability she can endure thirty or forty powerful blows to the face and not even mess her makeup seems to me totally and distractingly absurd.)

    On the other hand the R stuff usually starts off interestingly enough. Often there seems to be a plot in the making. But part way through the film here comes a bit of nudity. Well, whenever there is nudity there must follow an endless parade of explicit sex scenes in multiple positions. (Does anyone out there know who passed that law???) The remainder of the film is simple pornography (albeit in costume), which one can find much cheaper on hundreds of sites. I usually find myself deeply disappointed, wondering–whatever happened to the plot?

    In short, the genre, in my opinion, is headed in the direction of a division into two equally unattractive subgenres. I wish there were more producers out there who believe that one can make a superheroine film which appeals to adults without abandoning the storyline in midstream to morph into the most tedious sort of pornography.

  52. Rover says:

    I came into this genre for one thing –

    The psychological build up of a heroine fighting bad guys until that one pivotal moment where she realizes her strongest power won’t work, and then being defeated in spite of her continued best efforts.

    PG-13, R, don’t care – but it’s DAMN hard to find a movie with that formula! That’s what Giga does well on occasion.

    Most of the videos that come out on here are great and cater to specific fetishes, but not to mine. It’s my fault for being too specific, but when a video is right – it’s right. Most of the time it’s a heroine showing a power, and then suddenly giving up on life as she gets fondled for 20 minutes. To each his own.

  53. dbud says:

    Bert basically wrote in one paragraph what I tried to do in 10. Agree with his comments.

  54. Bert says:

    If the question is “Which direction is the genre headed?”, I’d say a better distinction than R-rated vs. pg13 is quality vs. quantity. Many of the clips4sale producers are just pumping out poorly made R-rated vids by the dozen because it fills a niche. Contrast that with most of the producers who get attention on this site; custom made costumes, multiple sets, larger casts, much better performers, better scripts, etc. I think the pg13 vids are prevalent partly because better actresses often will not do R-rated stuff. I personally prefer pg13, but I suspect the majority, perhaps by a sizable margin, prefer R-rated. Producers who want to build their skills and make better vids need talented actresses to play the heroines. I’m guessing it’s easier and more affordable to find talented pg13 women than talented R-rated women.

  55. raygootz says:

    Real quick. I can see the genre going into more mainstream acceptance. When I put a casting call out for a heroine I always get a monster response. Girls love being or cosplaying as heroines today. All of the teenagers I work with loved winter soldier. How many teen girls saw batman in summer of 89?

    We have a generation coming up that loves superheroes. I can see this becoming bigger in the next 5-10 years. But that’s my 2 cents.

  56. dbud says:

    Over the past 2 years or so I have bought more of this material and so will toss out my thoughts as someone who is relatively new to the genre. I can’t really comment on where the genre is headed but will give my tastes and what I like. I see a number of comments above I agree with.

    First off, I think you have to designate between PG13, R and X. I think a lot of people say R when they mean X rated at least in my opinion. R to me is harder violence and perhaps nudity and sexual related peril. X is the outright porn stuff. Agree with a lot of the above comments, I am not into turning everything into a porn shoot. But I do like adding the sexual elements which still some people might say crosses that line.

    For me it is all about quality. I dont buy much off clips4sale for this reason. If I want glorified porn, I will watch porn and get the hot babe and sex stuff I want. when most producers try it though they fail as both porn and peril. to me that is the main issue here. I bought a vid off clips4sale because Dakota Skye played a Robin type character. horrible. horrible peril and fighting, shot in a basement, and horrible as a sex/porn scene. I skimmed it once and have never gone back. you might say, ‘well you bought the vid so they got some of your money’. yeah, but they didn’t get more. Bluestone and NGC and Heroine Legends get repeat business because of the quality. if they put out better but less frequent stuff, I’d be more likely to buy but they would probably lose their current fan base. I’d rather have a great porn scene or a great peril vid and keep them separate because most people can’t do them together well.

    The problem for me is that when actual sex is added it usually becomes 90% sex and little plot or dialogue. I think that is why so many commenters are against the sex and say it is all porn out there. I would bet if they could get high quality peril vids with sex added it wouldn’t be much a problem but they can’t; when producers add sex it becomes all about the sex and little else. when you want sex on camera, you hire a porn actress and then low and behold she only wants to have sex on camera and little else and you end up with porn in a red and blue costume and not a peril video with some sex added.

    The ones that mix well the more hardcore sex with the peril, I am into. Perfect example, is Rye’s Spectre vid. loved it. Great hot actress, great beat down and peril (I actually prefer one sided fights where the girl gets a real beating), followed by sex (no penetration but that’s fine be me because I am more about the peril elements than the actual porn scene.)

    I’ll give another example because I see a parallel. I write fan fiction using tv and movie characters. usually darker stuff with violence and rape and deaths. but I don’t like long graphic sex and violence scenes. I want mostly plot but with darker elements added in. so a story featuring the Avengers where Black Widow gets raped by Hydra agents; great but only if it is 70-80% plot and 20-30% sex and violence. Not the other way around; I would get bored writing and reading quick.

    I use the same view of peril vids. I want character and plot and set up and dialogue but then add in the darker elements, beatings and implied or simulated rape and I will buy. but go the route of graphic sex which fills most of the vid and I will pass (if I want that I will watch actual porn.) I don’t buy HK’s Defeated heroines for that reason. but I like a lot of his other stuff.

    My favorite producers are Bluestone, NGC, and Heroine Legends. But the reason is the quality even though I would like harder edged stuff overall. They use great ‘talent’ add plot and actual thought into story and dialogue and some production value. I don’t buy every single one, I still pick and choose based on the actresses I like and the elements I see in them but I view every one of their vids as a ‘possible’ buy. After this I would say SHG (Rye and the like) and movies from this site (Heroine Movies). I check them out but they have to convince me to buy them rather than convince me not too as the first three producers do.

    Would I love NGC or HL or Blue to go further and feature nudity or sexual/rape situations? sure I would but not if it means losing the quality plot and actresses they have. if they went that route most likely the actresses that I love seeing would probably not work for them and they would be stuck with second tier talent to make second tier vids and I wouldn’t buy and then they’d be saying ‘but this what you said you wanted.’

    the quality comes first for me. then I take what I can get for the other stuff. I would like harder R rated stuff (even X) but only if the quality can be maintained and it doesn’t migrate from peril to pure porn.

    to me that is the change I have scene over the past few years since I first came around. the quality has gone up drastically. there is still the lower tier stuff but if you want higher end, it is out there. that’s what I look for first.

  57. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Mr. Hero: so, what are you waiting for? Bring Ashley Lane back please 🙂 And I would love to see her in a black leather outfit with “stripper boots”. Does that sound good? She is fantastic, now you put her in a fetish heroine outfit, I might buy the movie twice 🙂

    @ HM and Sidekick: interesting topic. Many thanks for checking the numbers of movies produced in the different areas i.e. PG-13 and R and up.

    I think it has a lot to do with perception. Those who like a certain type of movie will always feel that there is not enough content, and producers should produce more (of what they like). I am with Sugercoater in that I am also somewhat limited when it comes to producers I look at. And that ties directly to what I like. For me personally there is something missing if a movie is not R or higher. This is not only true in peril movies. I’ve just picked up a comic book from Image that features a hot heroine with big boobs in a skintight catsuit. Might not have done so if it was not rated 17+. I am an adult and I do enjoy adult entertainment. I don’t need “porn” in my comic books, but I want to read a comic book in which the characters behave like adults. And this includes for me, sexual elements and an adult approach to violence. Even though I love “X-Men First Class” I crinch every time I see the scene when Magneto puts a knife in a guy’s arm and there is not a single drop of blood. It is a fantastic scene, but the idea that you jam a knife into a guy’s arm and there is no blood seems silly beyond belief, and yes, it does take away from an otherwise fantastic scene. Matthew Vaughn clearly had more fun with the R-rated “Kingsman”. The same holds true for peril movies (for me): the idea that a villain or villains rather beat a hot woman in a tiny costume silly, but not touch her, seems rather stupid (to me). So, I should be happy with the likes of Clips4Sale and Giga stuff. Now for me it is all about the costume (and the girl of course). I simply will not buy a movie if the heroine is clad in cheap Halloween thing from a department store as ever so often you will see in those cheaply-made C4S clips, yet they demand almost the same price if not higher than “our producers”. Why? Because it includes porn. But porn with a heroine in a cheap costume is a big turn-off for me. There are some exceptions like Primal, but a large number of these producers do not care about this genre at all, it seems, but just put a girl in a cheap costume because they feel this sells. With Giga you have great costumes, for the most part, and even though I have some of their movies which I like, their refusal to include Mac users as their customers is a huge turn-off for me.

    Now this leaves me with producers that are regularly featured on this very site. Thing is: out of 10 movies I will get from these producers, 8 will include R-rated content. Simple as that. If a movie is announced that has very little or no sexual peril content it needs to be “very good” in other areas that I find intersting to be something I will buy. So very simple again, for me, I would love my favorite producers to only make R-rated stuff. I am selfish like that. If they do or if they don’t is entirely up to them and their decision of what they feel does sell better or works with / for the actress they have available. I will make my decison accordingly, not saying I won’t get the movie if there is no sexual peril, but most certainly the girl and the costume need to be “outstanding”, and no, for me it can’t be more SG or WW at the moment, unless it is a type of movie with these characters I have not yet seen a million times 🙂 Just my 2 cents.

  58. Geeray says:

    I would be inclined to suggest that fewer ‘R’ rated productions are worth commenting upon and therefore go unnoticed.

    It is acknowledged that HM is not the ultimate and comprehensive authority on the release of Super Heroine videos, those that do appear are generally worth and receive intelligent comment. Going over the last month or so of articles shows an almost 2:1 advantage to so called ‘PG’ productions.

  59. Mr. Hero says:

    I thought I would give my producer opinion….

    I pick the girl first and then mold the content, costume, and story around her.

    Dani G(Valor)-Limited in content
    Ashley Lane(Dagger)-Freeforall

    It all depends on what the model/actress is willing to do and can do. I dont want to be known as the just “R” rated producer or just “PG”. It will always depend on the girl.

    I think that the harder content has dominated the genre because thats what certain fans are demanding. The ones that are vocal, get across to the producers more and the MOST vocal seem to be the fans of the harder stuff.

    Now, of all the people who view this forum only a certain percentage post. I bet its a small percentage. Thats just math. Im sure that not all fans are wanting the harder content, so I know that the variety of movies that I make will please a wider audience in the end. Not just one kind.

    So if you prefer a more PG or PG13 kind of movie, be vocal about it. The smart producers are listening. The squeaky wheel gets the grease as my grand pappy used to say

  60. wid says:

    It should and will be determined by the market as well as the preference of whoever is producing the movie or supplying the funding.

    My personal preference is for the PG-13 material. I like the heroine in costume, classic comic book and comic book movie style action, with maybe a bit more peril and emphasis on sexy teases (I say ‘a bit’ because classic Supergirl was filled with upskirt shots and focus on her legs, while other characters had breasts or butts emphasized).

  61. ron says:

    I would say…. keep the varieties alive! I am perhaps the rare one, don’t really care it’s PG13 or not as long as it meets most of the following points:-
    1. plenty of back and forth female-male fight scene, not heavily one sided beatdown throughout the whole film
    2. sexy costume, preferably high leg + cleavage
    3. the costume stays on most of the time, for me sexual content is not that important, I tend to treat superheroine fetish and porn separately
    4. alternate ending after the credit would be nice

  62. Holymolydude123 says:

    It is for sure dominated and for me that’s a bad thing. I don’t mind the sexual peril and indeed enjoy it, but I prefer a film to be mostly physical peril. I want to see a heroine get her ass kicked and just be totally dominated by her opponent, then maybe at the end some sexual stuff. It means more to me when the heroine is beaten and then gets taken.
    I actually used to buy videos constantly as they came out, but lately I haven’t been buying much for this reason.