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“Whiplash Kandy” from Kick Ass Kandy (Review) + Kandy Crisis Overview

Girl power alert! Peril fans, avert your eyes.

When Whiplash Kandy opens, we learn that someone has stolen all of Kix’s hot outifts. I cannot imagine a worse crime against humanity. Anyway, Kix tracks down the responsible parties and takes it to them.

I’ll skip the normal blow-by-blow account of the action. It’s one-sided domination as Kix takes two goons apart wearing two different outfits. She starts in a black catsuit, but soon switches to a mid-riff revealing top and some very short shorts.


The choreography is at the normal high standard. There were some really great moments, especially when Kix was taking on the two goons at once. Kix and the main henchman Johnny have worked together so many times, they just have natural chemistry together and it shows in their always one-sided battles.

As always with KAK, their normal fanbase will love it. More peril oriented fans will probably want to stay away. But….

For those who do like to see Kandygirls in perilous situations, I wanted to turn towards Kandy Crisis for a moment. After the sixth episode was released some people who passed on the original run of episodes started looking for some guidance on whether or not this series would be for them. So, I figured that I’d cover each one in brief since I imagine there are others who may be curious. This way you don’t have to read any of the extremely long reviews unless you want too. I’m going to put these in order of my own personal preference.  Actually, the order of this list has changed several times and will change again.  But six episodes in, this is where I stand as of now.  For anyone who has seen them all, I’d love to know what your personal list is.

Episode 2 – Vixen vs Hitwoman. Not just the best episode of the series, but one of the genre’s finest films. Vixen delivers some effective offense, but Hitwoman decimates her by working Vixen’s mid-section and ribs throughout.  A big selling point in this one was Vixen’s facial reactions.  Just perfect.  Oh, and speaking of perfect… Vixen’s catsuit.

Episode 6 – A mind controlled AJ gets beaten by a male opponent. She faces off against a second male opponent, but is able to break through the mental control and take back the initiative for the first time in the series.  I don’t know where things go from here.  The simple thing would have AJ and Hitwoman face off immediately in the next episode.  But when has Andrew Fraser ever taken the simple route?  I think we’re in for something different with Episode #7.  Just a hunch.

Episode 1 – A premier episode designed to show how truly powerful Hitwoman was.  Hi-Kix is dominated for the entire fight as her best offensive moves were completely useless against this seemingly invulnerable blonde Amazon.

Episode 4 – I actually have this in a tie with Episode #1. The return of AJ, the first ever Kandygirl, was monumental. I thought for sure she was going to take Hitwoman down. Instead, she got destroyed and was taken captive.

Episode 3 – In a series of escalating wagers, Hitwoman takes down Silver again and again in dominating fashion.

Episode 5 – The beginnings of AJ’s six months of captivity. This features AJ taking on a powerful male opponent who defeats her with the assistance of some mind control.

So, there you have it. If you need more in-depth info, you can find reviews for all the films on site. If your just looking for one to try out and see if the series is for you, my recommendation has been for Episode 2 with Vixen. It appeals to a great diversity of tastes.

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