“Wonder Girl Desi vs. The Alien Hunter” from SHG-Media

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  1. Alex David says:

    Well as it states this was a custom video, so I followed the written script as best as I could. I Think he bows his head at the end because he is a hunter and is bowing in respect to his “kill”.

    Glad you liked it! BPD and I just shot a new video today, inspired by this script but different actress/character. I can’t wait to get it out cause I think it’ll be pretty cool!

  2. decendingskulls says:

    Hi I got this one too and jotted down notes as I watched:

    Jackie looks great in her civilian costume with the denim skirt and boots. Nice bearhugs with kicking legs! Like her reactions to being in pain. Jackie has some seriously big and expressive eyes – really pretty. In some of her earlier photo-sets she seemed to be smiling/laughing when she should be in peril. Well that problem is gone in this video and she stays in character much much better. Great camerawork and lighting. I love how she stands all cocky with her hips out after she disables the henchman. The ‘hunting’ scene where they creep around the corridors looks nice, but goes on a little too long. LOVE the choking scene. The (first) crotch punt and how much pain she is in after is probably my fave part of the whole movie – so good. Love the scenes of the alien holding her by her hair and punching her in the gut. Some of the fighting scenes are a little loose. There seems to be a pacing problem towards the end but I can’t describe it well.

    All in all great camerawork and acting and decent mid-range production value similar in many ways visually to ‘return of volitar’. Jackie is awesome and looks great in the WG costume. However the action feels slow throughout the movie and could be tightened up and more fast paced. It feels a little rough, but still fun and a worthy purchase. As many have already said, Jackie’s expressive acting helps push this production over the top.

    One question: Why does the alien hold his head in his hand at the end? Is he sad? Or is he just adjusting his face 😛

  3. Maar13 says:

    Yeah, she is doing great there, hope to see even more with her.

  4. Alex David says:

    This ends with her unconscious and carried off.
    I think there are only 4 low blows, this is heavy on the bearhugs.
    There is a short AOH scene with a few belly punches, but she is in her civilian clothes.
    There is no nudity.

    Jackie is the lead on WonderGirlz.com if you were looking for more of her.

  5. GER says:

    Sorry to ask how may Low Blows does she receive?

  6. MAV says:

    Desi’s quite fetching, but no AOH, no MAV beer money;>

  7. Dr. Gore, M.D. says:

    OMG! A Wonder Woman costume that actually features metal bracelets. I love it!

  8. Mike J says:

    I bought this a few days ago, and I thought it was a good video. The actress was hot in and out of costume, and she sells the action really well.

    The only real problem I had with it was some of the sound effects. They were good in some parts, but in others there was no sound on the blow at all. It would not have been that much a problem if the times there was no sound weren’t the times when she she was floored or toppled by the blow.

    But all in all I thought it was a good video.

  9. Maar13 says:

    Best part was the lead actress. While she migh not be tall or anything like that the girl pretty much owns the costume whe she wears it and is very good acting and selling peril. Really hope to see more of her into the future.

  10. LordSnot says:

    Good find with the girl. Very beautiful. Hope you use her more.

  11. Chris says:

    No nude?

  12. Naveed says:

    Looks good, specially the actress. Can anyone give a detailed review or tell what kind of perils are there? Thanks

  13. decendingskulls says:

    @dkm based on the trailer I’d guess that it ends with the cloaked guy carrying an unconscious WG Desi to his master.

  14. Decendingskulls says:

    This. Looks. Awesome.
    Flat broke but will purchase soon as i get paid!

  15. dkm says:

    How does this one end?

  16. yak says:

    tons of potential here… everyone’s so hooked on “choreography” and “production” or whatever, but i maintain a hot heroine in a perilous situation is still the most special effect the genre has to offer. probably will pick this up one i stop being so cheap.

  17. Bert says:


    Incredibly hot woman who can sell peril.
    Pretty good action, and lots of it.
    Production values not up to NGC standards, but ok.

    Very worth purchasing – Desi is extremely sexy and really seems into the heroine peril idea.