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2 New Videos from Anastasia Pierce

[Adults only] The videos of Anastasia Pierce have yet to be featured here at Heroine Movies, so here’s a look at two of her recent videos: Wonder Woman and the Art Gallery – The Trophy, starring Ms. Pierce and Kendra James, and Miss Robin Gone Rogue vs. Wonder Woman starring Ms. Pierce and Carissa Montgomery.

Wonder Woman and the Art Gallery – The Trophy

"Wonder Woman and the Art Gallery - The Trophy" from Anastasia Pierce

Wonder Woman and the Art Gallery – The Trophy

Wonder Woman has been invited to the the residence of a mysterious and rich woman. She thinks she is there visiting the woman’s art collection to receive a check for an upcoming charity event.

But soon, she will find out that the rich woman has different intentions: She plans on adding Wonder Woman to her Art Collection! And make Wonder Woman the centerpiece – a trophy like no other.

Wonder Woman is shocked when she finds out the real intentions of the rich woman but won’t be able to escape the woman evil setup! The woman will take over control quickly and not just over Wonder Woman’s body but also her MIND! She is about to have control of both of them…

Wonder Woman will be paralyzed and maybe lobotomized too ? The evil woman has a devious mechanism: A vibrator interfering with her brain waves that will make Wonder Woman’s brain useless!!
Her mind is still working for now and she is ready to fight the urge. But how long will she be able to resist the orgasm that will take away her mind for good?

A very cool scenario, with lots of elements. Also featuring a bootless wonder woman and super villain, for those who enjoy legs in shiny nude pantyhose and pretty feet.

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman, Kendra James as the villain. Authentic Super heroine costume, Super-heroine adventure, SHIP, Debooting, Trophy, Statue, Freeze, frozen, Mind Fuck, Doll Fetish, Knockout, sleepy, gas, Brain Control, pantyhose fetish, forced orgasm, Mental Paralysis, Mind Control, Super Villain, fantasy, role play, cosplay, parody.

Purchase this video at AnastasiaClips.com



Miss Robin Gone Rogue vs. Wonder Woman

Miss Robin Gone Rogue vs. Wonder Woman

Miss Robin Gone Rogue vs Wonder Woman in HD

Wonder Woman is relaxing at home when she gets assaulted by Miss Robin. Surprised by the unexpected attack Miss Robin gets the upper hand in the cat fight.

She immediately renders Wonder Woman helpless by binding her hands together behind her back with her gold lasso. Wonder Woman struggles to get free but quickly understand that she is helpless.

Miss Robin explains then that she is starting her own gang in Gotham city. That she is no longer at Batwoman’s services and has decided it’s time for her to prove herself. So she has broken into Wonder Woman’s house, the strongest super-heroine of the city and has taken her hostage to show Gotham her new found strength.

Ashamed to have been taken hostage so easily and suspicious that Miss Robin has gone rogue Wonder Woman complies and obey to all her requests. Miss Robin really wants to humiliate Wonder Woman as much as possible and is going to stop at nothing. She threatens to blackmail her if she doesn’t follow her orders and takes polaroid evidence as she punishes the super-heroine into despicable and shameful behaviors…

This is a blackmail, gone rogue fantasy with a lot of sexual elements and humiliation techniques.

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman, Carissa Montgomerry as Miss Robin, shiny pantyhose, amazing and authentic super heroine costumes, SHIP, Blackmail fantasy, pantyhose destruction, humiliation, strap-on, forced blow job, polaroid evidence, cat fight, boot worship, forced into humiliation, explicit, parody, nudity, cage, bound, bondage, super-heroine in distress with bondage and humiliation

This adventure is a Super-Heroine Fetish Parody
Book a custom video with Anastasia as Wonder Woman today!

Purchase this video at AnastasiaClips.com

11 Responses

  1. Raiderman says:

    Just picked up my first AP video (Art Gallery) and loved it…AP you are simply GORGEOUS! Looking forward to purchasing more of your videos.

  2. Good evening,
    I just uploaded something new for you this evening – The entire story.

    The Adventures of Miss Robin with Wonder Woman and Black Cat.
    This FULL (47 minutes) story is TWO Adventures wrapped in ONE – “Miss Robin Gone Rogue vs Wonder Woman” and “Miss Robin: Trapped in Black Cat’s Web”

    There is a video preview and you can watch it there: https://clips4sale.com/5196/12611905

  3. Thank you for the incredible compliments!!!!
    All my adventures have 10 seconds (or longer) previews. Feel free to take a look at all of them. On my site!

    There is no internal dialogue, just out loud dialogue on this one.
    I am working on more adventures right now and I am available for custom videos with several models along me. Taking requests for Kendra James in January.

    I look forward to hearing more of your comments!
    And sharing more adventures soon
    Happy Holidays

  4. Alladdin Sane says:

    what i wanted to know, is the dialogue internally throughout the film, during mind control?

  5. LQQKn4aFox says:

    I like a woman with “Muscle” meat on her. That comes with maturity. Anatasia Pierce definetly has that. Her bod is very curvesous sexy hot that that’s what makes her Beautiful HOT! Man where has she been hiding all this time from her. More More More of A.P. please.

  6. Thin White Duke says:

    could we see a trailer?

  7. Angleman says:

    Ana’s a goddess as WW! Worked with her for several years on peril shoots. She is a class act.

  8. LordSnot says:

    Anastasia Pierce is one fine pixie. About time HM shows what she has available. Also, why no Bluestone updates here?

  9. Thanks for welcoming me! I am very happy to be part of this forum. There is a lot of dialogue in all my adventures. I believe it makes for better stories, confrontations and establishing of the characters. Have fun watching!!!
    I am shooting another today..

  10. Alladdin Sane says:

    is there any internal dialogue with the art gallery one?

  11. Kaizar says:

    It’s about time her videos started getting covered by this site.