“Wonder Woman vs. The Alien Queen” from Anastasia Pierce

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  1. Da Jinx says:

    Looks great! Does anyone know where I could get tentacles/vines like that?

  2. Anastasia Pierce says:

    Hi to both of you!
    Chanel is absolutely lovely as a person and beautiful. I have met her in person and chatted with her. Her face and body are gorgeous.
    But, I don’t plan on shooting with her because my entire career more than 10 years I have only shot with women. Not with men and not with TS. I love everyone but I choose to be on camera with women only in sexual ways. That is my choice and my comfort zone. Even if in my private life I prefer men.

    Sorry to disappoint someone else will have to fulfill your fantasy …

    Thank you for watching my latest adventure!!! It really got many of you excited! And I am so glad to provide you with new original entertainment as often as possible!
    Have a great day

    • Kaizar says:

      Thats cool, but I figured that and was actually thinking about when you make videos that have other actresses in it instead.
      Wasn’t one of your videos earlier this year only starring an actress that wasn’t you?
      So I was actually thinking about one of your videos that you’re not in….since I predicted that you yourself wouldn’t be in such a video of yours….for example; a video with just Christie Stevens and Chanel as the only actresses in one of your future videos, probably a scenario where Supergirl has a bone to pick with Wonder Woman but Wonder Woman is superior-ly stronger.

  3. Kaizar says:

    Will you ever do a video with Chanel Santini playing Wonder Woman and it turns out her weakness is her crotch ?