“Wonderstar” from Heroine Movies (Now Available)

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  1. Deathcake says:

    Actress is hot as hell!

  2. Mr.Bleh says:

    Definate buy for me.
    I like the actress and I like the idea that her power lies in her tiara. That’s an idea I’ve had for some time. Glad someone was able to capitalize on that one as I was never able to scrape together enough funds for a custom.
    …and another vote for a “Wonderstar II”. Maybe you could include a few bear hugs next time.
    Good job HM. As a whole library, your videos are some of my favourites.

  3. Joe says:

    Great,The Actress was so sexy,I had seen many video’s from many productions,but this was so good,those shorts were so sexy Also,need a little more camel toe for the shorts and costume and more ass shots on the whipping scenes.

  4. Me says:

    Next. Actress doesnt do it for me at all.

  5. David says:

    Next time put some bearhugs. The actress sells those really well.

  6. MAV says:

    Loved this film! Probably not surprising to many that this is my custom since it’s AOH heavy with skimpy costumes. Love that the model is not only hot (I’m a fan of her Latin Asian look) but physically fit for AOH, and her performance was amazing (saw she had potential in the Weaponz Tokyo “Stargirl vs. Russian”), especially her physical and vocal reactions. Others have said it before, but add me to the chorus that HM did an amazing job with the set, following my script to a T, directing the action, and adding the post-production effects. The trademark HM whipping scene was spectacular also. Hope there is a Wonderstar 2 in the future!

  7. Evilhigh80 says:

    Finally. A girl with a lot of skin showing. Let’s go back to these type of heroines and not the whole leotard covering every square inch of the body bull. Thanks!

  8. elkcreek says:

    Very good flick, probably one of my favorites. The actress does a great job of selling it, and the peril sequences are long and convincing. Costumes were great, love the belly exposure. What is the actresses name (stage or real)? I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and would buy Wonderstar 2 without hesitation. If I could offer a couple of suggestions (little things). 1) Take off her shoes at some point. I don’t have a foot fetish, but there is something vulnerable about a victim without shoes. 2) Leave a little bit of more time for actress reaction to blows or electric shock. A woman shaking gasping for breath in pain is a great peril scenario. 3) It’s ok for the hero to break at some point, a heroine passed out from pain or torture or hanging limply is way cool. And a little blood trickling from her nose and a few whip marks add a lot to the realism. I’m not asking for her to be an unrecognizable bloody pulp, but a few bruises and a bit of blood make the clips far more believable.

    • Jacques says:

      If you enjoy some blood check out my customs with AOH. As it is not appropriate to hijack the thread of a terrific producer, send me a message.

  9. Daria says:

    You could say that this one hits all the right spots!. Particularly the heavy whipping in this trailer. Wow!

  10. kentc06 says:

    Sadly, not a fan of the actress. Still looking for the next HM vid with new Rinx-like actress .

  11. Rex says:

    This looks great! Hopefully there will be a sequel!

  12. Mik says:

    I love your videos not being porn at the end please do I supergirl one with the two piece out for and make us want so much to see up that little skirt she wears

  13. Michael says:

    I may have to pass. This one looks a little AOH heavy for my tastes.

    • Bert says:

      The setup isn’t my cup of tea either, but I bought it and I don’t regret the decision. The actress is worth the investment – she sells it.

  14. Mell says:

    Love this actress and costume! What’s the breakdown of fighting and bondage, though? This one might not be for me, but I hope to see this actress costume in more vids!

    • MAV says:

      More peril than fighting but the 2 fighting sequences are a few minutes each. Was surprised how good the model threw punches and kicks

  15. rpardojr says:

    Amazing, excellent news!!!

  16. Elkcreek says:

    WOW!!, instant must have

  17. RyonaKing says:


  18. Absstar says:

    Nice one!! Actress really sells it, well done by her. Like the way she tensed up her belly for the oncoming blows! Only with PLENTY of belly exposure will you be able to really take notice of that! Love all that excessive belly exposure on both outfit on her actually! Was hoping for more closeups punching of course, but that’s just me, hehe! This model has suddenly will be one of my top pick for future customs!


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