“Wonderful Lady Revenge” from Heroine Movies

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  1. Koko B. says:

    Really want to get this but the description doen’t mention how it ends. Any spoilers?

  2. nowsawyer says:

    Gadot custome Please!!!

  3. toshiki says:

    Anyplace to see this model in ff action?

  4. Fausta says:

    The actress completely makes this work. So well. I don’t often or, really ever, comment on these films, but here, it’s just really well done, all around. The wonder girl vibe is very well realized; and I, for one, am good with the non-costume.
    I will never get the whole ‘search her for concealed weapons’ or whatever it is, trope, but also, not judging it. The villans’ lines, are, in places, mostly from hell.
    And it’s a complete triumph. Congrats. Thanks.

    • TheVoice says:

      xD I was just about to comment myself about the frisking. it doesn’t look as if Wonderful lady has all too many options in terms of concealing weapons haha

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        Is it frisking or is it borderline fondling? Because I can imagine a situation where people want there to be more sexually explicit stuff but since Heroine Movies is PG13, actual fondling wouldn’t fly. But frisking could very well pass but still be construed as fondling in the imagination of (some) customers.

        • Jacques says:

          It is logical thinking that the frisking is really fondling, at least in this case. After all frisking someone wearing a bikini is not likely to discover any serious weapons unless of course we are talking about the heroine in the movie ‘The Tenth Victim’. Check it out, the film stars Ursula Andress. Back then this was a serious movie, now a days it could be considered hilarious stuff.
          If you want realistic frisking, I suggest that you start with the heroine fully clothed, then have her slowly remove bits of her clothes as the frisking (aka fondling !) gets more intense.
          Either Mr. H.M. or the individual commissioning the custom has a fetish for frisking

  5. johnnydeep says:

    very impressive model. Love the costume, her new look and her lean body. Id love to see her again as wonderful lady like this. Maybe the studio could experiment with more dialogue especially as she is defeated slowly

  6. Honest Fish says:

    Wow Savannah looks good. Like, Really good in that bikini. Aside from that her acting has improved signifcantly. Shes perfect as the strong cocky heroine and her reactions are more expressive than her previous videos. The video has stages – she starts off winning then is elixered(sprayed), beat up, laid on a table, and tied to a chair. Honesty though, Savannah is really what sells this video as she makes a great heroine in peril and did I mention that she looks really good in that bikini?

    I can understand why some people have gripes about the costume but as a SHIP fan, I like variations in my movies. Sometimes I like it when a video acts more like a superheroine tv show with a realistic costume, healthy amount of dialogue, and PG scenarios. Other times I like it when a very attractive woman in a bikini is portraying Wonder Woman in peril. And in this case I really liked the latter. Savannah sells the peril well with her pained expressions and looks great doing it. The peril set up was great and goes through a variety of poses/stages. I personally enjoyed the hell out of this video.

  7. Larry says:

    Wow. On a scale from 1-10, she’s like a 17.

    I’m not complaining about the costume, but it may be hotter if she’s wearing more clothing at first, but then gets stripped down. No? Just my two cents. Take it or leave it.

  8. hattori says:

    example of how you can make a movie with 2 dollars

  9. Joe says:

    Really?! My comment gets deleted because I think the costume is boring? It’s a bikini, have a little more imagination.

  10. mantower says:

    I think the video was pretty good, Savannah is without a doubt the shining star of this production, not only is she absolutely stunning (and I can’t overstate how much better she looks as a brunette in my opinion) but she really REALLY sells the pain well, her pained expressions throughout the movie are nothing short of amazing. And did I mention how gorgeous she is? Man she wears that bikini something fierce!

    One small downside of the video, in my humble opinion, is what I find with most Heroine Movies productions, and that is that the pace is rather slow. I always think that in SHIP movies the pace needs to be relentless for at least a part of it, these bad guys are trying to take out a heroine and shouldn’t be giving her any recovery time. I do love the long pained reactions, but there should be some sections where the beating is more relentless. Oh and one more nitpick, the boots. Please. Please. Please. Get some better boots with a nice stiletto heel. These Gogo boots just kill it for me.

    Aside from these two little gripes I thought it was a very good video. Well done guys!

  11. MAV says:

    Amazing body on this new HM model! Action looks hot but hopefully next time there’s an AOH scene in this skimpy costume ;>

  12. Mitch says:

    Wowzers. I didn’t recognize her at first since she used to be blonde. After seeing her in her previous roles, I kept thinking it would be amazing to see more skin since it looked like she had an absolutely amazing body. Among other things, look at those amazing abs! I know some fans love their superheroines in spandex with more coverage, but I love my heroines barely clothed. This is near perfect. Plus you add bondage as well? Love it! I hope Savannah keeps starring in more movies.

  13. Bob says:

    Gorgeous model, great costume. One suggestion: once a heroine’s defeated, it’s great to have her fight back, at least for awhile, which you’ve done in some of your other videos. This was just “elixered” then a beatdown. Still terrific, though.

    • orcaman001 says:

      hmm Great Costume What Costume ? ? ?, sorry but I tend to disagree on this statement 🙁

      • Rover says:

        Agreed with orcaman. I purchased, she’s incredibly hot, and I respect customs/producer choices. But this is a bikini, not a costume. :p haha

        • Mantower says:

          I don’t see the bikini as a problem, I mean… Look at her! She just looks unbelievable! I love a good heroine costume but when you see a body like hers all is forgiven!

  14. sandsnake says:

    Any Bearhugs ?

  15. CatWriter says:

    Her name is Savannah, and she is, indeed, one of the most gorgeous women in the HIP industry at the moment (at least, that’s my opinion). I saw her playing Wonder Woman before, and she starred in Supergirl Betrayed.

  16. GB says:

    She is smoking hot. What’s her name?

  17. SlawDiesel says:

    Wow. What a body


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